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Peranakan Culture ⚜️

Peranakan Culture ⚜️

Featuring House of Peranakan Petit, Violet Oon Satay Bar & Grill
Jasmine Lim
Jasmine Lim

One of the best pasta version of laksa rendition! Flavour of laksa sauce packs a punch that stirred well with the spagetti and topped with fish cake and prawn.

This was good 👍🏼 Flavourful rendang paste was slow cooked with the beef chunks into this tendering texture. The spices that was used to make the rendang paste packs a punch in terms of fragance and flavour!

Not your usual otah with black colouring but a slab of buah keluak paste mixed and mould into otah shaped. This is a strong acquired taste that not everyone can accept, and is neither mine. However, it is something to go well with plain white rice!

Meat was definitely soft and tender without saying but the sweet sauce that was coated onto the beef was so flavourful yet not jelak kind. Peanut sauce was not one of my best but good enough !

Atas local peranakan food scene can be found here at Violet Oon. The outlet at clark quay was a grill bar theme whereby you can sit in front of the grill bar and watch the chef grilling all the mouthwatering dish without getting smokey stains on your hair and clothings.

Instead of wrapping the marinated pork meat with those thin beancurd skin, the Ngoh hiang here was deep fried directly. Different from the usual homecooked or commercial ngoh hiang but definitely another flavour of its own.

Exquisite taste to this fish head, not the usual curry taste that you can find in normal zichar. Probably i am too used to those curry spices from the indian stall, this curry is not as appetising to me comparing to the others. Fish meat from the head was on the tougher side


Ayam Buah Keluak, a famous dish from the peranakan culture. First try on the buah keluak, a poisonous fruit that is made edible after fermentation. Still palatable and i actually ate most of it 🙈 The chicken was cooked to absorb all the essence of the spices and the fragance of the buah keluak, just a pity that i was expecting it to serve beautifully in kamcheng.


Tender minced pork on the inner wrapped with crispy skin, comes with 6 pcs for each order. The meat was quite juicy and it really feels like those that is done by my grandmother!

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How to eat and still stay in shape? 🤔

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