Burgs🍔 and burppppppps!

Burgs🍔 and burppppppps!

Nothing like a scrumptious juicy burger to satisfy my sinful cravings for beef, pulled pork and juicy meats
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

One of the best pulled-pork burgs I've had! Love how it's more smoked than marinated (y'know how some restaurants enhance the flavour of pulled pork through marinades, rather than authentic smoking). Can't go wrong meats from a smokehouse! Special mention to the potato-y brioche bun that reminds me that of Shack shack's - a lil' thicccker and wholesome. Tip: Costs only $10 if you preorder online through MeatSmith express!

It was a blessing in disguise when my go-to-option of cheese burger was oos! Decided to be a lil' adventurous and was glad we decided on the beef brisket burger! Perfectly smoked and tenderlicious - slides off in chunks! Of course, that meant a fair amount of gooey fats that added flavour to the meat. The pickles and sauces by the side were great accompaniments that complemented the simple-looking burger, leaving the star of the show to brisk in its glory! Tip: Costs only $10 if you preorder online through MeatSmith express!

My heart lurched when the cashier informed that there's no 'doneness' selection available for the burgs - all comes fully cooked! I was apprehensive - how good can a burger with fully cooked beef patty be (with the exception of Mcds' and Shake shack's)? I was taken by surprise! My initial disappointment was made up with the extra chunk beef patty, cooked to tenderness and retained some of the juiciness too! Thankfully it wasnt overcooked and dry (phew). I wish there was more cheese and flavoursome tomato relish tho. The tomato relish tasted like pasta sauce out from the bottle - a boo to any good burgers. Otherwise, a pretty decently priced meal! Available on burpple beyond 1-1!

4/5 for the bun
2.5/5 for the pork chop

Polo was crusty, airy and fluffy! Kept at a very affordable price of $1.70 - it's pocket friendly compared to the ones sold at Joy Luck, Champion Polo. I've yet tried the ones from Joy or Champion - would think they're best devoured with just a thiccc slab of butter. For the sandwich-style, I suppose the Polo quality here is fairly decent. No complaints!

Slightly disappointing tho, was the extremely oily and overcooked pork chop. It was soaked in oil, with oil 'collected' on a sad piece of green lettuce that was eventually cast aside because I couldn't bring myself to stomach an oil-soaked lettuce. It was seasoned with what resembled wuxiang powder. It wasnt the best tasting pork chop I've had. It was also tough and it took quite a great deal of effort slicing it!
I'd probably go for the char siew version next time!

That’s $10! Real juicy patty with caramelised onions. From this cross-section, you can tell it’s not an overly processed frozen patty that’s mass-produced.

The buns - seeded and fluffy, it’s brioche!
The onions - caramelised, not raw and ‘thrown in’ for the aesthetics
The cheese - American cheddar! Just like McDonald’s!
The pickles - added that tangy crunch!

It’s definitely a place I’d revisit even without Burpple beyond (oh yes, this is totally a steal with Burpple 1-1)
Can’t wait to try their rice bowls some day!

‘am pleasantly surprised by the amazing quality of this neighbourhood burger! Friendly price ($10 u.p), made friendlier with Burpple beyond 1-1 deal.

Love how the buns are fluffy and seeded - y’know it’s not the Hamburger buns from supermarket buns. Appreciate how details go into the bun, the fillet (frozen but not cheap frozen - there’s flakes within the fillet piece, evidence of some real fish in there!) Fans of macdonald’s fillet-O will be happy to know that they use the same American cheddar cheese (again, not supermarket budget brand cheddar cheeses)! Also, I love the tanginess of the pickles added into the bun!

Each burger comes with a portion of shoestring fries. Pretty much taste like McDonald’s fries without salt. Love burger surprises like this!

‘Girl is sore when ‘affordable’ burgs tastes like sth I can easily assemble after a supermarket grocery haul.

Used Burpple 1-1 for this and therefore it wasn’t as pocket-bleeding as it would otherwise have felt.

Food quality was not bad but portion size was immensely underwhelming. Service was terrible tho, slow and a long wait.

Singtel patty, slathered with house made sauce (possibly Mayo) and a juicy, satisfying patty. The buns were pillowy and as seen, was engraved with their trademark “B”. I would have preferred a “toasted” bun, with crispy outer and fluffy interior, rather than a pillowy-overall bun. I guess it’s just a matter of personal preference! This 🍔 came along with a fried sunny side up - nice to know and justifies the price point but in terms of taste, you can’t quite taste any egginess (masked from the seasoned patty and sauce!) Am not complaining tho! Please do not take away the 🍳! In terms of the fries... they were really bad, frozen thick cut and soggy (tried the ones from my dining partner). I was glad to have upgraded my fries to sweet potato fries- they tasted better but were equally soggy and not exactly “wow”. Extremely expensive (+$3) for fries upgrade!! I would order ala-carte if there’s an option to do so next time!

All pasta, burgers and steaks at $13.50++! Tried the pulled pork burger - in barbecue sauce and sesame buns. Not exactly mind-blowing but wasn’t too bad for the price (original price at $16++!!)

Sauce choices: barbecue sauce, cheddar sauce, black pepper sauce
Bun choices: charcoal bun, white loaf, sesame bun

Ps: The best deal is still the steak! Original price at $28++!

Heard raving reviews about the incredibly affordable, and legit burger in the hood. Indeed, its popularity mustn’t be underestimated - with almost every table in the vicinity having a plate of crispy fries and a waiting time for 1.5hrs wait on a Sunday lunch hour 😱 Decided to wait it out, since “good things are worth the wait”. Verdict? YUM! VALUE FOR MONEY! Incredibly juicy beef patties sandwiched with American cheddar, secret in-house sauce, caramelised onions and grilled brioche buns that were crispy on the exterior and fluffy within. The only gripe would be the lack of option for a medium-well burger. The patties are fully cooked. I must say tho, that other than macdonalds, this is the only place where I’d eat a burg w a well-done beef patty burger! Either go for the best or go for the fail-proof macdonalds!
$: $9.50 for double patty and $7.00 for single patty

fresh-outta-sea haddock with plump, visible flakes within the fillet that had been breaded and fried to crisp. It’s sandwiched awkwardly between two fluffy brioche buns that were toasted on the undersides to give a crisp-exterior-fluffy-interior mouth bite. There was a generous serving of tangy tartar - house made, and a serving of super crispy fries that are reminiscent to that of long john’s - but way tastier, less salty and more addictive!

Rich, affordable burgs @ $8.80/set. Comes with serving of crinkle cut fries and a bowl of clam chowder. V. juicy patty and deliciousss fried cheese skirt!

My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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