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Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

Featuring Huckleberry Food & Fare, The Ganga Cafe, Tray Cafe, Front Room & The Kneady Baker, The Ice Cream Bar, Kwong Wah Ice Kacang, FROZEN Ice-Cream, Whimsical - Gelateria & Caffe, Dáo, MadHatter Desserts
Alison K
Alison K
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This softserve joint moved out of Uptown and into a much bigger lot (they share the space with a balloon bar) in Plaza Arkadia. Known to be their bestseller since day one, this vanilla one just didn’t cut it for me as much as the chocolate. Texture-wise it’s not as creamy, and it could use a lot more vanilla. There’s also Oolongcha and Matcha on the menu, so maybe give that a go instead.

Absolutely delish wafers – it’s a little savoury and reminds me so much of those Japanese salty rice crackers. Great ice cream too! But I was no fond of the Lavender as the flavour was too overpowering for me. Definitely preferred the Apricot for its sweet and tangy notes.

They’ve got cutesy ice cream floats as well, which was recommended. Besides the overly cute presentation, it’s still a good float. You’re supposed to slide the ice cream into the glass and mix it together. Think of it as a rich matcha milkshake – rich, sweet and comforting.

This second project by Xiao by Crutz specialises in ice cream cakes, with alcoholic and some sans the booze. What stands out the most are the ice creams – this dessert has a raspberry sorbet, raspberry yoghurt and a mango ice cream that’s so rich and flavourful. I wish they’d make the scoops available on their own.

Thick, sweet and very fresh. Definitely one of the better lassis I’ve had.

Okay it’s expensive but let me tell you it’s worth it, or at least worth trying once. I got the Lemon and Lime bonbon, Vanilla Spice and Coconut Truffle. My personal fav is the stuffed bonbon with the super sour filling.

Zoe only serves this one dessert: airy tiramisu coated in a yummy hazelnut chocolate, sans coffee and alcohol. I do actually prefer this version as it’s not as rich.

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Fans of nuts will go wild for this slice – it’s baked chock-full with crunchy pecans and raisins. The banana flavours weren’t too distinct, but there are hints. Ultimately, it’s the rich butter that’s the main star.

Happy Mansion’s latest cafe and bakery is true to its name – it’s a nice and quiet hideaway for a little me-time over cake and coffee. This was recommended as it’s one of their bestsellers. The cake is moist and is extremely fragrant from the pandan and brown sugar. And I love the crunchiness of the desiccated coconut, however I did find the cake bit too sweet.

Don’t be fooled by the size of the bowl, it’s loaded to the brim with an acai-based smoothie blend and generously topped with Amazin’ Graze’s signature Hazelnut Blackforest Granola. For a quick and healthy meal to go, this is it.

The folks behind Amazin’ Graze opens their first smoothie bar inside of Ben’s Independent Grocer at The Linc KL. There are only smoothies and smoothie bowls available, all made with fresh and premium ingredients, plus the yummy granolas. The Green Healer is one of their lighter options, made with spinach, apple, chia seeds, coconut water and ginger, to name a few. It’s fresh, and I love the lingering heat of the ginger after each sip.

You can’t leave without having an avocado smoothie. This is the lighter avo smoothie pairing on the menu compared to the Avo & Banana and Avo & Choco. I would imagine it to be a bit bland without the honey, so it’s a good thing you’ll taste a lot of that.

Alison K

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