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Where’s The Food?

Where’s The Food?

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Alison K
Alison K
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A must-have! Seven tender pork bones in a sweet-spicy marinade (the chef says it’s Balinese-inspired) that’s grilled to perfection. If you had to order one thing, make it this. Best had with a beer in my opinion.

Think of this as Vietnamese Bun Cha with pork ribs. The star of the dish is definitely the meat; perfectly marinated and tender to the bone. I wasn’t a big fan of the noodles. It felt a bit undercooked to me and was served cold, which I don’t think is right? It would have been a good dish if otherwise.

This unassuming stall in Restoran Hup May grills delicious ribs and at super affordable prices. For a light dinner, this banh mi will fill you up. It’s packed in with pulled pork and fresh veggies. Gobble it up quickly as the marinade soaks through the bun, which makes it soggy. Otherwise, simple and delish.

The chef’s personal favourite from the menu and probably mine too out of the two. Its flavour is almost like kewpie but a little more smoky and much creamier. There’s also a Japanese curry and Buttermilk sauce to choose from.

Burgers without fries are only RM9 – such a steal.

This new roadside burger stall in Damansara Uptown fries delicious fried chicken burgers that kinda remind me of McD’s Spicy Chicken McDeluxe sans the extreme greasiness. All burgers are made the same except for the sauce. I’m not the biggest fan of salted egg but I liked his homemade version that’s more savoury than sweet.

Delicious and perfectly seasoned pumpkin soup is a winner here. Nice and thick too, because who wants watery soup right? However an extra slice of bread would have been nice.

The recommended lamb meatballs are no doubt tasty, especially coated in that rich and spicy tomato sauce. For the side salad – you get to pick whichever of your choice – I went with the French potato and green beans. Flavour-wise, it’s good but nothing else to shout about.

I like the food at this new cafe but my biggest gripe with them is how tiny the food portions are. For the price I paid, I would have expected more than four meatballs and definitely a larger portion of the salad.

Another must-have here is this mee Jawa – think springy yellow mee sitting in a sweet and thick broth, topped with crunchy fried vegetables and a fiery sambal. Mix evenly for good flavour measure!

If ever in the area and looking for something quick and yummy to eat, go for this. The ayam kunyit is freshly fried and looking at how much they cook at one go, you know a huge crowd comes for it. They don’t hold back on the chilli either; super sharp with a strong kick, but a spoonful of white rice with kicap manis will help tone the heat down.

Choose between fish meat, fried fish fillet or fish paste to go with the noodles – we had the fried version and was given generous amount of tender fish fillets that just fall off the bone. The star is the broth – it’s creamy, milky and a little tangy. I wonder if they allow refills.

Such a savoury dish that’ll leave you scooping up every last morsel! It’s meant for one but I think it’s good to share for two, especially if you’re also getting an order of the fish noodles. Definitely go with the waiter’s recommendation of adding an extra egg on top – adds much more body to the dish.

Lol this place has funny dish names, but yes, this dish was good. It’s got a minced beef rendang ragout tossed with pasta. Looove the touch of serunding on top!

Alison K

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