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Beef Noodles

Beef Noodles

Featuring Food Republic ([email protected]), Blanco Beef Noodle, LeNu Chef Wai’s Noodle Bar (Bugis Junction), Our Tampines Hub Hawker Centre, Food Republic (Shaw Centre), Food Emporium (Changi Airport Terminal 4), Food Junction (Bugis Junction), Pho Street (Compass One)
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie

I dunno how hubby managed to get Mee Kia but I definitely prefer glass noodles. The beef slices were thin but not tough. Beef balls were bouncy. The soup was the bomb! So very flavorful. The taste was on the strong and heavy side but I liked it.

From The Beef House Homemade Beefball Noodles. Beef slices were very tender. Loved the very spicy chili sauce. Soup was light and steaming hot.

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I asked for no beef tendons and beef tripe, so they gave me only beef balls, beef slices and beef shank. The pho was nice and chewy but I prefer the soup to be hotter. Beef slices and shank were not fatty. I bit into a beef ball and saw that the inside was still very pink. That scared me a little so I didn’t eat them in the end. Actually I totally stopped eating and left. Soup was ok. I liked the sliced onions inside. Crunchy and fresh.

This was pretty bland. The beef slices were thin and tender, easy to chew. Chili sauce was really spicy.

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This was not cheap at $7 but I was trying to reduce carb intake after chicken rice. Beef slices were tender. Quite a lot of pcs too. Soup not good so I didn’t drink it. Their chili almost set my hair on fire it was so spicy. So good.

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Since their soup version was less than impressive, I decided to go for their dry version. Not bad. Besides tender beef slices, I found chunks of stewed beef meat. A very meaty bowl of noodles.

The huge slices of beef caught my attention immediately. They were very tender. Chili was fabulous. Very spicy. Very sour. Soup was a no-go. Taste was too mild and had a strange sweetness that I didn’t like. But who needs soup when you have great chili?

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This bowl came with a strong whiff of spices. Not quite what I’m used to. Beef was very tender, but had a strong taste of spices, which was a minus for me. Soup had the same problem.

Decided to try their soup version since their dry version pleased me so much. Definitely a hit. The soup was robust and beefy. Beef slices were plentiful and delicious. Balls still a little too chewy for me. But with their sour spicy chili sauce, I finished the whole bowl in no time.

In the mood for some meat and this place was originally from Cuppage. Shd be famous? The dry version had a starchy gravy that coated the yellow noodles nicely. Chili was great! A little sour, and spicy enough to make me sniff. Good amt of thinly sliced beef. Got 2 pretty big beef balls. Very bouncy and chewy. Really enjoyed this bowl.

Wagyu ramen for only $16.90? I have never bought wagyu at this price at Isetan so I figured the portion must be pathetic. But I counted 5 pcs in my bowl which impressed me. The first pc was wonderful. It was melt-in-my-mouth tender! It was not A5 quality but it was more than I expected. I was very happy. Unfortunately that was it. The next was half fats so I only got a small bite out of it. 3rd was a tough pc that didn’t taste like wagyu. The last 2 were almost entirely fats so I couldn’t eat them. Soup was ok. They added salted vege which I didn’t like.

Overall, I was disappointed, thou that disappointment was tempered by the memory of the first glorious pc. I was asked by the cashier how my food was, I told her abt the fats issue. She said, “Oh sorry abt that.”

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Porridge not available so I ordered sliced beef noodles dry and soup version, and fried chicken wings. I chose yellow noodles. The soup tasted robust and meaty. A bit salty but still good. I really like the dry version. The sauce was flavorful and covered the lye taste of yellow noodles very well. I was astounded by the amount of beef in the bowls. A good number of huge thick slices that were so tender. A few pcs were a bit tough to chew but considering the generous portions, I was willing to overlook it. Chicken wings were very juicy and well seasoned. I enjoyed them. I love love love the chili sauce. Very very spicy and aromatic. This was like the main for me. The noodles and chicken wings were just the sides! 🎃 Total bill $15.


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