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Calida Aurelia Soh  👅
Calida Aurelia Soh 👅

it was icy and refreshing, yet packed full of flavour. i exceptionally liked the chia seed pudding (which i am usually not a fan of) but the use of coconut milk made it very creamy and paired well with the light acai base!!

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defo smt i would return for + their smoothies were one of the best i’ve had too.
the left is the Nutty Banana (S$10) which was naturally sweet (from dates n bananas i assume) w a distinct taste of cinnamon that i really enjoyed. on the right is Avoccado Glow (S$10), which tasted refreshingly of mangoes, made rich and creamy from the avocados and soy milk.
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the brownie’s texture was absolutely delightful. dense and fudgy, it was moist w natural sweetness from the sweet potato. the layer of melted chocolate just made it all the more rich and decadent. the blue planet ice cream’s pale blue hue is naturally coloured w butterfly pea flower. it didn’t taste like much but complemented the chunks of vibrant green matcha cake that had a hint of bitterness. this also helped to balance out the sweetness from the brownie and the quinoa crunch, which was essentially clusters of quinoa caramlozed with pecans for a sweet crunchy bite! for only S$11.50 i’ll defo be back again, esp since it’s healthy and vegan!! those who have any dairy or gluten intolerances or dietary restrictions can all enjoy this delicious treat :-)


the chicken was succulent and tender, w the gravy amping up the flavour profile. i liked the side of veg which were well seasoned too albeit served cold (the chicken was hot!!) pretty worth for only S$8.90 ~~~

potion wise it was pretty generous (but it’s $15 so....) and i rly liked the guac. however my own gripe abt it is that everything is served cold. also, the steak portion is rly tiny for the texas cowboy so skip that if you’re here the chicken is literally X3 the amount


this lacked the crunch factor from the various nuts in the shiok bowl. however, it was still good and packed w so many diff fruits. refreshing and just enough to fill me up for a teatime snack 😋


didn’t have much expectations for this, but i was super impressed. the acai wasn’t overly sweet but still substantial and creamy. what i must commend was the variety of ingredients in the bowl. it came w a plethora of ingredients like almond slices, walnuts, peanuts as well as pumpkin seeds, matcha chia seed pudding, toasted coconut flakes and granola. the fruits consisted of mangoes, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, grapes, passionfruit and banana. it was then drizzled w almond butter (they had the usual choices of nut and cookie butters w the addition of honey and nutella as well). every single ingredient was super fresh and complemented each other very well too, surpassed way beyond my expectations, and it was made even more enjoyable with #burpplebeyond heh wld defo come back again and again 🤗🤗🤗

super generous in portion defo can be a meal for small eaters HAHA, i liked the layers of crunchy granola inbetween the acai + it wasn’t too sweet which was a nice change from other acai places #burpplebeyond

i rly liked the tartness of the froyo (a lil more than the other brands but still able to retain its creaminess!!). i especially enjoyed the plethora of different sauces i was absolutely spoilt for choice — went for the “oreo” one on the left and the “kinder” one on the right as recommended by the staff and they were really good. i enjoyed the sweetness that complemented the froyo, with the crunch of the toppings for texture. not to mention they were v generous w the sauce, it was practically an avalanche w more sauce than froyo at the end!! i cldnt help but purchase a 1L tub back home for my fam to try as well! chose several different sauces to try out too which seemed rly yummy like “ferraro rocher”, “nutella w cereal crunch” and “nougat cream” — ps for the inverted commas these are not their exact names but what the staff described them to me in terms of taste 😅

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the boston clam chowder was more on the mediocre side — was kinda missing the clam taste (???) but it was still creamy and i liked the chunks of veges in them. BUT!!! the star of the meal is defo the sweet thai chicken popiah — the sweet mangoes, roasted chicken, crispy bites, crunchy vege and the sweet thai chili mayo provided various layers and textures to every bite i took it was so different from a usual popiah in a more interesting and tasty manner (swipe to see crosssection) 😋 all these for $8.9 i think it’s super worth it!! JK had the braised beef brisket which was rly good too — the beef chunks were tender and juicy + the rice had different grains and seeds which made it more flavourful too

had the sao paolo (top) — which was acai w cacao, banana, soy milk and almond butter. my go to is usually the more chocolately based ones as i prefer it to be more decadent and creamy. i loved the addition of cacao nibs and goji berries in particular that added more texture and dimension to the bowl 🤤 there were other toppings as well such as granola etc but those were just pretty ordinary

my bro had the pura vida (bottom) — which was acai w mixed berries, banana and coconut water. this was definitely a more refreshing and light option topped w varying fruits. both were equally yummy, just depends on ur preference!!

the portions are really generous with the pasta but not so much w the ingredients. mine came w pan seared scallops and bacon bits. there were four thin-till-translucent scallops that’s probably one scallop sliced into pieces so that was a slight downer but the linguine was very well cooked and seasoned :-) JK’s tuna was very fresh and the angel hair complemented the citrus vibe of the dish well + i liked the addition of veg that mine lacked!! i must say their pasta is really one of the better ones out there but they can probably work on their accompaniments to enhance it further ~~~

i got a butterscotch mocha and JK got an iced salted caramel latte. the drinks are a miss bc there’s not a hint of caffeine but i guess it makes for a pretty nice flavored milk!!

to ramble about my eats from all the foodtrotting i embark on

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