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Coffee, Tea & Cocktails

Coffee, Tea & Cocktails

Featuring PULP by PPP Coffee, Littlepeople, Wizards at Tribeca, Chocha Foodstore, Cream by The Roast Things, Front Room & The Kneady Baker, Kopenhagen Coffee, Good Blue Men, Milligram, One Half (Random Food Store)
Ali K
Ali K

Happy to see more craft beer bars sprouting around town! This one in Jaya One doesn’t have that big a selection, but a solid one still. Double happy to find my favourite sour beer here! Good selection of bottles from Europe, America and Japan too. Let the friendly team help you decide what’s good.

A cocktail highball on their menu, this one features yuzu sake mixed with soda. Can’t go wrong!

Can’t go wrong with a whisky highball – refreshing and amazing to sip on after a long day at the office. This new spot in Uptown serves delicious Japanese-Malaysian dishes made for late night bites with the gang.

Brew of the day here is drip coffee, V60 style. Can’t remember what beans they used but it was light, fruity and so pleasant to drink. I hope it’s by Toothless Coffee cause if it is, they roast in-house here! Find time tucked at the back of the cafe. Beans are also available for purchase!

The fluffiest cheesecake ever! Love how airy and crumbly it yes, with the perfect amount of cheese. Plus, it’s gluten-free! Of course it goes excellent with coffee. This milk latte had very strong flavour notes of peanuts – so good!


Think sweet iced chocolate mixed in with blueberry sauce. It sounds a bit strange but it kinda works. The sweetness from the chocolate melds nicely with the slightly sourish blueberry. Not a drink for me but worth trying.

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I really enjoyed this even though I found it very sweet lol! Not as fizzy as other nitro teas but it still has that fizziness, which in my opinion makes it easier to drink. It’s sweet on the nose and tongue and ends with soft bitter notes from the tea.

This green tea was recommended by the friendly brewer, and it didn’t taste like regular green tea to me! In fact, it sported toasty notes instead of the regular sweet-ish green tea. Pleasantly surprised! Tip: Sip your teas slowly here as they don’t do rebrews.

Earthy, slightly heavy-bodied and a lot bolder in flavour, this fermented black tea is must-try if you’re looking for something a bit more unique.

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Chocha makes very good cold brew teas. This one came recommended for fans of floral notes – very much like rose! Easy to drink and great for a hot day.

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Really appreciate that the guys here put as much care and thought into their teas as they do with coffee. The seasonal brew switches often but on our visit, we got a black tea with hints of rose. Not a fan of rose-flavoured anything so this didn’t quite sit with me, but otherwise still very nice. So pleasant and easy to drink.

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Light bodied and smoky-ish, I love teas like this. It might seem steep but they allow you to rebrew it again so alls good. Ideally three to four times.

Ali K

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