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Where’s The Food?

Where’s The Food?

Featuring The Red Beanbag, Baba Low's, Tray Cafe, Pickle & Fig TTDI, The Daily Grind (Bangsar), Burgertory, Fahrenheit 600, La Risata (Ampang), Indian Kitchen, The Ming Room
Alison K
Alison K
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One of my faves of this Eatup for its simple and clean-tasting flavours. Salmon was cooked very well; flaky and tender, plus it pairs perfectly with the fresh salsa verde. I like the beans ragu it comes with too! Slight sweet and peppery which goes great with the beans.

Not made with regular lamb bolognese but with lamb rendang instead! Super savoury and perfect for meat lovers.

A dish very well done with spot-on flavours despite the heavy amount of chilli flakes thrown in (they said it’s supposed to be chilli padi) but I’m glad it wasn’t! A part of me still wishes they served one of their specialities with housemade pasta instead.

An Italian-style thin-crust pizza with crunchy, biscuit-like crust, topped with a heaping amount of mushrooms, green chilli and onions. Despite the heavy toppings, it’s a light dish to tuck into.

For sure these are fanciest gyozas I’ve eaten. Tasty and juicy filling, but I wish the skins were a bit crispier around the edges. Gyozas are served with a jungle garlic dipping sauce that was a little spicy and tangy.

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One of my favourites of the night! Fluffy egg with crispy edges, drizzled in a slightly spicy yuzu and chilli sauce – love it! The dish only comes with three oysters but they’re some of the freshest and more plump oysters I’ve had in a long time.

A new hidden gem in Damansara Perdana serving very simple and delicious food with great produce. Turns out the owners are also ingredient and equipment suppliers for restaurants! Started with this dish and it was delicious. The tomato was so fresh and its juices are so so sweet. The dash Sakura salt was perfect.

Can’t go wrong with this dish and OKINII’s version is very nice. Again, it features the juicy chicken on a mountain of rice with egg and thick onion rings. Come here for this if you’re feeling extremely hungry on your lunch break.

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Opened by the peeps that ran COMMA Eatery & Coffee in Setia Alam (it’s now closed), this cosy spot focuses on Japanese-inspired eats and coffee. The friendly owners recommended this dish and we were very satisfied with it. Juicy slices of chicken in a very savoury broth – we finished the soup too! Really simple and good stuff.

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Add this to your meal when here! You can order a bigger portion too but I forgot the price. The dumpling is stuffed with hot soup (kinda like Go Noodle’s bursting meatballs) so eat carefully.

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By the same folks of the Dragon-i Group, this new noodle joint in TTDI serves really comforting bowls. I wanted something a little sour so this was a nice option. The bowl is filled with seafood like clams, fish and prawns that were very plump and fresh. Really enjoyed my meal here and would definitely be back for the signature pork soup.

Simple and very delicious. Thick cuts of the egg, coated in a crispy batter (I think breadcrumbs?) providing nice crunch. Love how the bread is toasted yet still holds its softness in the middle. I really enjoyed this, but am a bit disappointed with the portion size. Really small finger sandwich-like cuts for RM18 doesn’t feel right :/

Alison K

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