Desserts 🍨

Desserts 🍨

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Joey  Tin
Joey Tin

CDLC has recently collaborated with SLIQ clinic, and they’ve came out with the world’s FIRST ever beauty ice cream where you can feel beautiful while you indulge, which is the best of both worlds.

I’m saying this because this ice cream is made of Lychee, Sakura (Cherry Blossom), Rose water, Glutathione, Vitamin C and of course COLLAGEN!!! Yes, I’m not kidding. This ice cream has collagen and it’s basically all your beauty needs in an ice cream. I’ve got myself a whole tub at home, but you really have to try this out yourself 😝

This ice cream might have premium ingredients but it’s priced reasonably. Instead of getting collagen supplements, maybe you can consider having an ice cream instead.

Unlike your usual pancake, this is served with an espresso shot to be drizzled instead of your usual maple syrup. It’s amazing how it complements the sweetness, bringing out the tiramisu in it, and the berries were also amazing

This is definitely the type of pancake I’ll go for, which has a combination of pancakes, fruits, ice cream and coffee. For a coffee lover like me, this can ask be convenient whenever I crave for both coffee and desserts, and I’ll always have a hard time choosing one. Oh wait, this tastes abit like affogato, and at the same time it make me super contented as if I’m having coffee with desserts.

Living up to its name, these sweet potatoes are actually cut into pieces, coated with a thin layer of batter and then deep fried.

These are actually crunchy and greaseless. The taste was also well balanced with drizzles of maple syrup and saltiness from the ricotta (an Italian whey cheese)

A hidden gem in the town of Cheras, located directly opposite Sunway Velocity mall.

This place might have been familiar to you, for the boba cake but this time round, they’ve launched an ice cream cake.

The thick layers in between are actually ice cream blocks, which was inserted within the crepe cakes. It’s interesting I would say and like every other crepe cakes, this also melts in your mouth.

The best way to enjoy this cake, is to pair it with a cup of coffee of course. Coffee and cakes sounds good?

One of the smoothest kakigori I’ve ever tasted. It actually melts in my mouth almost immediately. I’ve chose the Thai Tea flavored due to my major craving for Thai Milk Tea, and to my surprise, it actually tastes very authentic.

That bowl of kakigori isn’t just about the Instagram worthy appearance but its ingredients actually go well together too. After You is now available at almost every large malls in Bangkok and you really have to try this whenever you’re in town.

Joining the hype, Namelaka now serves their very own burnt cheesecake too, which is said to be sugar free like their current fruit series desserts. Been on cheesecake hunts lately, wouldn’t say that this is the best but it’s worth the try.

This cake is priced at RM18/slice.

I believe that everyone is into this boba topping on everything kinda hype.

So what makes this so special? The cake is actually an earl grey flavoured chiffon cake, which is topped with sea salt cheese milk foam and handmade boba toppings. Also once you cut the cake, you’re supposed to see Earl grey custard in the inside.

For the best experience, to indulge the cake as a whole and by that I mean “the cake + cream cheese + boba) altogether. Don’t eat them separately.

This cake is available in many different sizes, and if you want a huge one for birthdays, be sure to place orders in advance.

This cafe has a special vending machine like door and it’s located just opposite Subway Velocity, in front of Taman Maluri MRT.

Have you ever faced any issues while choosing your ice cream flavours?

Fret not, at CDLC they do serve these “Tasting platter” consisting of 4 different ice cream flavors of your choice and all are served in a petit form, mini ice cream cones they say.

Now, you get to try more than one flavours without contemplating what to get. Have fun!!

If you’ve been a fan of burnt cheesecake and you’ve tried the original one from the Tokyo Restaurant, this has a different twist and it is really addictive.

It’s a must have cake everytime you’re there at YBR. I usually pair my cake with my favorite cup of coffee or after a scrumptious meals that’s for sure.

This cakes are all priced below RM20

If you don’t know, dessert can be made using the namelaka cream. It’s not as fattening as how fresh cream is. That’s what Namelaka is aiming for, creating artisanal dessert using top grade and fresh ingredients.

Have you ever picture fruits being made desserts, and it looks similar to it but tastes exactly the same. The moment you indulge, and you go, “This is it, I’m actually eating a real mandarin orange”

Also, they do serve some amazing mocktails, artisanal tea, coffee and premium grade chocolate for your liking.

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The sparkles are lit for photography purposes if you order this. Don’t worry the sparkles are complimentary 😝
If you’re a huge fan of chocolate,you’ll enjoy this a lot.

This petit gateau is made up of ice cream, with a few different flavors that mix along well.


This Nutella pancake combines amazingly well with two different ice-cream flavours. I loved how it’s so fluffy, not too sweet and it’s very satisfying.

Check out this newly launched dessert, only at @frissoncoffeebar 😍😋 #joeyyjt #burpple #frissonawesomeness

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