Savoury Delights 🥘

Savoury Delights 🥘

Tasty mains and dishes. In Singapore.
Ziyue Guo
Ziyue Guo

My ultimate fav place to visit when I’m craving for authentic Taiwanese food 🤩

Was brought here by a friend and I’ve never looked back ever since! Been here 2-3 times and have always left feeling super satisfied. The owners of the place are from Taiwan and the whole interior is really cute. It’s a throwback to student days because of the classroom setting 😛

The braised pork rice is A+, really reminds me of the ones I ate in Taiwan. Love the beef noodles too! I’ve tried the brown sugar boba milk as well and really like it :))) Service is prompt and friendly! Would recommend ☺️

My fav place for 烤鱼! Probably because it’s the first place that introduced me to kaoyu, so it’ll always have a special place in my heart 😛

Have been to this place at least 3-4 times, and have always left very satisfied. Service is not the most friendly but it’s always prompt; it’s slightly better when you visit in the afternoon (i.e. not peak period).

The fish is always fresh, juicy and meaty. The mala level is customisable and so are the other ingredients (料) like potato slices, beancurd skin etc. Beancurd skin goes so well with the mala sauce/soup!

The mala sauce/soup is salty and spicy, exactly the way mala should be. But it’s not exceedingly salty/spicy/numbing so I find that it has just the right amount of flavour. 🤩

Prices are not the most affordable though, so it’s definitely not an everyday meal. But good to share it with friends for a get-together :) The location is pretty convenient as well.

Dropped by for some dumpling goodness 🥟

There was a queue when I arrived so I had to key in my number and wait around. I was expecting to wait around 30mins but I actually got called about 15mins in, not too bad :) The concept of this place is really funky/vintage, the interior is dim and cozy and the menus are really cute!!

My friend and I ordered a plate of dumpling platter (original, smoked duck, fried pierogi, veggie etc) and a bowl of braised pork noodles to share. Both were really delicious! The noodles were chewy and soaked up the delicious savoury sauce of the braised pork. The dumplings were good as well - my fav was the fried pierogi and the smoked duck. Very unique flavours/combinations 🤩

Wanted to get some dessert dumplings to try but there weren’t any available that day, would’ve loved to try them.

There were some miscomms initially but the service staff was friendly and quick to rectify, so it was all good :)

One of my fav places for Taiwanese food!

Comparable to Din Tai Fung and slightly cheaper too. Sells plenty of food items that I like - egg fried rice with pork chop, beef noodles, braised pork rice, 盐酥鸡 🤩

Everything that I’ve tried here has been pretty top-notch, would recommend! The pork chop is particularly delicious.

A pretty cozy spot, there are not a lot of seats so you might have to queue during peak periods. But service is quick and friendly. ☺️ Prices are affordable too. Will be back again!

Always like going to Maki-San because I get to customise my sushi roll 😌 And I’m very happy to see that Maki-San has been consistently introducing new options/ideas!!

Got myself a roll with purple sweet potato (new!), cherry tomatoes, steamed prawns, avocado and mushrooms. The purple sweet potato was good! Added the Indonesian Sweet Sauce, which was a new addition as well. The sweet sauce was really good but also quite spicy!

Been to Tsui Wah when I visited HK back in 2013 and the one thing that I couldn’t forget is the Crispy Buns with condensed milk (奶油猪).

It sounds so basic but honestly no one does it as good as Tsui Wah. You HAVE to get this when you’re here!

But do eat it when it’s still hot and crispy, because once it turns cold it gets pretty tough to bite. I’ll be back for these buns 😝

Constantly on the hunt for good Indian food! Occasionally my friend and I would crave for Indian food really badly and we’ll do a random search on Google Maps to find a place. This was one of those finds and turned out to be such a great find :)

We’re pretty basic when it comes to Indian food so we ordered some classics to share - butter chicken, palak paneer, gobi 65, naan, biryani rice. Mango lassi too! The gobi 65 was a tad too dry/hard for my liking, but everything else was delicious. The two of us left feeling super satisfied 🤩 Would recommend!

Dropped by for dinner after working out because my friend swears by it 😛 Claims its one of her fav supper spots!

The queue was really long but also fast. Fuss-free kinda experience. The rice was very fragrant and I liked that the rice grains were nicely separated (not sure if this is the best way to describe 😂). The chicken wing is a must-try!

Was looking for a place to chill after a hike at macritchie with my friend and chanced upon this place! Turns out to be such a great choice because we were also looking for a spacious/quiet place with free wifi so we could do some trip planning 😛 And this place fits all our criteria!

A lovely, cozy neighbourhood cafe. The service was very friendly too. Food was pretty delicious though nothing too spectacular. Tried the ondeh-ondeh latte which was so pretty and delish! Love the wooden cups and delicate mini spoons (I have a thing for cutlery hahaha)✨

Wouldn’t mind coming back here to hang out / for a cuppa if I’m around the area.

Been wanting to try Muji Cafe for a while now and I finally got to try it with my friend! My main from the hot deli was slow-cooked chicken leg with tomato dashi broth, and the cold deli dishes I got were prawn couscous salad with yuzu-sesame dressing and mushroom salad. My friend and I also got a cup of hot chai to share 😌

I’ve heard people calling it expensive/atas 菜饭 (mixed rice) before so I didn’t have much expectations initially but I actually really like it! 🤩 I truly enjoyed all the items I ordered and it felt kinda like a wholesome home-cooked experience - very healthy and natural/organic! The chicken leg, in particular, was so tender and well-marinated.

Enjoyed eating in the Muji setting too because everything felt so minimalistic and clean-cut ☺️

I guess the 菜饭 comparison is kinda true, but I’d say this feels more like the Japanese set meal experience 😛 Will gladly come back again.


A friend recommended this place to me so I visited Lokkee with my mum! Though some of the items seemed slightly gimmicky, I’m all for fusion food 🙌🏻 Also, the menu and illustrations are so cute/funky haha. The whole concept of this place is really creative!

We ordered the mala grilled barramundi (half), firecracker chicken nest, and honey pecan shrimp. Though the shrimp was nothing spectacular, the grilled barramundi was really good! It was nicely grilled and slightly crispy on the outside, and the fish meat was tender and soaked up the flavourful mala soup. It wasn’t too spicy as well so we could still taste the flavour of the fish :)

My fav, though, was the firecracker chicken nest! 辣子鸡 is so addictive, kinda tasted like popcorn chicken but upgraded version 😛 It looks very spicy but it isn’t, I felt that the kick was just nice. I love the mango puree at the side too - it’s one of those combinations that sounds weird but actually tastes pretty good!

The service here was impeccable as well. There was a minor mishap and they were quick to fix it and even gave my mum and I free desserts (pineapple sorbet with lemongrass jelly) as service recovery, although we were not angry about it at all. The sorbet turned out to be really refreshing and ended the meal on a great note. Worth a visit I’d say!

Have heard good things about Tsuta so I headed down to try with my sister.

The ramen here feels lighter on the palate so you won’t get sick of it easily. :) But might not be suitable for those who prefer the richer kind of broth!

I had the black pepper tonkotsu ramen with - actually really enjoyed it because I’ve never really tried this flavour before. The garlic oil is fragrant and the kick of the black pepper gives the broth another dimension of flavour. I also like that the noodles are the soba kind - felt more chewy to me than the typical ramen noodles, which I like.

And the service was pretty good too! At least when I was there. :)

With that said, I also felt like there was nothing that really stood out to me about the place? Not a bad place to grab some food but wouldn’t really be on the top of my list.

I love brunch, tea, desserts and drinks. Always looking for good vibes ✌🏻

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