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Featuring Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee, Ah Heng Curry Chicken Bee Hoon Mee (Bugis), Fratini La Trattoria, Boon Lay Place Food Village, The Durian Story, Kabe no Ana (Jurong Point), Sikdang, llaollao (Changi Airport Terminal 2), Barcook Bakery (Clarke Quay Central), BAKE Cheese Tart (Westgate)
Melissa Ngiam
Melissa Ngiam

Am so glad I didn’t opt for the classic black pepper/mushroom sauce 🙊 While the 2 free sides of mac and cheese 🧀 and brussel sprouts 💚 were average in their field, the steak stole the show, just as it should be! 👏 Ordered it medium rare and it came medium rare. Tender and most importantly, not excessively chewy.

💕 if you’re intending to head to @saveursg , @frapasbar or @mediumraresg, do quote ‘melmel10’
before sitting/ordering to enjoy 10% off your total bill 🤑

☠️ Do note that this cannot be used in conjunction w any other promotions and will expire on 30 November 2019 ☠️

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Come 14 October, @barcookbakery will be launching their Vegan Potato Bun 🥔 series. Made using potato dough, it is a healthier carb and contain more potassium than your typical white/whole-wheat bread!

🌈⚡️ Think Cherro-Tomato ($1.80) 🍅 consisting of cherry tomatoes, potato, mixed herbs, olive oil and a dash of sea salt, Hey! Olive ($1.70) 👋 w the key ingredient being black olives 🖤, Truff-n-shrooms ($1.70) 🍄 w the key ingredients being mushrooms (MMMmmmm SO GOOD!) and truffle oil and lastly Lotus Root’us ($1.70) 😝 w the key ingredient being lotus root cubes(莲藕).

My favourite out of the lot was the truff-n-shrooms for I can’t deny my eternal love for mushrooms 🙊 🤪 and I was caught by surprise by how fluffaye and chewy the potato buns were!! The texture is seriously good! 🤩

💟 Thank you Joanne @barcookbakery for sending these chewy breakfast buns over!

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🤣 (well, that was funny..😉)

Your classic mac and cheese 🧀 and corn muffins 🌽 are back on the menu and with Singaporeans’ health in mind, healthier options are now available! 🐥

🍗 Think OMG (Outrageous 🤯, Mouthwatering 🤤, Guiltless 😌) Unfried Fried Chicken - all your fried chicken goodness just without the greasy deep frying 😜 and Kenny’s Nasi Lemak Ohsem - red rice cooked w virgin coconut oil, egg 🥚, peanuts 🥜, sambal 🌶, anchovies 🐟, cucumber 🥒 + OMG chicken! 😋

As for those w a sweet tooth, the Warm Chocolate Oasis is bound to satisfy your cravings for a happy ending 🤪🤪 Think warm gOOEYYY chocolate lava cake 🍫 w a generous dollop of vanilla ice cream 🍦 topped w a sweet little cherry 🍒!

💖 Thank you @kennyrogerssingapore for the invitation and @darr3n0ng for covering!

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🤔 Seems like @lotusgardensg would be your answer! (Applicable to westies only 😹) Lotus Garden serves up both Thai and Chinese cuisine at family-friendly prices and my favourite part of it is... the taste of the dishes! (duh... 🙊)

🧡💛 Loved the silky texture of their Hua Dan Hor Fun ($6.80/$13.60) while the Claypot Prawns w Rice Vermicelli ($16.80/$33.60) 🦐 wowed me with the gargantuan amount of garlic thrown into it (shoutout to my fellow garlic lovers 👾👋) and the chewy texture of the tang hoon. Moving on to the Thai Style Crispy Chicken w Mint Sauce ($9.80/$19.60) 🐓, it really lived up to its name of being crispy chicken LOL and the element of the mint sauce was quite subtle, slightly overpowered by the sweet profile of the Thai sauce. The last dish was a comforting plate of Thai Style Minced Chicken Salad ($9.80/$19.60) which of course won’t fail you unless it’s not spicy at all 😂

🤩 Thank you @foodinsing for the invitation!

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Absolutely enjoyed the creamy texture and the mildly sweet flavour. The generous amount of wolfberries also added more bite and taste to this flavour. Definitely a must-try, it’s no wonder it’s their best selling flavour! 🤩

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With the opportunity to try some dishes, I realised that the concept for Saveur is more of a casual French restaurant setting 🙊

Tried the Saveur Pasta ($9), Crab Tortellini ($22), Beef En Croute ($34) and ended off with Creme Brûlée ($10) and Pistachio Baileys Panna Cotta ($12)! 🍬

For the pasta 🍝, the light aroma of truffle oil which coats each strand of pasta was a winner for me while the sakura ebi added the crunch to this dish! 💥

For the mains I preferred the crab tortellini 🦀 for its handmade tortellini and sweet crabmeat. Also appreciate that the tortellini isn’t too thick! The beef en croute (beef baked in pastry w mushrooms 🍄 and foie gras) was a little tough to chew though.

🤩 My favourite part of this meal was the desserts! Absolutely loved the creme brûlée with its smooth and creamy texture. Another blessing is the optimal amount of sweetness, not excessively sweet 🤤. The pistachio w baileys panna cotta 🍮 also caught me by surprise with the baileys cream being intense in flavour, complementing the nutty flavour profile of the pistachio! 💞

❣️ Thank you @saveursg for the delectable meal!

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🤩 Went down in hopes of trying this tart with grapes from Korea about a week ago but the tart wasn’t in store that day 😞 Decided to call them again yesterday afternoon to check if they have this tart and YES!!! A reservation was a must! The Shine Muscat Grapes were much sweeter than I imagined them to be ( the suaku Mel always thought that green grapes are all sour 😝🤦🏻‍♀️) and of course the tart was good!

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This cafe has been on my list for the longest time! 😛 Happy to say that even though the Swiss Roll wasn’t mindblowing 🤯, it was good enough for me! With its relatively soft texture and intense earl grey fragrance, it’s something I’d order again! Paired it with their berries tea ☕️ and it seemed like a match made in heaven! 💞

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🤑🤑 Starting from $3, you can get your Soy Sauce Chicken Noodles 🐔, $3.50 for Roasted Pork Noodles/ Char Siew Noodles and $4 for Roasted Duck Noodles 🦆!

If you’ve an elephant’s appetite 🐘, you can even get 3 meats at $9! Of course if you’ve two elephants’ appetite, you can order 4 meats at $12! 😸 (nobody’s going to judge you hehe)

My favourites out of the 4 meat that we tried are the soy sauce chicken and the roasted duck! The roasted duck was also quite aromatic. Not many places sell soy sauce chicken and the tender texture of the ones here is certainly something to smile about 😃

🐥 Thank you @jthejon for the invitation!

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Started off with the Grissini ($12) - chives sprinkled atop fish roe 🐠 spread on thin, crispy Italian breadsticks which was a light snack and then over to the Jamaican Chicken and Crema ($10) 💜 which turned out to be my favourite of the night! Think slightly crispy skin with hot and tender chicken meat dunked into a light, cream sauce boasting of citrus notes! 🤤 The next dish was Eggplant Miso ($12) which leaned towards the saltier side, essentially crispy eggplant 🍆 encased within a thin savoury batter. Following that was the Beef Marmalade and Pickles ($14) which was slightly heavier in my opinion. 🙊

🥩 For the mains, I had the legendary Sanger Burger 🍔 ($20) and 225g of Blackmore Cube Roll ($135). Was a pity I didn’t order medium rare as the medium was a little tough for me 😬 The burger was quite decent though with a GENEROUS amount of pulled pork held together between fluffy buns ☁️

🍬 To end the meal on a sweet note, it had to be the Marshmallow ($2)! 👾 Nope it’s not your one-dimensional 100% sweetness marshmallow but... marshmallow torched with orange and cinnamon! THIS marshmallow has a depth of flavour you’d never expect it’s possible of marshmallows 😌😌

🤔 Would I come back? YES, without a doubt!!! Have you tried burnt ends yet? 👻

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🍀 by now we would all have heard of @centurybainian 酿豆腐 but the new @fuerdaisg is opened by the nephew 👦🏻 and daughter 👧🏻 of the founders. With their young tender age, they aim to not only continue their family’s legacy 🐉 but also to reach out to the younger crowd in the market!

🧚‍♀️ Think innovative dishes such as Abalone Cheese Bee Hoon ($16) 🧀 and Ice Ice Veggie ($11) 🌱 - the latter being available as a refreshing side. If you’re a petite eater, you’d be more than delighted to hear that your favourite yong tau foo is now available in smaller portions too ($0.90) 😁!

🌈 Thank you @jonnyboyeats and @victorl0 for covering and @affluencepr for the invitation!

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