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Eat & Repeat

Eat & Repeat

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Ali K
Ali K

I really enjoyed this – spicy but not too much, and it’s just so Malaysian. The rice is fried in a housemade salty-spicy sambal, topped with a fried egg and ikan bilis, kinda like nasi lemak but not really. As much as I enjoyed it, it got a bit too rich for me (like the previous bowl) and I had to give up. I think some fresh cucumbers would be a nice accompaniment!

Super savoury rice bowl with chicken karaage, sautéed mushrooms, gorgeous egg that’s all drizzled in a spicy ebiko sauce. It’s great to eat after you’ve had a long night out and you need something hearty. I wish it had something acidic in the bowl to help cut the richness as it got a bit overwhelming halfway through.

Must-order for the chicken lovers. Super crunchy chicken slicked in a butter sauce with curry leaves, served with the same sides as the beef bowl – jammy egg, pickles, charred kailan, edamame and raw purple cabbage. Very satisfying.

Express lunch bowls are available at this spot on weekdays, and a foodie friend recommended the beef, especially if it’s your first time here. Super savoury and tender slices that pair excellently with the seaweed butter rice (though more butter than seaweed). Goes great with the pickles!

Build your own hearty rice bowls here with a variety of delicious vegan options. Ours was filled with addictive bbq jackfruit, spicy tempeh, grilled veggies, almonds and mangoes for added sweetness. Love that the ingredients are the main star – cilantro brown rice is hiding beneath all that goodness. Comes with a chilli option, which we opted to have on the side – thank goodness as it was spicy!

A special at Sala, this bowl sees brown rice served with delicious crunchy fried mushrooms, broccoli and a chilli drizzle. Such a savoury and hearty dish – I even commented the ‘chicken’ tasted so good. Who needs meat?

It might sound pricey for just a veggie bowl but there are a lot of components that make it – from the butter slicked in housemade seaweed butter to the perfectly charred broccoli and mushrooms and the sous-vide egg. It’s such a flavourful dish!

I’ve had this rice bowl way too many times, but this it probably the only picture I have of it lol. My go-to whenever I’m here. Reminds me a whole lot of chicken rice; juicy brined chicken atop fluffy rice and drizzled with a dash of chilli mayo, and on the side, pickled cucumbers and a perfect egg. Happiness in a bowl.

I seem to always find myself here when I’m ill, but i genuinely love the food. Everything’s tasty, it’s reasonable (nothing is above RM10) and it’s so satisfying. Opted for this version of loh she fun though I prefer the fried version, this one sees the springy noodles swimming in a thick eggy soup. Added more soy sauce in it and it was great.

Thought I’d give this a try given it’s a classic Thai dish done with a modern taste. Have to admit that I didn’t know what I was expecting. The dry noodles given (you soak it in the gravy) reminds me of yee mee which I personally think didn’t work well. Also the broth although very flavourful left an unsettling aftertaste. The pork ribs on the other hand were very tender.

Saw reviews that this came highly recommended so thought I’d give it a try. Tastes exactly like Vietnamese fresh spring rolls but with smoked duck to replace the fresh prawns. Nothing spectacular.

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This salad packs a punch – be careful of fresh chillis folded between the slices of papaya and veggies. It’s further dressed with crunchy peanuts and baby shrimp. A bit too spicy for me yet still very addictive. We wiped the plate clean.

Ali K

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