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#Detox #Diet

#Detox #Diet

Once in a while (oops), I subscribe to healthy eating to feel good. Uncover some healthy options which can taste great too!
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

This is my... 1,2, 3rd visit to explore other items in their menu! Super love their greens and how they’re able to recreate salad dishes in such delectable combis that are not only appealing on the tongue but on the eyes as well. The overall feel-good factor is 11/10! Who says healthy food can’t be tasty?!

Top: Grandma’s Roast $16++
Bottom: Green goodness $16++
Shake: Antioxidant delight $8++
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So...qui-leannn for lunch! Amazing quinoa salad tossed with cumin dressing and loads of healthy bits, including crunchy pomegranate, seeds and pistachio for the extra bite. The fresh feta cubes added the saltiness to the dish, also some cheese protein in this otherwise protein-less salad. Might seem expensive at $15.50++ but definitely worth it with Burpple 1-1!!

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“$18++ ..... for a bowl of fruits and granola?!?!" YES, I hear your disbelief. But no, don’t strike this out of your consideration!

The price tag made my jaws drop, before the food arrived. Nonetheless, I went ahead with the order (with Burpple beyond, the price was more palatable. I told myself it's the price of an XXXL bowl of Acai from the usual Acai/health food players after the Burpple deal). Lil' did I expect my jaws to fall wider when this pretty garden-y looking bowl was presented before me. The blackberries (classified as 'atas' fruit in my food classification manual -resides in my head), frosty-like-a-slushie acai and massive overload of granola made it all seemed worth it. The serving size was HUGE , easily x2 the portion of large-size acai bowls (which in this case, justified the pre-discount price tag of $18.00++ ... well, kinda). Be warned, you'll walk away feeling so incredibly full (tho 'cleansed') from all the liquid & fibre!

Dressed in sexy vinaigrette, the mix of kale, crunchy quinoa and honeyed walnuts whet up the appetite ahead of the mains. Within the pile lies some creamy avocado 🥑 to balance out the crunch and of course, not forgetting the sweet, juicy bites from the chunky lobster meat to up the euphoria!

Roast Chicken, Homemade Pesto, Cranberries, Tomatoes, Almond flakes, Spinach, Wholemeal Pita

+points to the plating! 'love the generous sprinkle of toast almonds and cranberry in the middle. The wholemeal pita was thin and soft, generously spread with homemade pesto within. The pesto-ed pockets were then filled with roast chicken, spinach and cherry tomatoes! I'm not a fan of cherry tomatoes and hence, my biased taste buds will prefer no cherry tomatoes - or if a must, then sliced versions of whole tomatoes. It's a pretty light meal - friendly to the small stomach. I love the fragrance of the homemade pesto, the crunch of the almond flakes and slightly sourish touch from the cranberries. If you've the patience to nicely fit a bit of everything into the pita pocket with each bite, you'll be amazed at the combi like I was!

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Ribeye steak, Cracked broccoli, Asparagus, Capsicum, Nut crumble, Beetroot hummus, Tri colour quinoa, Olive oil.

Let's just say... this is worthy of every cent out of $16.00! The portions of Ribeye steak were substantial - nicely seared with slight char and medium in the centre, neither too tough nor bloodied. As in the pic - the portion of hummus was huge! Larger than a scoop of ice cream. While the taste of beetroot wasnt distinct, it certainly added aesthetic points to the dish. For the greens - there's cracked broccoli, capsicum and plenty of thin asparagus - yes, thin versions of the standard, thick asparagus. For carbs and more fibre, there's tri-colour quinoa that adds crunch to each bite!


Petite bowl @ $9.00 (+$1.00 for baked snapper)

Baby spinach, whole egg, edamame and sunflower seeds. Clean, green and lean meal

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Sous vide 🍋 chicken | Barley & Quinoa | Pumpkin | Charred corn | Furikake -$9.00 (Superfoods on superdeal with Burpple beyond)

For the petite bowl, you’re entitled to “1/2 protein”. However, as pictured, the amount of protein is actually pretty generous. I particularly love the barley+quinoa mix (there’s choice of lettuce too but no, for the same price, of course the more ‘atas’ and way more nutritious quinoa takes priority!) - especially when topped with furikake! The furikake added savouriness to the otherwise bland barley and quinoa mix. I love the crunchiness of the quinoa too! As for the roast pumpkin and charred corn - there were no distinct ‘roast’ or ‘charred’ fragrance to the ingredients but no complaints, since it’s supposed to be a “clean” meal after all.

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Al-dente spaghetti (erm, too aldente for my liking) doused in rich, creamy tomatoey-seafoody broth with a slight hint of spiciness. I’m not a huge fan! But it was one of the “less common” dishes on the menu. The boyf loves this tho. The highlight is the tempura-ish egg sitting atop the noodles. Embedded within was a whole egg- poached and someone fried in the exterior?! Love the crisp-mix-soft, runny texture of the egg! Credits to the egg, if not for the dish! At $23.00++, this was a tad steep for the pocket, so check out for ShopBack 1-1 deals!

Grilled... out of the Josper oven and expectedly was incredibly fragrant and delicious! The chicken thigh was extremely juicy and fragrant - deeply infused with the char fragrance achieved through the grilling process in the Josper. Other highlights of my garden bowl included an onsen egg which was semi-hidden in the photo here, on a bed of greens - a mix of lettuce and baby spinach. Onsen was done in the perfect, runny state 👌 The accompanying salad dressing (I’ve no idea what it was) was rather unnecessary tho! I found it extremely salty! Otherwise, a fantastic healthy bowl for the hungry tummy.

$23.50++ ?!?! Other than the extraordinarily expensive price tag, the salad could not be anymore ordinary. Ordinary lettuce (no upgrade to the slightly more expensive spinach counterpart) and processed bacon bits resembling the sort you could buy off the shelves in the supermarket and sprinkle on any dish you wish. Def doesn’t taste of anything specially made “in-house”. I guess the only extra effort was the poached egg 🥚 (instead of hard boiled) and in-house salad dressing which was incredibly thick and viscous - somewhat the consistency of tartar sauce and therefore, helps with portion control (I asked for it to be served by the side, instead of having it mixed altogether). The dressing was pretty addictive - I can’t quite put a name to it. Taste wise, it resembled thousand island but slightly modified with their in-house recipe. Also, the baked croutons were worthy of a mention too. They came in large pieces, baked till crisp! Of course, given the astronomical price tag, the parmesan came thinly sliced, with some shavings here and there, instead of powdered.

My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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