Time To Eat πŸ˜‹

Time To Eat πŸ˜‹

Featuring Carpenter and Cook, Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique (East Coast Road), Hambaobao, Hawker Chan (Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre), Antoinette (Mandarin Gallery), Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro, Waa Cow! (National University of Singapore), PABLO (Wisma Atria), White Restaurant (Sembawang), Dofu (JCube)
Ziyue Guo
Ziyue Guo

Finally went to try this after seeing the good reviews! I ordered the noodles instead of the rice since many reviews recommended it (while my mum ordered the rice). And YES, indeed, the noodles were way better! Not that the rice was bad haha it was just nothing special. Whereas the noodles were springy and firm. πŸ˜‹

The chicken was good too! Soft, juicy and well-marinated. But like what many reviews have mentioned, the char siew was GREAT 😻✨ You should definitely try it!!!

The portions were more generous than I expected, considering the really affordable prices!! Be prepared to queue though, we started queuing at 10.05am and only got to eat at 11am 🌚 I really don't like queuing so I probably wouldn't be back again, but as a whole I really enjoyed this meal so it's pretty worth it just for a try :)


Sorry for this not-very-flattering photo of the beehoon! I'm a long time fan of this place and have visited many many many times πŸ˜‚ The beehoon is always excellent! Firm and flavourful and filled with so many ingredients 😻 The other dishes, though, are pretty normal.

I always wondered how it would taste when it's dabao-ed and thankfully it still tastes as great!!! I was pleasantly surprised at how the beehoon managed to m stay firm even when I only got to eat it like 4 hours later. Yumz!


Ayam Panggang is always a good idea. One of my favourite things to eat in school!

Love the curry, and the chicken is so juicy and well-marinated!!! I also really like the cherry tomatoes that come with it because I think they balance the spicy and sweet flavours of the curry and chicken. The chili is really spicy though so please add with care HAHA.


This is probably the #1 thing I'm going to miss after I graduate. :'( I developed a love for mala during exchange in Sweden (sounds strange but yes) and since then I've tried a few mala options but nothing beats this 😭

The 小辣 here is a bit spicier than the 小辣 elsewhere but trust me, the kick is what makes it extra delicious! So much flavour in every mouthful 😻 Portion is generous and price is rather affordable too.

Hands down the best thing to eat at The Deck if you can take spicy food hehe πŸ‘πŸ»


The chicken rice stall is my second favourite stall at The Deck (the first being MALAAA).

Was impressed with it the first time I ate it! I love how firm and fragrant the rice is. Plus the chicken is really well-marinated as well! The roasted pork is really good and crispy too 😻 The char siew is nothing special though. I also like the soup (although it's probably just MSG LOL), it tastes better than all the other chicken rice soup outside!!!

The queue is long but service is fast. So try this the next time you come to The Deck! Imho it's better than the YTF πŸ˜‚


I've been to Dofu twice. It serves some really healthy and yummy black soya ice-cream πŸ˜‹ I like everything that has to do with soya, so this is right up my alley. Texture of the soft serve is firm and creamy, and the taste has a light soya fragrance. I also like that it is not tooooo sweet :)

I got the regular ($4.90) with two toppings - strawberry and vanilla cocoa granola. I love granola and it went incredibly well with the soft serve! Added a bit of a crunch to it hehe.

My mum got the mix of black soya icecream + black soya pudding and really liked if too!

Unfortunately, Dofu is closing down soon :-( It's such a pity since I really like it 😭 But I'm glad that I got to try it before it closes. Hope to see it come back again someday!

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I've been to Paul twice, once for lunch and once for some desserts. The lunch set is pretty value for money! I tried the grilled chicken and it was not bad 😊 Portions are good too.

Desserts are also pretty good, especially the meringue tarts! The millefeuille chocolat was rather mediocre though.

My main issue with this place would be the service, it is honestly lacking and the staff there looks so confused all the time. The ambiance could be better too. Decor-wise it looks really upscale and elegant but the service and the noise levels just don't match the expectations. 😐

Dropped by Carpenter and Cook for a nice afternoon tea since it's quite near my place and I'm a huge fan of sweet treats 🍬 Ordered the chocolate sea salt caramel tart, passionfruit meringue tart, lemon cream tart as well as a lovely pot of rose with french vanilla tea to go with them.

Everything was nice but the passionfruit meringue tart stood out the most to me because I've never tried it before and it's a perfect balance of sweet and citrus zest. Very refreshing! The chocolate tart was not as mind-blowing as I expected it to be but still good! Very rich, and I love the touch of sea salt on it as it really brings out the flavours.

What struck me the most was the decor of the place! Lots of wooden furniture and random vintage knick-knacks, I LOVED IT. Very quaint and cosy! Plus, great service. Prices are rather steep though for the portions, but overall a nice place for a lovely afternoon catch-up. ✨


Visited Pablo with my mum and we ordered the cheese tart tea set (a slice of cheese tart + a cup of tea), a slice of the premium cheese tart and a matcha soft serve cone!

We've heard so many great things about Pablo but unfortunately we were slightly disappointed with the cheese tart. It was light and soft, which is great, but just not what we had in mind/what we liked. The cheese taste wasn't strong and rich enough for us 😟 But to others who prefer a more refreshing cheese taste, this might be the one for ya.

The premium cheese tart, on the other hand, ticked all the boxes for us. It was milky, dense and flavourful. It is inspired by crème brûlée and has a crispy caramel glaze on it, making it even better 😍 Would definitely recommend getting that if you are a fan of rich cheese tarts.

I went on to try the matcha soft serve and I love it! It was more cheesy than matcha tbh but I like it, it was creamy, smooth and rather firm. It is quite a huge cone too so it's quite value for money I would say, best if you can share it with someone!


I am a huge, huge fan of Mr Bean and I've tried so many of their items - classic soya milk, pancakes, 3-in-1 riceballs, eggwich, pearly taro soya milk, icy matcha azuki soya milk, soya icecream, soya matcha icecream, soya pudding... They had black soya bean milk/icecream as seasonal items a few months ago and I loved them as well 😻

My favourites are definitely the classic soya milk and the soya icecream! They're my go-to whenever I need a snack/pick-me-up. They're rather affordable too as compared to the other beverages/icecream options out there ☺️ I love that their items have a very rich and distinct soya taste/fragrance and it's not diluted at all. It really feels very natural and healthy 😼

Plus, the Mr Bean character is SO CUTE I just can't deal hahaha I always look forward to seeing Mr Bean in different costumes/outfits πŸ˜‚ And the staff here is always very friendly!


Finally tried Hambaobao after hearing so many good things about it! It is super popular and food runs out mid-afternoon so best to go earlier πŸ˜›

Ordered the Crispy Pork Belly Burger and the Pulled Pork Burger + handcut fries. Tbh I had high expectations for the crispy pork but was slightly disappointed because it was a bit too oily/fatty for my liking. Plus I'm not a fan of mustard. With that said, it was still a really good burger with generous pieces of meat! The pulled pork burger was really good too. And the handcut fries, yumzzz. 🍟

I'm a huge fan of fusion/locally-inspired food so this was definitely up my alley. And $5 is pretty reasonable for burgers too!

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One of the few lovely cafes that are near my place! Dropped by this place with my mum after hearing good reviews about the waffles and indeed, the waffles are good. Crispy and light, just the way I like it.

The lavender ice-cream was rich and delightful, and it matched well with the refreshing berries/orange/grapefruit (this set is called Sweet Summer).

My mum got the Kaya set and it was great as well! Kaya goes surprisingly well with waffles.

Portions were quite big so it's pretty value for money ☺️ Friendly service, super cute cat decor 😸 In general, a nice place to chill/for brunch!


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