Burgs🍔 and burppppppps!

Burgs🍔 and burppppppps!

Nothing like a scrumptious juicy burger to satisfy my sinful cravings for beef, pulled pork and juicy meats
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

Singtel patty, slathered with house made sauce (possibly Mayo) and a juicy, satisfying patty. The buns were pillowy and as seen, was engraved with their trademark “B”. I would have preferred a “toasted” bun, with crispy outer and fluffy interior, rather than a pillowy-overall bun. I guess it’s just a matter of personal preference! This 🍔 came along with a fried sunny side up - nice to know and justifies the price point but in terms of taste, you can’t quite taste any egginess (masked from the seasoned patty and sauce!) Am not complaining tho! Please do not take away the 🍳! In terms of the fries... they were really bad, frozen thick cut and soggy (tried the ones from my dining partner). I was glad to have upgraded my fries to sweet potato fries- they tasted better but were equally soggy and not exactly “wow”. Extremely expensive (+$3) for fries upgrade!! I would order ala-carte if there’s an option to do so next time!

All pasta, burgers and steaks at $13.50++! Tried the pulled pork burger - in barbecue sauce and sesame buns. Not exactly mind-blowing but wasn’t too bad for the price (original price at $16++!!)

Sauce choices: barbecue sauce, cheddar sauce, black pepper sauce
Bun choices: charcoal bun, white loaf, sesame bun

Ps: The best deal is still the steak! Original price at $28++!

Heard raving reviews about the incredibly affordable, and legit burger in the hood. Indeed, its popularity mustn’t be underestimated - with almost every table in the vicinity having a plate of crispy fries and a waiting time for 1.5hrs wait on a Sunday lunch hour 😱 Decided to wait it out, since “good things are worth the wait”. Verdict? YUM! VALUE FOR MONEY! Incredibly juicy beef patties sandwiched with American cheddar, secret in-house sauce, caramelised onions and grilled brioche buns that were crispy on the exterior and fluffy within. The only gripe would be the lack of option for a medium-well burger. The patties are fully cooked. I must say tho, that other than macdonalds, this is the only place where I’d eat a burg w a well-done beef patty burger! Either go for the best or go for the fail-proof macdonalds!
$: $9.50 for double patty and $7.00 for single patty

fresh-outta-sea haddock with plump, visible flakes within the fillet that had been breaded and fried to crisp. It’s sandwiched awkwardly between two fluffy brioche buns that were toasted on the undersides to give a crisp-exterior-fluffy-interior mouth bite. There was a generous serving of tangy tartar - house made, and a serving of super crispy fries that are reminiscent to that of long john’s - but way tastier, less salty and more addictive!

Rich, affordable burgs @ $8.80/set. Comes with serving of crinkle cut fries and a bowl of clam chowder. V. juicy patty and deliciousss fried cheese skirt!

Very, very difficult-to-pronounce item on the menu but oh well, just point. This is not the typical burger that you find. Between the ciabatta buns:

Wagyu patty 150g, grilled 🍍, poached 🥚, guacamole 🥑 and, *li hing mui* powder. What’s that?!

Here’s what wiki says-
“Li hing mui, known as huamei in Mainland China, is salty dried plum. It has a strong, distinctive flavor and is often said to be an acquired taste, as it has a combination of sweet, sour, and salty taste. It has also been described as tart and even tangy.”

Also served on the side: seasonal veggies and fries 🥔

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Rightfully a twist inspired from the Working Title burger bar, from the looks and quality of extremely crispy fries (fried in some special flour batter!). It’d have been a perfect twist, with sweet beetroot to enhance the colour and flavours, if not for the slightly overcooked beef patty. Compared to the patties from the Working Title, Co-Op’s patty was slightly thinner. A thinner patty is fine by me, but definitely not one that’s overcooked and as a result, dry within ☹️ Hopefully it’s a once-off incident. I’d return again to validate!

The thickkk bacon speaks of the savoury goodness sandwiches between two lightly toasted (fluffy inside) brioche buns, glazed with garlic aioli and topped with some caramelised onions. Burger patty was served medium by default - executed perfectly with beefilicious juice within. The thick slices of beef bacon added a layer of smokiness to the burger - a nice twist fries the typical cheese/beef burgers. Kinda like BBQ-burger (?) The flavour of Monterey Jack was mild, perhaps masked by the smokiness of the bacon. I wish it was stronger!

Very very indulgent burger with triple of cheese mixes - mozzarella, cheddar and provolone. The patty was served medium- slightly charred and very juicy within. Brioche was lightly toasted and glazed with sour ranch sauce, dabbed with pickled red onion 🧅 (a v.much more palatable way for onions on the tongue!) The burg was truly an indulgent treat, and definitely paired more sinfully with very very very crispy thick-cut fries. I’m not a fries-lover but I couldn’t help but munch on the crispy-outside-fluffy-inside potatoes 🥔

Lil' wonder why this is Amsterdam's most famous burger place. What less can you expect when the buns (sourced from Tiong Bahru Bakery) were toasted-to-crisp in an oven - no butter involved and what you get is the fragrant sesame aroma, crisp toast and not-at-all oily/cloying bun (Note: Some burger places grill it on the underside with butter). The beef patties were incredibly juicy and flavoursome - grilled only to medium, in line with Lombardo's motto "eating meat well done is like kissing your sister" (i.e. plain gross!) Here's featuring the Dutch Cheese Burger, topped with red wine onions which were incredibly appetising. If you're conscious of onion breath, you've little worries because onion-hater like me actually loved it because of it's onion-less 'stench'. They were well marinated and any possibility of 'onion' breath or bad onion after-taste was quelled. What you get, is really the sweet-tasting & crunch of the onions to complement the juicy beef patty. Also, the marinated tomatoes are worth of mention too - nothing like raw, boring tomato slices but marinated as well. I particularly love the whole-baby pickles. Yes - WHOLE pickles, baby sized - really cute and crunchy. Last but not least, the homemade burger sauce in orange is the winning concoction of their secret recipe - slight tangy and too secretive for me to be able to pinpoint other ingredients that had gone into it. All I can say is, it's the perfect combination to their perfect burger.

$8 | Thick-cut fries with lemon zest, served with homemade mayo.

‘Just the right level of thickness - every bite was a great balance of crisp and potato-ey fluff. The hint of lemon was mild, best tasted when you’ve the fries plain (ie, no mayo dip!)

🦀A seafood lover’s burger with pretty strong seafoody taste (from the mentaiko and fish roe bits). The soft shell crab was fried to a nice crispy touch and sandwiches between brioche buns slathered with a good amount of mentaiko sauce. The pillowy buns nicely complemented the crispy soft shell crab in terms of texture and...taste too! Cos the crab, when eaten on its own, was a tad too salty - according to the boyfriend. The thick cut fries could have been crispier, or replaced with potato cuts. It was a lil’ soggy for most but then again I guess the highlight and deal here’s the soft shell crab and buns, instead of the fries right?

My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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