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Featuring Vineyard at HortPark, Otto's Deli Fresh, Upper Place (Wangz Hotel)
Belinda Yong
Belinda Yong
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Ticking off all boxes of a good steak - a perfect medium, tender and moist. And the fries are so good! With a bit of skin intentionally left on it and fried to a golden brown, so crispy yet moist on the inside! Sooo good 😋🍟🥩

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This got me slightly confused at whether it was truly pasta I was having or whether it was actually a disguised spinach. Exceptionally unique in its own way 🍝🥗🥦

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A generous portion of angel hair pasta is served with a dome shaped omelette on top. Smooth and silky on the outside, cutting through the center, reveals its creamy, moist and soft-cooked center. This was everything I could ask for in an omelette. Taking a whiff of the combination of the pan-fried garlic and bacon in the pasta and the eggy fragrance was so intoxicating. However, I personally felt that the fragrance did not quite translate to an equal level of satisfaction mainly due to how the angel hair pasta was not well coated with the garlicy goodness. The pasta ended up being quite light in flavour, which played a good counterpart to the more distinctly seasoned omelette. However, I really enjoyed the mushrooms used in the pasta. An unlikely and unexpected star of the dish but they were really juicy and fresh and I found myself ravaging through the mountain of pasta to pick out these gems.

Despite the lack of any meat components in this dish (and therefore also very suitable for our vegetarian friends), this one was bursting with flavours. Although the use of truffle was very subtle, the shoyu gravitated towards a sweeter version but yet maintained its umami factor. The incorporation of the yuzu gel also brought an element of fruity sweetness and a slight sourness to counter out the shoyu. The mushrooms used were fresh, juicy and cleaned so well that there was little of the “mud” smell that is often frowned upon. I personally loved the addition of the pine nuts, which added some crunch and an additional layer of fragrance to the dish. In its entirety, this salad was extremely well-executed with little to complain about.

Every time of the day is food o’clock. @happybellies_ on Instagram 🤓

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