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Where’s The Food?

Where’s The Food?

Featuring The Red Beanbag, Baba Low's, Tray Cafe, Pickle & Fig TTDI, The Daily Grind (Bangsar), Burgertory, Fahrenheit 600, La Risata (Ampang), Indian Kitchen, The Ming Room
Alison K
Alison K
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This reminds me so much of chilli pan mee! It’s that spicy minced beef when mixed with the egg that creates the same creamy dry sauce for the noodles. I really enjoyed this savoury dish.

Milky, savoury and just very yummy – am adding this to my list for ramen! I like that the ramen’s customisable from garlic and leek cuts to sauce (spicy or no). Especially love the jammy egg!

The signature yuzu tsukemen here is even tastier than I remembered! Rich, oily and tangy broth that’s perfect for coating the thick noodles (you can have it hot or cold). They even give you extra hot dashi on the side which you can pour into the sauce and drink after – best part! Only wish they were more generous with the meat or other ingredients in the sauce.

Love that they offer dry ramen and with their signature yuzu sauce too! Topped with an onsen egg, pork cubes, fish cakes and more, this dish so flavourful and refreshing. My fav is that with every bite you get the tang from the yuzu.

*This portion is small and only offered for lunch. Still very filling for one!

Deep-flavoured pork shoyu broth with perfectly cooked noodles – probably one of my new favs to have if I’m in the area. Here they add a dollop of chilli paste(?) that’s liken to sambal but not as spicy. Adds a touch of heat to the broth. Yum!

The lamb was definitely flavourful than the beef but the patty could have had a bit more sear. I like the pesto served with it.

Was super surprised to see how large the burger was when it landed on the table! Juicy beef patty but could use a bit more salt. Really enjoyed the homemade pickles served with it, which help cut through the richness of the meat. However, I felt like the burger was lacking something – maybe more salt? Maybe more char on the patty?

Come on an empty stomach to devour this monster burger topped with crispy onion, candy bacon bits and more candy bacon! Go for this if you’re a fan of sweet-savoury combo.

Such a juicy pork patty! Really simple and good stuff. But my fav thing about this burger is the heaping amounts if crispy onion stuffed in it – so crunchy and so yummy. I made it a set for RM9 with truffle flat chips and a drink. Maybe skip the chips and stick to fries – barely any truffle flavour.

Revisited this spot again as I’ve been hearing amazing things about the burgers, and I really think it’s better than the first time I’ve had it. Real no-frills, get-your-hands dirty kind of burgers. The patty is super juicy and slightly pink (yasss), topped with mustard mayo and cheddar cheese. Yes, that’s it, and that’s all you need.

P.s The peanut butter milkshake is to die for.

Been coming here for theirs burgers since they first opened and glad to report they still make them very well. I always stick to the classic cheeseburger – simple and done right.

*They offer super affordable lunch sets: one cheeseburger with fries and a glass of iced lemon tea for only RM15.

Honestly the best burger deal in town – housemade beef patties topped with delicious onion jam sandwiched between two buttery buns. My go-to for late night cravings or when I’m feeling greedy. They also do lamb and chicken burgers which are both GREAT.

Alison K

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