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Hotpot and all things spicy, pungent 💪🏼🌶 #spicegirl
Eunice Hahappie
Eunice Hahappie

With the rise of other XLB in Singapore, including home-grown Paradise Dynasty, DTF has long been witnessing a gradual decline in their popularity.

YET, I dare say their consistency remains top notch, even if it’s taste doesn’t quite.

It’s a lighter, savoury salty based soup provided within these little parcels. Consistently thin and supple skin :)


Okay but I still love the fresh and naturally sweet stock in Paradise Dynasty and savouring DTF’s now leaves me wanting for its better counterpart.... :/


Can’t miss the Egg and scallion fried rice at DTF.

The scallion pungent grease coats every grain perfectly along with the creamy egg bits ☺️

If you have to have your meat, please get this ☝🏻. Juicy pork chop with hits of five spice that will brighten the flavour profile of the foods dtf has to offer 👌🏻👌🏻



Slippery noodles in beef broth makes for a comforting dish any day.

I don’t think it is the best or richest or most flavourful beef broth but it’s pretty
easy on the palate to down. (Moderate flavour density)

I thought the noodles didn’t have a great bite to it but I definitely enjoy the tender tendons and beef chunks!



So.. this is my virgin try at Ri Ri Hong after only 1 other take at Mala in a nearby foodcourt. (That wasn’t too bad but it had bitter aftertastes and was more la than anything)

Your firsts does make a difference at defining all the others. But thankfully this time, I was met with a piquant bowl of MALA that wasn’t overly oily, but truly fragrant with garlic and other herbaceous additions to the dish.

I loved it. It was a beautiful balance of every spice and herb and MORE. The spices were lightly tossed, not overly crushed and extracted, hence the overall palatability


Beware the sneaky peppercorns that can get embedded in the veggies.


It’s no longer $15. And pardon my very cheeky picture of the taunting duck peeking at me during my bus ride home. Hahaha

From the corner of my eye, it was creepy too.

But that was all my photographing got as far as I know cos I didn’t expect this $16 duck to be anything worth reviewing.


Cinnamon, star anise, salty scents permeated the entire duck beautifully. Beware of the ribs area, the heavy cinnamon rub got ‘spicy’ some. 👅

The meat was soft and supple (not dried out at all)! Wonderful :)

9/10 (for value too)


Where else can you find such prices for stellar xiaolongbao?

I mean the skin is thin and the dumpling is JUICY 👏🏻👏🏻

7.5/10 for flavour (it’s a lighter palate on the sweeter side, like Shanghai styled XLB)

9/10 for value!!

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Biting into the chewy fresh dough, the filling is substantial, it’s Juicy, there’s such a nice scent of the chives. If anything, perhaps I found the marinate of the meat a little too sweet?

Gets cloying after a while with the rich meat juices.


I just wanted to capture the amount of hard work in the hot kitchen here at Chinatown Complex Hawker Centre’s renowned dumpling shop.

Singapore’s cheapest dumplings
Truly made from scratch


Everything is so delightfully cut!!
Plump, juicy, sweet fruits 😍

Love this thoughtful gesture!! HDL trumps being thoughtful! Truly

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Ask for this from the staff!!

It’s a wonderful mala tasting savoury with all the natural aromatics you can find at the sauce bar ☺️

Wonderfully crunchy with the fried soy beans too.

Happy me with this sauce since my fam couldn’t take spice an didn’t order a mala.

This is Waaay better 😋🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶


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Addictively aromatic from the umami earthy mushrooms, not too salty too!

I lowkey love the sauce bar aspect the most in the HDL dining experience !!!! 😁

Well, perhaps the newest addition to this famed chain, I sure am glad crowd isn’t all that overwhelming here.

My first time entering within 5 mins!! 😁

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