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Calida Aurelia Soh  👅
Calida Aurelia Soh 👅

however, the hotdog reminds me of the ikea one nth too special. nonetheless, all the condiments do help to alleviate its flavour and texture which i did enjoy ~~~ definitely wld get their burger over this any day though. i rly like their burgers!!

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back again at fatboys for more burgers bc it’s sooo good!! ordered the royale w cheese (just a classic burg but omg the onion marmalade is to die for!!! 🤤) w a double portion of mozzy cheese sticks + JK had the fat basterd which consists of double beef patties, bacon, cheese and fried egg (insanity it was literally a tower)~~~ sidenote i rly love their soft, buttery, fluffy buns and juicy, tender, flavourful patties i can’t get enough


fat boys is my ultimate guilty pleasure it’s honestly so sinfully satisfying!!! tried out the elvis today and it’s officially my fav burger here!! mushy and sweet grilled bananas atop a bacon stuffed pork patty w a generous dressing of creamy and savoury peanut butter, sandwiched between soft, fluffy lightly toasted honey oat buns!! while it sounds slightly odd, trust me i had my reservations as well, but trying it is the best decision ever :’) this innocuously looking burger, is made extraordinary w the sum of its ordinary ingredients. the umami flavour and varying textures rly outshine all other burgers out there 🤤🤤🤤 literally one of the best $11 spent, its so worth it!! and i always add on mozzarella cheese sticks as well, they always nail it w the crisp exterior and oozy interior that is cheese-pull instaworthy!!

JK had bikini bottom, which wasn’t the best tbh 😅 their beef chuck patty was amazing as always, but the fried soft shell crab was tiny and soggy (w a fishy aftertaste) + the salted egg yolk sauce tasted v watered down. STILL alright though, but they defo have btr burgers than this!

another one of the burger favs!!!! fam had this for the first time tdy (i have had it a couple of times alr); 4 burgers 4 drinks and 2 fries of choice 🤤

we got 2 original wolf burgers, 1 magic shrooms and 1 miso tofu!! i tried the both beef patties one before and they are all amazingggggg!!

the ground patties are honestly so flavourful, juicy and well cooked! i love how u can choose between medium and well done (i always choose the former) i also love how they melt the cheese so it just encompasses the patty + not to mention the buns omg they are perfectly brown on the top w sesame seeds and inside is buttery yet light and fluffy.

tried the tofu miso tdy for the first time and i was so blown away???? the tofu was tender yet compact (not crumbly at all it rly held up well) and it complemented the miso sauce so well + the avocado slices and vege were damn fresh! i mean if u were rly craving a burger then it’s different HAHA but it’s rly darn tasty so it’s super gd as a substitute esp for vegetarians!

we got truffle fries and cheese fries! nth much to shout abt, their fries are the chunky thicker ones that my fam prefers! we liked the cheese fries btr as the cheese was generous VS the truffle whose smell was rly strong but taste was rly lacking!

my fam rly enjoyed their first experience here, and i enjoyed my food here like i always do :~) wld rate it a 8.5/10


beef chuck patty, sautéed shiitake mushrooms, melted swiss cheese with garlic aioli on a whole meal bun

first time ever trying fat boys and i love it so much!!!! it’s so sinful yet delightful 🤤 the umami taste still lingers in my mouth as i type this......... the bun was soft and fluffy, the patty itself was flavorful and juicy, + all the ingredients were generous in portion and complemented each other nicely in one bite!! the fries were kinda just meh to me though, the salted egg yolk sauce was kinda watered down and diluted but HEY they r a burger bar not a fries bar for a reason so not much complains there. the fries were hot and crispy enough anw!

JK had the Bleu Peppercorn (which is the beef chuck patty coated in crushed black pepper topped with a crispy onion ring, and homemade blue cheese dressing on a sesame seed bun) + bacon and cheese fries!! he rly enjoyed it but imo the combo of blue cheese and black pepper was abit overwhelming. his fries on the other hand was so much btr the cheese sauce was creamy and tasty which coated the fries well while the bacon bits added texture (albeit being slightly too dry and hard)

overall wld rate this place 8.5/10 it’s rly one of the perfect place to come to satisfy ur burger cravings!! my burger was $13.80 and JK’s burger was $13 so it’s actually pretty decent cuz it comes w the classic fries!! we did top up $2.50 each for our fries though but still reasonable! wld try the truffle fries next time bc i cld smell it from the table next to us!!! + they ordered the mozzarella sticks which looked amazing tbh hahahahaha time to go back soon

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to ramble about my eats from all the foodtrotting i embark on

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