Rise & Shine! ☀️

Rise & Shine! ☀️

Hearty munches to start the great day ahead ☀️ Good brunches are great motivations to rise early in the morning!
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

Sliced beef sauteed with onions, capsicum, sous vide egg with demi glaze on English muffins with feta cheese and argula salad

This is by far the prettiest open-faced sandwich that I’ve seen thus far. Not to be mistaken for the good ol’ traditional eggs benny, this was simply an artsy open-faced sandwich on toasted panini. The marinated steak shreds were sufficiently umami, with mild sweetness and crunch from the red capsicums. Tasting this with eyes closed, this could well be mistaken for a chinese wok-fry beef shreds. The sous vide egg did a great job and ‘glueing’ up the shredded beef and panini muffins. Overall, a pleasantly satiating dish. Served with a side salad


There wasn’t any mistake. This is indeed braised beef curry from Halia’s brunch menu. I was slightly puzzled when my brunch item was served; totally expecting a bowl of beef curry and sourdough toasts on the side for dipping. Well, in a way, this was a pleasant surprise. I guess I could do with less mess in a beautiful brunch setting. The presentation of this brunch item very much resembled pulled pork benny/ pulled pork on sourdough. This was served with herb yoghurt sauce - which in my view, could have been more generously drizzled. Unfortunately due to the meagre portion, I couldn’t quite taste any herb-y yoghurt. Braised beef was well done - no chewy, overcooked strings of protein (phew!) There weren’t much curry notes and the braised beef curry pretty much tasted like beef rendang instead. The Asian-fusion brunch was topped with pickles and delightful pink bulbs which were tangy and refreshing, cutting through the more heavily flavoured meat in a nice way. Also, a shoutout to the well toasted sough dough which weren’t overly doughy and stretchy! `love it when the knife cuts through the sourdough so easily!

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Asian twist to the Western brunch featuring 3 slices of sourdough toasts served with one generous pile of pulled pork, topped with shallots and runny sous vide egg. The hoisin BBQ sauce added a sweet-salty mix to the tenderlicous pulled pork. As with most hoisin BBQ sauces, the hint of BBQ was pretty mild; subtle enough for flavour. Sous vide egg passed the runniness test - it oozes out nicely in the mix of pulled pork and I found great satisfaction witnessing the gooey mess in my bowl. Scooping up a bite with one fork and having a bite of the sourdough at the same time brings so much comfort to start the first meal of the day! I'm not a fan of shallots and I think I definitely refer it without the shallots!

Guess how many eggs are there in here? 1,2,3,4…? It’s a thiccc blanket of truffled eggs, rich and unfortunately … not as creamy as I hoped it to be. Served with some shrooms on the side. It can get pretty cloying!

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Eggs benny with candied bacon, spinach and poached eggs on toasted muffins. The basic comfort breakfast food but not the best Benny around town! Prefer my eggs to be served atop soft fluffy brioche that does a good job in soaking up all the runny goodness instead of toasted muffs! The candied bacon was crispy and not as salty as the typical ones. While it doesn’t taste as oily or fattening (cos it’s crispy and dry), it was also very much un-baconlike

Love the sourdough here! It’s super tangy and whets the appetite. Served with build-your-old breakfast selections including super creamy scrambled eggs, butter, pepper, sausages, shrooms & greens if you wish!

Weekend calls for indulgences and here we are at Flavour Flings, ordering a set of Dirty Norwegian. 'Dirty' from the buttery croissant as opposed to the less calorific bread options of brioche, muffins, and topped with cereal - not the healthy kind from supermarket brands but the tze-char style. It's a local rendition of the typical eggs benny with smoked salmon - great for Asian food lovers. Poached egg was perfectly runny and yolk-y. Only gripe would be the absence of lusciously rich hollandaise to up the dirty measure!

That kinda comfort carbs that one wakes up to!

Cheese was thiccc, macaroni was cooked to al-dente (glad that it wasn’t too hard!). My pet peeve for mac n’ cheese is dry, cold, plasticky macaroni, especially for such rendition where it wasn’t baked with cheese but drizzled and mixed with cheesy cheese sauce. The ‘exposed’ macaroni non-drizzled with cheese is likely to taste dry and plasticky but it’s nothing like this here! There was a v generous spread of cheese and cheese powder toppings to round that perfect bite!

No wonder every table had a serving of this!

I was incredibly excited to finally be back at Marché for their crepe but my oh my, budget me went for the lunch special (mushroom spinach crepe) @$10.90 + Black Forest ham (+$5.90) cos it worked out to be $15.90++, still cheaper than the black forest ham crepe priced at $17.90 ++, without the free drink.

It was pretty disappointing as the shrooms were peppered with loads of black pepper (EEEW) which masked any fragrance or aroma from the eggy crepe folds, the cheese, and the blackforest ham too. The muchrooms were a tad too salty too. All in all was a disappointing meal. Not worth the sodium!

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Galettes No.4, priced at $17++
Side salad priced at $3++

Not the cheapest around and is it tasty? Yes.
Is it the best? Perhaps yes, in terms of ingredients
Is it worth the price? Perhaps yes if you consider the ambience but definitely no if it’s solely on the food.

Touted as one of the best sellers, I do agree it’s possibly one of the most ig-able, ingredient-filled galette on the menu. However, it’s a tad too salty. Saltiness from the ham, the cheese, and mushrooms (what a pity!)

Nothing screams brunch like Benedicts! We got a set of each Benedict - Brooklyn and Rodyk. Sounds like a pair of brothers 😂 Rodyk comes with stewed beef - great for those who wants a stronger element of animal protein with their sunnies. Brooklyn comes with smoked salmon, in the good ol’ traditional way. A pity there wasn’t an option with prosciutto! Also, a special shout out to their mocha chai! Love the hint of chai that comes along with each sip!

My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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