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Where’s The Food?

Where’s The Food?

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Alison K
Alison K
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Bigger-than-my-face egg sando – what’s not to love? It’s generously stuffed with egg quarters, fresh tomatoes and cabbage. Yummy but I felt like it needed something a bit more. Maybe more furikake for crunch? Or more kick from the wasabi mayo. There was barely any kick.

More bar snack than brunch this, but it works out if you’re craving for heat in the AM. On the menu it states it’s served with jasmine rice but we got naan-like bread instead, which makes it easier to scoop up the thick curry.

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A little ex if you ask me for a plate of wings but at least it’s tasty. The crunchy wings are coated in a sweet glaze and somewhere in that is heat, like the sharp kick you’ll get from chilli padi. Spicy but so good! Pairs best with the in-house Bellini.


Knowhere does brunch! Comes with bratwurst, toast, semi-dried tomatoes, hash browns and eggs. A little heavy on the salt for me but satisfying anyway.


A nice snack to have when you’re feeling peckish. Be careful when biting into the croissant – it’s super flaky (in the best way) and you just might cause a mess. But who cares when you’ve got this buttery snack.

If this dish seems familiar to you then you might have had it before at Drift Dining & Bar – this restaurant is run by the same people. What stood out the most is how simple and tasty this dish is – roasted cauliflower with tangy saffron yoghurt make a delicious pairing. Service here is excellent as well. The team is attentive and very welcoming.


It’s pricey for just three prawns, but each crustacean is fresh,plump and cooked well. I love the dukkah it comes with. It’s so flavourful and the salty olives work really nicely with the sweet prawns.

Off the bar menu, this dish makes a great sharing snack before the main meal. The pate is rich and savoury, and pairs exceptionally well with the sweet and tangy tomato chutney. I like the homemade lavosh cracker too. It’s not too crispy but provides nice texture contrast against the creamy pate.

This is a giant burger. Expect a crispy pork patty loaded with Thai herbs. I found it very spicy but I still keep going in for more.

What a pleasant find in Jaya One! This resto serves Thai-Japanese grub that works really well. Take the tonkatsu – delicious crispy exterior while still tender on the inside. And instead being serve with plum sauce, you’ll get a bowl of creamy Thai red curry. Yum!

Think a deconstructed burger, but instead of toasted buns, you get to have it with steamed Japanese rice or baguette. I really enjoyed this recommendation! The chicken patty is very well-seasoned, albeit too peppery for my liking but tasty. It’s a large slab too. Not too sure what’s going on with the side veggies – would have preferred a bit more of everything – but there’s a dollop of mustard that you must eat with the patty. You can also have additional add-ons like cheese, a 75-degree egg or scrambled eggs.

Another spot-on recommendation by the team. This one sees more juicy cuts of beef with fresh tomatoes, veggies and chillies. It’s good on its own, but it’s even better with the housemade salsa. You’ve gotta ask for it! Expect a pineapple-like chutney that’s tangy, fresh and super spicy. It contains Carolina reaper pepper, which is apparently the hottest chilli in the world!!!


Alison K

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