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MY: Japanese

MY: Japanese

Featuring Uokatsu, Fin, The Fat Fish (Mont Kiara), Mei by Fat Spoon (Desa Sri Hartamas), Sushiya, Mitasu Japanese Restaurant, Kohi Yatta, Sanuki Udon, Menya Hanabi, Menya Shi-Shi Do (Jaya One)
Carmen Chan
Carmen Chan

My go to for higher end Japanese BBQ. Good quality meats available here especially pork and beef! They also have a loyalty VIP programme and if you go often enough you may get some discounts.

Yes, this Japanese cafe/restaurant is located inside the compounds of a car service/showroom. And yes, the food is good! Wide area for seating and perfect to bring children as they have a little play pen as well.
But on to the food - we had the Chicken Nanban Don, Luna Una Don (unagi bowl) and Yatta Maki (sushi roll). They were all quite tasty and came in large portions. There is also an option during lunch to mix and match mini bowls so you get to try different things, but they change the mini bowl options every month.

They’re also popular for their dessert and coffee offerings such as their in house made burnt cheesecakes and cold brew coffees.

Lovely to consume on a hot day, or just for a (not so) guilty pleasure. Added mochi balls for extra chewiness! ❤️

Salmon maki with foie gras (!!!), crabmeat, cucumber, tobiko and garlic mayo. Freaking foie gras on sushi y’all. I was surprised how well it went together. The garlic mayo overwhelmed the whole dish but still a really good one, especially to share!

Pan fried local clams meat with wild bean sprouts and rice. The scrambled eggs was lacking, but of course the clams stole the show of this dish.

At first when it came to our table, I admit, I thought it looked pretty bland with just rice wrapped with omelette and a side salad. The surprise is when you cut it open, you find minced meat and broccoli folded in with the block of rice!! The Thai chili sauce & mayo mixed sauce was a bit too much for me at times, but was also much needed for a bit of flavour.

Huge portions of fried chicken with yummy curry. One of my favourites from this place! This is pretty big for even 1 heavy eater.

Not as good as the Bara chirashi from Ichiro Sushi Bar and Shoya Sushi Bar, but decent! This is from their lunch set and I had the miso soup and chawanmushi set for an extra RM7.

Interior is lovely, with Japanese indie music in the background and sunlight coming through. I got the mild and basic Hokkaido soup curry. Love the assortment of vegetables - eggplant, carrot, pumpkin, bell pepper and lady finger. The soup leans towards a more savoury curry taste. There are options to add protein like chicken drumstick and shrimp as well. Will come back to try their Japanese curry next time!

Newly opened in Gardens, is my favourite poke restaurant - The Fish Bowl. The quality here is consistent with other branches as well 👌🏻 Still a good ol’ poke bowl with customisable ingredients and toppings.

Newly opened tonkatsu restaurant at J’s Gate Dining Lot 10. Available for a limited time only - Tonkatsu 3 ways: Pork loin, pork fillet and a minced pork fillet. Refillable cabbage, soup, tea and rice. Not as good as Tonkatsu Anzu on the same floor but definitely a more affordable option! The tonkatsu is still really good though. We also tried the fish, shrimp and chicken set for 2 for the same price, I thoroughly enjoyed the chicken.

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This beauty is the matcha burnt cheesecake with whipped cream, matcha sourced from Niko Neko. Texture is not as soft as their normal burnt cheesecake probably due to the additional matcha powder ingredient, but the taste is very matcha rich and that’s all you can taste, which isn’t a bad thing! Still prefer their normal cheesecake but this still bomb.

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My favourite men is ramen

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