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Wine & Chef’s pan roasted salmon fillet was really good! It was cooked well on the outside, but pink and tender inside, and was garnished with chopped chives and fried onions. I enjoyed eating it with the orange bell pepper purée, and also liked the fact that the salmon was cooked in kombu butter, which was subtle but tasty. The sugar snap peas were wonderfully crunchy. The only thing that fell flat was the quinoa, which had a slightly bitter taste and was a bit too soft. The portion size of the main is also on the smaller side, but it was filling enough with the other courses.

We got this as part of the 3-course set deal by @chopesg a while ago, so it was really worth it since the 3-course lunch is usually $18++. We also got 100 extra Chope points from this reservation by booking our meal on Chope with the promo code from voting on Chope’s Diner Choice 2018! Really worth it since 1000 Chope points entitles you to a $30 voucher for many places.

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I loved their chicken liver pate with Meiji crackers. The pate wasn’t as fatty as foie gras, but was still very creamy. There wasn’t a very strong stench and it tasted quite pleasantly light with the biscuits. The portion was also surprisingly big, considering this was only $5!

Bistro du Le Pin occupies a small space on level 2 of Orchard Plaza, which is near Centrepoint, at Somerset mrt and has affordable lunch sets (bara chirashi and omelette rice) for about $15. The chef is Japanese, so you can be assured it’ll be a great experience. Also found out that they offer omakases at night!

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Maru’s truffle ikura chawanmushi ($8) was quite unexpectedly amazing and interestingly presented as well. The silky chawanmushi was served inside egg shells and the surface of it was covered in beautiful ikura and a really tasty truffle dashi stock. The first bite was a small piece of heaven, with the soft egg and salty burst of fishiness from the ikura, and lastly the truffle hitting you. Little bits of truffle paste was also incorporated inside the chawanmushi, so even after finishing the top layer, there was a lingering earthy taste. Got this as part of a 4-set meal thanks to @chopesg’s coupon ($15). So value for money! P.s. Maru is also on #burpplebeyond.
While this appetiser was great, the same couldn’t be said about the service because the manager was extremely condescending towards his young service staff and asked him to “go away!”, all whilst taking our order beside us. He also told us curtly that he “needs the table back by 12.45pm” without explaining why and before we had even ordered anything. Nothing wrong with setting a time limit since they may have other reservations, but I felt that the way he put forward his point was incredibly rude. That said, his young service staff are all quite polite and our previous experience here (when the manager did not serve us) was pleasant. Maru’s food is quite good, but the experience was completely ruined by the service this time.

To be honest, I couldn’t stomach Firebake’s saffron risotto as it tasted completely like paint or burnt plastic. After searching more about it online, I found out that this usually happens when there is too much saffron inside. (Also that some people may be genetically disposed to detect this paint-like taste more, wow!) The taste aside however, the risotto was also overcooked and too liquid-like, verging on being a porridge. The mussels were alright but the prawn was overcooked too. A really pretty but disappointing dish.

Salt tapas does their fish SO mindblowingly well. I went back a second time to get their barramundi again, but because it was Saturday lunch, the menu was different and we had the fish of the day instead. The fish turned out to be salmon and oh boy was it amazing. It was so crispy on the outside, but pink and tender on the inside! (I wish I took a picture because it was a true sight to behold.) It melted in my mouth and I thought again: this is one of the best fishes I’ve had.

The other ingredients are similar to their barramundi dish- chermoula seasoning on top of the dish, fregula (a pearl-like grain) in a corn mash with bell peppers. But what was interesting is that their corn mash was slightly more acidic probably due to lemon juice and there were bits of crab meat inside. While I prefer the original sweet corn mash, this change was not bad because the tartness went refreshingly well with the fish. Also, doesn’t this dish look gorgeous?! This is definitely my favourite place on #burpplebeyond and I’ll be back here for all special occasions!


Quite enjoyed fýr’s steak dish! The beef was tender and well seasoned, with a good char on it as well. Probably one of the better steak dishes outside at this price point. I also liked that there was fried garlic on top, which enhanced the charred beef flavour. Didn’t enjoy the chickpea ragu and sauce too much though, although that’s purely a taste preference. The salad was also very generous so you can have a balanced diet!

I used the #burrplebeyond 1 for 1, but the lunch set really caught my eye! $25 for 3 courses is quite worth it if you’re having a modest splurge day, and the courses look interesting. The service here is also pretty good! Do note: the menu linked on Burpple beyond is probably for dinner, as the same dishes were not available during lunch.

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This barramundi came with a delightful coconut-lime reduction, which tasted like laksa sauce (but without the spice). However, the fish wasn’t as soft as I would have liked it to be and the skin could have been crispier. The couscous also seemed a bit bland and out of place for me and I could have done without it. Overall this dish could do with more polishing, but nevertheless a good concept and worth trying if you prefer fish over meat when eating here with friends!

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Tried out this famous steak and unfortunately, didn’t really like it. The cook on it was medium rare (Look at the cook on that meat!! Exactly as I had asked for - which is so rare for a restaurant in Singapore haha), but the meat itself was too chewy for my liking. I also wished at first that the mushroom sauce wasn’t as sour (I think they added sour cream or lemon) and would just be a normal mushroom sauce, but as I was half into the dish, I really appreciated the sauce, or I feel like it’d be too cloying to eat the whole thing.

In short, the star was definitely the fries. They were golden and SO crisp and stayed that way even in the sauce! The sauce and fries went amazingly well together and I definitely preferred them over the steak! I’d recommend trying their other dishes instead, as Glasshouse actually houses 4 different restaurants together, so you can get a large variety of food. It’s also quite busy on Friday nights, so do make a booking if you can and remember to use burpple beyond! #burpplebeyond

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These beef meatballs were really juicy and sizeable! Really loved the mushroom sauce and mushrooms - it was so tasty I wished they made it into a soup. It went really well with the mash, which was buttery and great.

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The seafood paella fell short of my expectations to be honest. Although the ingredients look generous, I felt like they didn’t complement each other that well. The jamon iberico was lost in the paella for me - I couldn’t taste it much and I felt like it lost its flavour being in the paella, particularly since the paella was tomato-based and slightly spicy. The tanginess from the tomato wasn’t very enjoyable and I don’t think it particularly complemented the seafood either. However, the seafood was pretty good and I loved the little drizzles of olive oil in the clams. That said, I really liked this place and would recommend other mains instead! Definitely going to pop back here 3 more times to use up all my #burpplebeyond perks.

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This is the best fish dish I’ve ever had! It’s almost impossible to describe how much I love it because it’s an absolute dream. The fish was pretty big and the skin was so crisp! It was also really well seasoned and I liked the chermoula marinade on top. The highlight of this dish for me however, was the creamed corn mash, with bell peppers, chives and fregula (a grain that tastes like a smoother version of barley). The mash was dumbfounding and I completely wiped it up. It was sweet from the corn and the fregula provided great textural contrast. Eaten with the fish, it‘s a true match made in heaven. Definitely coming back for this again! #burpplebeyond


Tried Ash & Char’s steak with their 1-for-1 promo on hungrygowhere and it was quite enjoyable! (Funnily enough, most couples there were having the same thing) The steak was nice and quite tender - I particularly liked the sauce to go with the steak, which tasted a bit like miso or teriyaki? The corn and onions were nice as well. All in all, a decent steak.


Great food finds, budget deals, and critical reviews! Find me on Instagram @whatlizhaseaten :~)

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