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Burgers 🍔

Burgers 🍔

Nothing like a scrumptious juicy burger to satisfy my sinful cravings for beef, pulled pork and juicy meats
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks
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Tried this before Burnt Ends was awarded the Michelin Star 🌟 and I’m can fully understand why! This was their signature burger - perfectly toasted sesame buns in richly marinated pulled pork and melted cheddar. It was pretty addictive! Pulled Pork was executed nicely, easily pulled apart by the fork (just for testing. I ate my burg w my hands) and not overly sweet nor salty. Even my dad who isn’t a fan of burgs gave his nod of approval!


Boohoo! This is my second visit and oddly, it didn’t come with the wow-factor as it did the first try. In fact, nothing much to wow or shout about at all. Kinda disappoint this time. Nevertheless, it’s still a pretty good burger with lobster meat enveloped in miso sauce.

Had pretty high expectations for this burger as the reviews online were pretty good. It did not disappoint, however, nothing much to really shout about as well! Good value for the price.

A burger fanatic with a particular love for blue cheese burger, I was excited to find blue cheese burger on Fumeé’s menu! Their take on the blue cheese burger did not come with real blue cheese blocks but was infused in the mayo/sauce. Pretty strong and hence still satisfactory!

Extremely sinful meal, cholesterol laden with the salted egg yolk sauce, chicken skin and fries 🍟. Yet, it’s simply addictive when you get the real salted egg yolk deal (this is unlike the McDonald’s rendition). The salted egg yolk sauce is made in-house (available for purchase in jar sizes), chicken cutlet marinated with their in-house recipe too. The Quarters prides itself with Asian-Fusion dishes and by far, they’ve succeeded in executing these dishes really well!

Juicylicious chunk of pork shreds sandwiches between fluffy sesame buns. Embedded between - bed of purple cabbage slaw, pickles and mayo
@ EDGE, Pan Pacific

Served with thick cut fries, this huge ass burger came with perfectly fried chicken on top of well marinated coleslaw. The fried chicken was so huge that a knife was poked through it to make sure the fried chicken & burger cap sits nicely when presented at the dining table! V juicy and crispy fried chicken!

Nicely marinated pulled pork sitting on perfectly toasted sesame buns. Pulled pork was tender and at the right level of sweetness. Hungry Heroe’s rendition came with a sunny-side up too! Done nicely w runny yolk which drizzled down to soak up the bun.

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Located in the quaint little spot of Singapore w views of horsies around. One of the best beef burgers in town! Thick, juicy patty perfected to medium well (see x-section of my burg). All the accompaniments to the star are captured in this shot

Cute lil’ burgs sandwiched between nicely toasted mini sesame bun, melted cheddar and and few slices of jalapeños. Could do w a lil’ dressing - be it mustard or ketchup or chilli sauce (it came plain) and options of doneness too. It was fully cooked! Nevertheless, still good to satisfy the burg craving. $16++ for 3 (missing 1 in the pic cos it was devoured bef a close-up shot was taken)

Truffy burgss done okay- patty’s a little too tough and the only hint of truffle came from the sinful mayo. Not one of the better truffle burgers but decent enough

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Juicylicious lobster chunks w candied bacons and cheese, sandwiched between multi-grain buns to soften the sinful index of the burgsss. SO GOOD! Legit fat lobster chunks and crispy sweet bacon 🥓 - a true indulgence 😊 Comes with ol’ bay fries seasoned with some herby spices to complete the sin (vvvv yummy except it could be done crispier for my individual preference of crispy fries teehee)


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