Featuring Cottontail Creamery, Merely Ice Cream (Our Tampines Hub), Azabu Sabo Hokkaido Ice Cream (Clarke Quay Central), McDonald's (Tampines Kiosk), Yolé (Bugis+)
Peixian  🐶
Peixian 🐶

My fail-proof combination: small tub with strawberries + dark chocolate sauce ($5.70) if I’m still feeling a little peckish after a meal.

The frozen yogurt itself lends that tangy edge to undercut the potential jelatness of the chocolate sauce, which is usually doused in such abundance it gets overwhelmingly cloying towards the end.

The strawberries? They provide the perfect crunch and texture, underlined with a hint of sweetness and sourness (depending on your luck) to balance out the rest of the components.

Always my go-to when craving a chocolatey frozen treat (apart from Mac’s chocolate cone 🤤)!


Finally onto the matcha party that’s been blazing town lately! And... I definitely understand why this particular flavor hasn’t been much recommended 😂

Other than the creamy texture (which McDonald’s never fails to deliver with their soft serve btw), the matcha taste was almost non-existent. Rather than matcha, it tasted almost as though the soft serve was made using Pokka jasmine green tea. Artificial and untrue to its title I’d regretfully say.

Perhaps Macs confused matcha and jasmine? I’d take their regular soft serve vanilla cone at $0.80 anytime over this.


Back again at Merely’s to try their rotational premium flavors!

The houjicha ice cream boasted a nutty and earthy fragrance which bore a really aromatic aftertaste that was light and classy, and the classical horlicks panda had such a lovely malted taste folded in with legit chocolate hello panda cookies!

On the other hand, the premium Hokkaido milk had a light yet really creamy taste, and the Thai milk tea was just lovely - infused with notes of authentic tea leaves (that beats McDs any day 😛). The combination of this two was really godsend as they complemented each other so incredibly well, and wasn’t hard to finish given that they really refreshed the palates.

Merely’s still the best, hands down! Will be back for their cheesy red velvet next!


Still serving one of the best ice creams in Singapore imo is Merely! Always so excited to be back for their flavors, and love the generous portions and earthy rich fragrance of their ice creams. Each cup was $6.70 as we each got one regular and premium flavor (+$0.70).


Finally got around to trying this famed little ice cream parkour hailing all the way from Taiwan!

The single origin chocolate ice cream while rich in aroma, wasn’t as dense and chocolatey as I’d have expected it to be (think Awfully chocolate’s Hei ice cream, Merely’s Varlhona choco). The earl grey wasn’t very much exceptional, and tasted a tad artificial towards the end (a friend likened it to soap); while the Uji matcha honey got me choking due to the powdery matcha effervescent which I thought wasn’t as well blended into the ice cream on a whole. The honey taste was, distinct though. But the ice cream just felt segregated of its components as it didn’t felt well churned together. Maybe it was just a bad day at the parlor?

While they offer other interesting flavors like the extra virgin olive oil currant ice cream and Mont Blanc, I don’t suppose it would warrant another trip back for me as the serving scoops are pretty small as well. Pity this was a miss imo.


At $5.90 a cup for any two flavors, I thought this was a pretty worthy deal to get right in town for some pretty legit Hokkaido ice cream.

The matcha was the perfect balance of bitter-sweet, while the black sesame bore an intense fragrance of roasted sesame seeds. I also managed to try the Hokkaido milk flavor, which was silky smooth and boasted the aroma of creamy fresh milk which wasn’t at all sweet and left a pleasant aftertaste in the palates. Light yet lasting, oxymoronic but that’s the sorcery of their ice cream (or gelato, rather).

Be prepared for snaking queues at night and on weekends too, as these babies are stacked fresh into each cone/cup delicately with such finesse that even the wait is made much more bearable watching the staff twirl and swirl their scoopers around.

I’d definitely recommending trying out the various flavors available on that day, before deciding which two flavors to pair together in a single cup. Try to get the more ‘japanese’ flavors as they can’t be easily found elsewhere!


Bad with photos, good with f o o d

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