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Eat & Repeat

Eat & Repeat

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Alison K
Alison K

Fav fav fav! Smooth chickpea drizzled with oil and spring onions is so good when mixed together! Big love for the puffy white bread, the perfect vehicle to scoop it all up.

Cold, sour and super refreshing! Such a great salad to have to alongside the might meat dishes. This sees a blend of mint leaves, parsley, tomatoes and olives, with a a dash of lemon juice.

A huge plate of aromatic mendy rice topped with an even bigger piece of lamb – this portion is too generous! The lamb is break-at-the-fork tender and so flavourful, and tastes even better when dipped with the tangy tomato sauce. So good.

While it’s not actually called big breakfast, it’s how they also refer to it on the menu. For days you’re super hungry, get this. My favs on the plate are the grilled chicken sausage, onion jam and potato croquette. You can also add avocado or smoked salmon!

Cheese lovers, pls get this as they’re quite generous with the mozzarella. The pie sports a light and airy crust, which I quite like. Good portion for one or works great as a sharing dish.

Solid vegetarian baked eggs here filled with eggplant, green capsicum and chickpeas. The spiced tomato sauce was a bit bland for me, but nothing a dash of salt and pepper can’t fix. Bread was good but some pieces were a bit too hard. All in all, tasty and worth it for the price.

Man I love a bar with a good bar snack menu. Went for the ice cream sandwich because we’re greedy. Very nice ice cream sandwich. The ice cream didn’t melt fast, which means you can afford to take slow bites. Love the dasquoise pastry too – not too crumbly and held the ice cream perfectly. Only gripe was that out of the five squares, only one tasted strongly of truffle :(

Can’t have a Spanish dinner without paella, and Little Pig’s version is a must-have. We tried the squid ink version as recommended and this one features filini, a mee hoon-like pasta instead of rice (but they also have this if you wish to switch). Love how rich and flavourful this is. Portion above is best shared between two peeps.

Delicious cured meat! This platter features Iberico Lorno Loin, Salchichon and Chorizo. My favourite was the chorizo that’s salty and a little spicy. Best paired with a glass of red wine.

You must order this when here. Spanish potatoes cut into French fry form – this already sounds good. But the guys at Little Pig take it up a notch by creating layers – think mille-feuille-like layers that give it an airy exterior. So good on its own, but even better when dipped into the aioli and chipotle chilli sauce.

Solid sandwich for one. This one sees toasted sourdough stuffed with tender chicken (poached? sous vide), lettuce and tomato. Love the touch of tomato jam in the sandwich to give it more oomph.

My personal favourite from this new bakery in DJ! Super crunchy sourdough bread stuffed with salty cheddar that’s already good on its own, but even better when dipped into the tangy-yet-sweet tomato soup. I really appreciate the tomato chunks in there.


Alison K

Level 8 Burppler · 609 Reviews

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