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Burgs🍔 and burppppppps!

Burgs🍔 and burppppppps!

Nothing like a scrumptious juicy burger to satisfy my sinful cravings for beef, pulled pork and juicy meats
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

Huuuuyayy! I was exceptionally excited to try their signature baby HUEY- the most ‘basic’ beef burger on the menu with Tasmanian beef patty (cooked to medium) + spiced mayo + ketchup + cheese. Particularly loved how their mayo is very much orangey - made in house and of course, is not the white mayo you find typically. Their ketchup was made in-house too! Deep dark red, slightly smoky- I almost mistook it for BBQ sauce. It pairs up really nicely with the fries- skin-on whole potatoes in strips. 🍟 really hearty and crispy!!
Incredibly value for $$$ deal with Burpple beyond! All the above at just $32NETT.

I’m a milkshake convert! ‘Was never a fan of milkshake because it’s so heavy, filling and seems incredibly jelat. ‘Especially when it’s mixed with really low end ice cream - it feels like you’re forcing down gulps and gulps of torture down your throat. Not worth the calories! BUT THIS WAS MIND MINDBLOWING! It’s added with a scoop of Madagascan vanilla ice cream that elevated the ‘class’ of a milkshake! It’s so satisfying to take in that strong vanilla fragrance with each mouthful without any hints of eeeeky vanilla essence. It’s so legit - you can spot tiny black speckles of vanilla beans if you stare hard enough! There’s the option to do without the whip cream. I had a taste of the whip cream on its own - nothing fanciful and I’d say, not worth the calories! I’d spend the calories on another cup of milkshake instead 🙊

Cute lil’ burgs sandwiched between nicely toasted mini sesame bun, melted cheddar and and few slices of jalapeños. Could do w a lil’ dressing - be it mustard or ketchup or chilli sauce (it came plain) and options of doneness too. It was fully cooked! Nevertheless, still good to satisfy the burg craving. $16++ for 3 (missing 1 in the pic cos it was devoured bef a close-up shot was taken)

Love the presentation of the lobster burger in a pasta dish, sat on top of a bed of fries. Each chunky lobster was sweet in taste, and well coated in miso mayo. The sesame seed bun was lightly toasted on the underside and at the top as well, therefore providing a slight crunch as you cut into it. The mix of veggies between the bun added another layer of brunch texture to the bite. Every mouthful was so delightful! It’s kinda pricy at >$34++ but I guess it kinda justified the quality and portion. Oo, and the ambience was great too! Particularly loved how the outlet at downtown had really high ceilings!

PS: In the latest visit, the lobster burger didn’t come in such presentation anymore! It’s simply on a plate with fries on the side...
Not sure if it’s me but I guess the presentation was given a discount, and so was the taste!

Sub-par food which is pretty disappointing. The burger patty was premade and for some reason couldn’t be cooked to anything other that complete doneness. Turns out the beef patty wasn’t 100% pure beef - but marinated with odd spices which doesn’t quite complement. The cheese within the beef patty was the typical store-bought cheddar which was again disappointing. Pizza was nothing to shout about too. Definitely not visiting again.

At $11.90, this burger certainly did not come cheap. Neither was it expensive tho! Considering....the perfectly toasted brioche buns are crisp on the outside and soft within! Just take a look at the fluffy airy pockets within the bun. At first look, the buns looked incredibly familiar - ah-ha! Turns out they’ve ordered the buns from Michelin-starred Burnt Ends! Little wonder the buns tasted so good on its own too. The thick, creamy scrambled eggs and smoked duck did justice to the buns. Rich and flavourful, the smoked duck drizzled with Hosin sauce added a layer of savoury note to the scrambled eggs. I found the Hosin a little too sweet but for those who seeks a strong sweet and salty complement, this is certainly the one to try! Oh, and it comes with a slice of cheddar as well but the scrambled eggy goodness and strong smoked duck flavours overpowered the cheddar taste. I’d definitely consider the bacon and eggs in future & hopefully, there’s a stronger cheddary taste to that!

The Quarters’ burgers always bring about pleasant mod-sin surprises. I’d expected the “spiced” pork batty to come with the typical 5-spices powder (which I absolutely dislike) but hey no! The spices include chilli, galangal, lemongrass etc. More towards the spices commonly used in Malay/Indonesia/Indian cuisine, rather than those in the Chinese dishes. That’s a pretty nice twist. At first look, it appears incredibly tough and dry. Thankfully, it remains juicy within. Could have been juicier but no complaints - overall was good. It comes with the typical iceberg lettuce and tomatoes. Generally prefer the red/green leaf lettuce which complements the burgers a lot more (kinda feel iceberg lettuce cheapens the overall look and feel of the burger cos it’s very much associated with ‘fastfood’ style burgers) The accompanying fries were normal-tasting, dips (chilli and ketchup) weren’t made in-house and hence, nothing much to comment on. Would stick with the signature salted chicken burger which comes with incredibly creamy and fragrant in-house salted egg yolk sauce going forward!

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Tried this before Burnt Ends was awarded the Michelin Star 🌟 and I’m can fully understand why! This was their signature burger - perfectly toasted sesame buns in richly marinated pulled pork and melted cheddar. It was pretty addictive! Pulled Pork was executed nicely, easily pulled apart by the fork (just for testing. I ate my burg w my hands) and not overly sweet nor salty. Even my dad who isn’t a fan of burgs gave his nod of approval!

Boohoo! This is my second visit and oddly, it didn’t come with the wow-factor as it did the first try. In fact, nothing much to wow or shout about at all. Kinda disappoint this time. Nevertheless, it’s still a pretty good burger with lobster meat enveloped in miso sauce.

Had pretty high expectations for this burger as the reviews online were pretty good. It did not disappoint, however, nothing much to really shout about as well! Good value for the price.

A burger fanatic with a particular love for blue cheese burger, I was excited to find blue cheese burger on Fumeé’s menu! Their take on the blue cheese burger did not come with real blue cheese blocks but was infused in the mayo/sauce. Pretty strong and hence still satisfactory!

Extremely sinful meal, cholesterol laden with the salted egg yolk sauce, chicken skin and fries 🍟. Yet, it’s simply addictive when you get the real salted egg yolk deal (this is unlike the McDonald’s rendition). The salted egg yolk sauce is made in-house (available for purchase in jar sizes), chicken cutlet marinated with their in-house recipe too. The Quarters prides itself with Asian-Fusion dishes and by far, they’ve succeeded in executing these dishes really well!

With my chubby cheeks, I chew like a hamster 🐹 Apply CHUB857 for 20% off Burpple Beyond!

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