Got the same item as last time because they give so much variety in one plate! Fried okra, grilled broccoli and zucchini, edamame, chickpeas & beans, feta, cranberries & pomegranate, pesto hummus and toast; close to bursting by the time I finished it.

Back at Flowers in the Window because (1) it’s not too crowded (we came at 10 plus) and (2) the food is great and so are the prices. Their brunch items are pretty healthy and comes in really big portions so we were really stuffed. Order to share if you can!

When we first got to the restaurant there were NO MORE CRABS :( but somehow we stayed there long enough and tried our luck again, seemed like they had an extra crab from their reservations stash and we got it!! It’s damn cheap and meaty, very worth it.

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Favourite dish here, addictive bites of butter squid. The curry prawn was not bad but too spicy.

Took a grab here all for the name of cheap seafood. Here we ordered blindly and hoped everything was cheap (it really was! In the end it was about $15 per pax I think, and that’s including crab). Came really early for dinner so it wasn’t crowded, but it filled up soon after and we were surrounded by people eyeing our table...

The food is good and cheap, but beware the longkang smell here :( maybe not so bad if you sit indoors?

Seriously love the prices in JB cafes, and how well they deliver the quality of the food as well. Baked eggs came with pesto and mushrooms, with buttered toast on the side.

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Really enjoyed their latte, which had this deep toasty taste to it.

Saw that this cafe just opened (at 10am) so we abandoned the long queue over at The Replacement Lodge. It’s a different kind of cafe aesthetic, with a more laidback nature vibe, and serves healthy-ish brunch items. They had quite a few hummus dishes so we were torn over which to choose, but decided to go for this. Once we got over how green the dish was (ahh too much health) it was actually really good, loved the green hummus too.

Had to queue for this busy breakfast spot in JB despite reaching around 8plus. Since we were early, our plan was to queue and have our 1st breakfast here, then find a cafe nearby for our 2nd. We also ordered a chicken sandwich, which came with their famous fried chicken chop. Definitely will try their chicken chop if I come back.

Looks like a deep fried mess, but more like deep fried PERFECTION with that tasty batter


This dish sounded so odd we ordered for the ‘why not’, but it stole my heart 😌 Apparently ginger soups like this are common for post-pregnancy mothers, though no restaurants actually serve such soups. I’ve no idea how to describe this bowl of umami, ginger heat going very well with the fried eggs, but it’s just bloody good.

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