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Where’s The Food?

Where’s The Food?

Featuring The Red Beanbag, The Good Batch, Baba Low's, The Ganga Cafe, Artisan Roast Coffee, Tray Cafe, Pickle & Fig TTDI, The Bread Shop, Indian Kitchen, The Ming Room
Alison K
Alison K
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Can’t fault these perfectly cooked eggs Benedict. Love that they use fluffy French toast instead of the usual muffins. Everything on the plate was cooked very well. Would have liked less hollandaise though. Felt like it drowned the other flavours of the dish.

Also in frame: Long Black (RM8), fruity and a Piccolo Latte (RM10) with nice milk-to-espresso ratio.

Revisited this cafe after many years and happy to report my yummy experience! Stuck to the RBB signatures like this one with salmon fish cake. A bit deceiving as the one fish cake is tucked alongside two carrot rostis, which are very delicious but would have like more salmon. I’m just being picky but I enjoyed this dish anyways!

Smashed avo with feta cheese, drizzled with chilli oil for a dash of heat on spelt bread. Such a fresh-tasting dish, and especially perfect on days you want a light meal. I really liked the summer salad on the side with crunchy walnuts and lots of rocket. Bonus points for the edible flowers to make everything look pretty.

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Can’t help but feel a little jelly of the folks near here – Huckleberry does yummy pastries! Of course I had this, and man, the croissant was super buttery and flaky, plus the well-seasoned egg mayo was just oozing out with every bite. Love!

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This cosy spots bakes all kinds of fresh loaves and at affordable prices too! The shelves are stocked up with ready-to-go packet in full of half loaves. Some best-sellers are the Earl Grey Walnut (RM6.90), Sourdough Chia Seeds (from RM6.90) and Sourdough Walnut Raisins (from RM6.90). Refer to the chart on the wall to see he full list of daily bakes.

A swanky joint in Bukit Damansara that does decent hot pot. The prices aren’t as exorbitant but there are some dishes that are on the pricey side like the beef.

Some recommended plates to have are the Sakura Premium Pork Belly Slice (from RM15), Homemade Truffle Pork Ball (from RM12) and Tofu Skin (RM6). If you love heat, The Pot’s signature Szechuan Spicy Soup (RM22) is worth trying. I personally really like the Double Boiled Pork Bone Soup (RM22) that’s very appetising.

A must-order when here! The menu says it’s ‘oozing with confit garlic and olive oil’ but it’s not really lah BUT it is VERY tasty. Super airy bread (I’m assuming it’s the same as the pizza dough) baked in the wood fire iron topped with garlic. Great flavour!

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Another great pizza but I did find it a bit too salty for me. And that’s my only complaint really. They use a cured spicy beef pepperoni which explains the heat. Might want to skip the chilli oil for this one.

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Finally a pizza joint in the area that’s tasty and affordable! Can’t go wrong with a classic Margherita and the boys here do this one very well. Use your hands please as this one leaves stretchy cheese strings with every bite.

They serve the pizzas with an in-house chilli oil and a fragrant basil oil. Both are nice with the pizza but tbh you don’t need it unless you want a bit of heat.


I love butter and I love bread so this is a winner for me too.

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I have not had many polo buns to compare this to but I really liked it! It’s a solid combo that works. Great for a light lunch or a heavy snack if you’re like me who’s always hungry.

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Again, well-cooked with a smoky sear. If I had to nitpick, I’d like the sweet potato to be a little softer though this was soft but with bite.

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Alison K

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