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Healthy Eatery

Healthy Eatery

Our Fit food eatery collection that you should try! 💪
Kugel Kaffee
Kugel Kaffee
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This bento box is quite value for money. 2 big chunks of rosemary chicken, rice and 2 side dishes: mushroom & broccoli 🥦

Pros: good portion despite we got too few broccolis.
Rice is not as soggy as other outlet joints.
Cons: mushroom tastes a bit underwhelming

Will we go for bento box again: yes but we might try other sets.
We don’t go all in cos we need some space for our foodie trip. Stay tuned on our IG!! 🤓

Share with you guys again for this healthy eatery. This time we go for Oat Rice Set meal!! 🤟 Out of 5 oat rice types 👉
* black Fungus chicken
* fragrance shrimp
* jiu Cai shrimp
* sesame oil mushroom (vegetarian)
* Xiang chun (vegetarian) 🍃
Opt for the last one and it turns out to be an awesome yummy meal! Oat rice has very nice texture and go well with corn, bean, tofu, sliced peas. Even though this is a takeaway order, it is still warm as eating in. Fit lunch looks like a plan from now! 👊💪😎

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Dear Onigiri Lovers,
You gotta try the Rice snack roll here! Other than Donki (Kombu onigiri), we confide our love on this chili ikan Billis Rice snack roll) from QQ Rice!! Suggest to pay using Fave as the 🍙 comes with drinks. Note that you can choose from $2.40 type : Silver fish,Ikan Billis, BBQ chicken, oyster mushroom and the Emperor veg rice snack roll).
Choose 1 of 3 drinks: brown rice coffee, organic soya and matcha soya. We pick matcha soya which complements nicely with the spicy rice snack roll.

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Pay slightly more than their Laksa ramen but totally worth it! Check out the stick!! Full of mushrooms. 🍄 We totally love the mushroom texture that make us feel like we are having a satay. 🤩 The other ingredients are also superb. Try this noodle dish for a change from bento set

First time trying vegetarian food at “Grove” so that we can compare against Green Dot. Grove is very wallet friendly as this Laksa Soup ramen costs $7.80 with plenty of tofu, mushroom and good ramen noodle. The broth is less intense. If you prefer lighter seasoning for vegetarian food, Grove wins! For us, time to get more spices!!

The special outdoor seat at Greendot (Paya Lebar) is a major plus point of dining area. Their staff is specially nice and friendly at this outlet. I picked taiwanese spicy dry noodle and just let them now table number. One of the staff is so nice that she serves my dish along with bringing chopstick and spoon. The noodle taste is so flavourful once you mix the sauce & all topping ingredients plus the goji berry soup with carrots, mushroom and leafy vegetable. A rare occurrence that I finish the whole bowl! ☺️😋👍

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We plan to visit Greendot on a weekly basis as it is vegetarian & healthy! 💪
Picking main is really a difficult choice as their vegetarian rendition of beef rendang (top pic) and chicken nugget (bottom pic) are neck to neck. (Maybe we’d choose 2 mains & pay $1 more). They are oh so dilicious!!! 👍
As for sides, we always pick potato curry (both sets) and you can go for broccoli or eggplants.
They are accompanied with brown rice and you can help yourself with in-house condiments. 👌😋
We gotta come back to try their burger and mala some other time.

Yang Tau Foo Hawker in the North (Next to @fishballstory @timbreplus ) Very generous portion with plenty of ingredients (min 7 pcs) $5.86 👌 Thanks for serving us this delicious bowl 🍲 🙏😊
📍Timbre + (Unit 14B)

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The Rong Ma curry rice at Timbre + stall is next to the tray return. We normally go there for quick vegetarian fixed. We skip curry gravy and opt for tofu, chilli egg and stir fried beans. Good value & simple lunch


If picking chicken, these 2 sets would have cost slightly lower $8.90 but anyhow, we go lush early this week. 👌The ingredients are great (both Duck & Prawn go well with Feta 🧀) but the sauce is slightly too sweet for us.

Except creamy garlic sauce, we’d rather skip the sauce (Thai Lemongrass & honey mustard are way too sweet) 😬

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Tip: you can combine Special of the day with a side dish to create your own set. We pay the same as we would with their signature porridge set. However, we choose different side dish (carrot cake) as our main already have prawn paste chicken.

One of us miss their soup so here is an extra order. The charcoal bun left us down a bit compared to the olive bun. Nevertheless, enjoy the French onion soup. 😋

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Explorer of tasty & healthy eats from various cuisines. Instagram: @kugelkaffee #fitfoodie 💪

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