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Tze-chars & other casual dining around the hood

Tze-chars & other casual dining around the hood

Deliciously sinful tzechar dishes and communal dining options for the masses
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks
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One of the more reasonably priced fish head in town! Featured here is half a fish head - enough to feed 5 small stomachs, with some side dishes added. The curry was rich and fragrant - loved how it's so filled with spices. The vegetables have all soaked up the gravy and were excellent in taste! Fish meat was tender and succulent, definitely no fishy taste!

One of the best seafood white beehoon in town! It’s a must-have 😊 oh, the salted egg squid 🦑 were really rich and good too!! Love this place

Ouch! Felt the pinch from the 💸 not from the pincers simply because there isn’t really much of a significant pincer to speak of. The “pincer” you see in photos is a small pincer with a small pinch of meat hanging dangerously, seemingly at risk of falling into the chilli broth and disappear. There’re white shreds in the chilli sauce but to be honest, there’s not much texture to the bite and therefore, I’m half suspecting it’s egg whites rather than crab meat? Considering how “economical” this is priced, it might well be that case! The bread bowl is made of soft pillowy bread (ie not the kind with baguette-like crust that you get from The Soup Spoon), hence you should really slurp up your meal before your bowl crumbles from soaking up the weight of the liquid). My colleague found the chilli sauce a lil’ too spicy for her liking and she didn’t finish her portion. I thought it was okay! For the price and quality, I’d invest my $ for a decent bread bo

The actual name for this is supposedly san-lou beehoon. It doesn’t look appetising when served - a far cry from the advertised pic of this dish that hung on the walls in the restaurant. For a moment, I felt cheated. But thank goodness, beneath the charred layer of beehoon, there’s a layer of seafoody goodness. the beehoon (hidden beneath the chaotah layer) was fried with eggy bits. Surprising moist and well complemented with the chaotah layer above. Oddly, I prefer this to the white beehoon/ baimifen that is well loved by many.

Unfortunately a wrong choice and will never order this again. While the salted egg gravy was decent (not wow!, but okay), the pork ribs came with huge bones. 🥩:🦴 ratio was so bad ☹️ Not a worthy order

Very flavourful fish head curry which meets expectations but doesn’t really “wow!” It comes in only 1 size, with a really small fish head. It was so small that it kinda disintegrated into chunks and bits in the gravy during the cooking (either that or we were too violent when we scooped up the ingredients and dismembered the fish head in the process). It comes with the standard variety of vegetables 🍅🍆🥬 which soaks up the gravy really well

We saw every table had this on the table and therefore decided to order a plate of the crowd’s favourite. It was pretty addictive with the crispy garlic bits. I’m not a fan of garlic because of the strong garlicky aftertaste but with the garlic being fried in this dish, the “garlicky” taste is mellowed down and somehow, doesn’t leave you with a garlic breath 😀 The chicken chunks were deboned and very juicy (tho oily too). Good for some sinful protein craving

Loving the claypot rice which was well charred and soaked with flavours! Chinese sausages, salted fish, chicken chunks and even green leafy veggies which were added only shortly before the claypot was served so that they remain bright green, instead of lumpy and overcooked. The dice was adequately cooked- not too dry, with plenty of charred bits from the rice alongside the claypot. Inevitably they’re kinda burnt - something the health conscious might not appreciate.

Signature item on the list and definitely a must try! Crispy prata shell enclosing fried egg and floss. The typical kinda comfort food for the soul. Super cheap from the Taiwan night market stalls but definitely not as cheap here. For the occasional spending, it’s still worth the spend tho

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At $13.90/🍜, it’s super value-for-money with the Burpple Beyond app! Considering the huge portion and quality food. Broth was really rich and ‘meaty’ - you can smell it’s 🐮 infused! Served with chunky braised beef with beef tendons too! The tendons were probably the only gripe, if any, to the dish. There’re 2 sides of the camp to the tendons! My boyf loved it, I’m okay, my bro’s gf didn’t quite appreciate the texture. It all boils down to preference I suppose! As for the noodles, they’re al-dente! I would have preferred it softer but my dining mates love the q-ness of the noodles. There again, it boils down to personal preferences!

This is eligible for the Burpple 1-1 redemption set. A creamy twist to the typical sesame oil chicken which tends to come with extra oiliness that accompanies the extra fragrance. With this, there isn’t so much of the oily factor - pretty apparent from the looks of it. Chicken is huge and comes with tofu + seaweed shreds. Kinda like a Japanese-Chinese fusion dish.

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Available for Burpple 1-1, this huge drumstick is definitely a steal. In terms of flavour, it’s good but certainly notches down Soup Restaurants Samsui ginger chicken. Overall a filling meal with a pretty huge portion of rice + a bowl of soup. The Burpple set mandates purchase of a drink (tea/coffee- starting from $2.10 ish for a cup of tea - rather steeply priced!)

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