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Rise & Shine! ☀️

Rise & Shine! ☀️

Hearty munches to start the great day ahead ☀️ Good brunches are great motivations to rise early in the morning!
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

Served with homemade TCA House Blend espresso butter, caramelised banana, fresh berries and two small cups of freshly whipped fluffy cream, pistachios and homemade caramel! The pancakes were pretty light and fluffy - not too jelat but doesnt really taste strongly of ricotta on its own. A teeny bit of disappointment in there (cos SKYVE's rendition had set the benchmark really high). Nevertheless, this dish in overall is extremely outstanding because of several 'made-in-house' accompaniments. Its homemade caramel tasted like burnt caramel while the fluffy whipped cream was extremely frothy and milky!! It's served with half a slice of banana - layered with a thin strip of crispy caramel for yet another sweet, finishing touch.

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Fluffy eggy brioche toasted to perfection, served with baked bacon, a sunny-side up egg with slightly runny yolk and, homemade TCA House Blend espresso golden syrup! I love the 'made-in-house' accompaniments in their breakfast dishes. They're pleasant surprises to start the day. The golden syrup was made fragrant with the aroma of espresso beans. Dipped with brioche, it doesnt kinda complemented the eggyness of french toast. Prosciutto ham was an addition to the meal (+5) - there were several slices rolled up in the seemingly teeny portion so it's actually pretty reasonably priced. & of course, it came with a side of greens + quinoa to balance the meal!


Extremely delicious matcha and earl grey latte, paired with Italian’s speciality of sweet 🥐 , quiche and pain au lait!

The Italians really love to start their day sweet! Nice find in Venice with really really good pastries. Eat while standing up for cheaper $$$

Towkay Neo’s eggs Benedict came with 2 perfectly poached eggs (ie runny yolks) on a bed of spinach, served with homemade toasted broiche. The brioche was kinda small, with the eggy taking up 75% of the surface area. So do not expect the kinda lightly toasted, thick fluffy brioche from Wild Honey. The spinach certainly looked overcooked and therefore, had turned foresty-green rather than bright green. Thankfully it’s still pretty soft and moist. The hollandaise was tangy and rich! For $13.50, it’s pretty decent and a great alternative to the really pricy ones from Wild Honey at >$20 (& still my favourite place for benny!)


Extremely crowded place for brunch but worth every minute of wait. ‘Cos by the headcount on a weekday morning you know the food must be goooood!) We waited for about 15minutes only tho! Service and turnover was rather quick, perhaps due to the spacious area and plenty tables! Tried the eggs benny and while the eggys were SUPER runny! I love how they’re so generous with the sinfully luscious hollandaise blanket. If you’re concerned about cheap bacon (like me), it’ll be heartening to know that it’s not the case here! So nothing like store-bought, overly limp looking and salty bacon spoiling your morning. For a refreshing and clean drink to balance out the sins from rather sinful brekkies, try the selections of smoothies! ‘Pash Me’ was a berry good mix with some passionfruit added for some crunch. Pretty addictive and velvety!

Smooth, velvety coffee to start the day of Bali adventures! Love the coffee fragrance from the quality beans ☕️

🥤: Chocolate avocado 🥑 milkshake topped with whipped cream - extremely rich in avocado! I could taste more avocado than chocolate! It comes topped with whipped cream drizzled with chocolate sauce, making it an extremely wicked drink filled with bad fats (chocolate? Ice cream? Whipped cream? Chocolate syrup?) and good fats (avocado!) Worthy of a once-in-a-lifetime indulgence

🥤: Mint matcha 🍃 espresso - it’s always a leap of faith to try new concoctions out of the ordinary. I’ve got to say this is a MUST TRY! Tho this was only one of the two drinks I’ve tried from Livingstone, I’m certain it easily tops the list of favourite drinks from this place! Extremely strong minty taste with espresso - well balanced with hints of matcha!

🥐 : Chocolate hazelnut croissant - rich in chocolatey flavour (comes with chocolate hazelnut cream) within the croissant, the ends of the croissant were coated in chocolate too! Best of all, it comes topped with hazelnuts (whole hazelnuts!, making it a value-for-money treat! I’d have preferred a stronger hazelnut hint in the cream but I’d still rate this 4.5/5 ⭐️

Ps: The cafe is famed for their croissants, watermelon bread (yes you got that right). The croissants are 50% off in the late evening! (We were there at approx 8pm!)

🥤 Banana,soy milk,peanut butter smoothie | Mango avocado 🥑 shake

🍴 Sesame bagel 🥯 with salmon, cream cheese, arugula, cucumbers 🥒 and 🍅 . The bagel was toasted to perfection and extremely satisfying with fresh salmon 🐟

🍴 Make-your-own Benedict. I’ve chosen the field mushrooms 🍄 and Canadian bacon 🥓 to go along with the poached eggs and hollandaise. Save for the poached eggs which tended towards fully-cooked rather than runny, the dish is otherwise a perfect start to the day, right in front of the perfect view of paddies 🌾

Standard big breakfast which comes in a rather decent quality. The mushrooms and roasted potatoes were particularly well executed (v.juicy schroooooms!). Loved the sweet brioche too. Sausage was okay but nothing to shout about. Items which could be further improved would definitely be the scrambled eggs and “honey charred belly” - ie bacon 🥓, esp at the price tag of $22. Thankful for Burpple 1-1 which made it less of a pain for the pocket

Creamy truffle mushrooms 🍄 made w their in-house sauce, topped with generous parmesan shavings on toast. Comes with the additional option of scrambled eggs for a more hearty meal!

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The pancakes were pretty much raves about and I can understand why! Indeed light and fluffy, with blueberry bits to go along with it. The pancakes came along with Canadian maple syrup 🍁 (the real deal!) which made the meal sweet deal. However, additional serving of maple syrup comes at an additional cost so do take ration your dose of sugar at each dip! It’s a really carb loaded dish and best to share if you don’t wanna feel bloated and yeasty!

I chew like a hamster 🐹 with my chubby cheeks. Apply CHUB857 for 20% off Burpple Beyond!

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