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Healthy Eatery

Healthy Eatery

Our Fit food eatery collection that you should try! 💪
Kugel Kaffee
Kugel Kaffee

Make it count for Sunday treat with this treat. Of our total dining experiences at Cafe & Meal Muji, this Set wins against other sets. Maybe because we are obsessed with green tea. Green tea iced drink, green tea cheesecake and sesame ice cream tick all the right box!! 🌟

Brewed from Okinawan & Srilankan black tea leaves. It is a refreshing drink that complements well with our cold deli.

The ingredients in this cold deli (the above including capsicum) are well coated with not so sweet balsamic sesame dressing. This small dish is quite good as a small main before flight.👌

Never been so stressed to pick the 2 sides compared to this time as the waitress is not patient in showing us the add-on $0.30 items. We pick herbal egg & mushroom chicken. Also the broccoli is gone from the set. Please bring back the green as we stated in previous posts. (Lemon lime drink not in picture)

We always enjoy having oat rice here and go back for takeaway once a month. This Novena outlet has a new counter bar separating order & payment area. Another thing we notice is the missing ingredient in each set. For this oat rice set, no more sliced peas (greens). We still enjoy the taste but please bring back the greens as we all need fiber. 🥒😭
Also less choices for the oat rice (no more prawn options: fragrance shrimp & Jiu Cai) only chicken, mushroom & Xiang Chun that we picked.

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The flavor is definitely stronger when you pick Mexican style (with origano & chilli flakes). The 2 sides we pick are broccoli & carrot + Baked sweet potato. The ingredients are well cooked. The portion makes us super full. Go for 1/4 portion is better! Done-in seats are counter bar & limited

Back to the ancient time when there is no sugar, no msg and no grain. “A paleo diet” that we can’t stick to anymore but we still consider this eatery a good choice post exercise. The 1/4 chicken is flavored with tandoori spice and served with cold apple salad & hot baked sweet potato.

The plating is done rather appetizingly but once we tuck in, we can’t help but think that we’d rather DIY this dish. Hard boiled egg and avocado are slightly soggy (the mayo dressing sauce doesn’t help much).

Try our favourite local dish in green dot version at their new outlet in Bishan Junction 8. The mee pok noodle might not be springy but konyaku Ball (squid ball lookalike) and Gyoza are femme fatale!! 💫 The brown topping sauce (braised tofu we think) that tries to hold the bowl together is a bit salty. You really need sambal chilli that they provide at the counter to enjoy this dish. 😇

Left to right: brinjal, lion mane mushroom rendang and “Wakame seaweed” -> new dish we try today. Definitely taste healthy (A maybe side dish if we want to detox again).😜

Left to right: egg plant, lion mane mushroom rendang, and potato curry. The premium price we paid is for rendang. It is a must have part of the dish. Try this combo and you won’t disappoint!
P.S. we try sesame rice instead of brown rice for a change. Somehow it tastes like rice in a chicken rice dish. Try & let us know if you agree 🤔

First time trying Maki-San at lunch as we wanna try quick sushi but different from those in supermarket. Small queue at Maki-San around 2 pm. To save time, we go by their default option: “California Dreaming”. we wait for our freshly rolled sushi to be ready (around 10 mins). Edamame steals the show along with crab stick, omelette, prawn roes m. However, we can’t find avocado 🥑 but who cares as we keeps their cute box! 😜

Explorer of tasty & healthy eats! Instagram: @kugelkaffee We got something for you!! 👇

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