Korean/ Jap!!!

Korean/ Jap!!!

Featuring Tanuki Raw (Orchard Central), Nipong Naepong (Jem), DON DON DONKI (Orchard Central), Kogane Yama (Jem), Kei Kaisendon (Suntec City), Woorinara Korean Restaurant (Lorong Kilat), [email protected], Canteen 14 @ NTU
wenyi loh
wenyi loh

We were lucky to get a table on a weekend despite walking in so rmb to reserve when you wanna eat there!!

Really tender beef, really fragrant rice that’s drizzled with truffle shoyu topped with crispy fried garlic (smth u don’t usually find in beef dons & is a zhng). Would say it’s a nice bowl but I wished the portion was larger, it wasn’t enough for me needless to say my huge guy friends 😢😂 Can try if you can’t find seats at chomp chomp & if they have seats (hahaha, that was us)

Used Burpple for this which came with a salad, soup, 2 gyozas and a drink!!

Fish is fresh, portion is alright for $15 & Aso how often do you see abalone and scallop in an afforadable kaisendon!!

Ngl we were q confused by the seaweed hahaha, it’s usually eaten with soup in ramen but ya it’s there :p

Taniki raw hardly disappoints, still that old good fragrant Tanuki Raw mixed rice, still that good old truffled and nicely seared beef, still that fresh & large variety of salmon. One down side though, their lunch bowls became much smaller than I remember

Still love it, still my go to orchard central food but more Xin tong now :p

Just looks how appetising this looks. The chicken is really the highlight of the dish which makes me crave for it again and again 🤩 the marinate is real good and add on a croquet for $1.20!! Worth.

Went there once for their mentaiko bowl (just a slab of mentaiko & some seaweed :-( ), it was so bad & I was so so so disappointed.

Glad they revamped their menu & I would say I would come back to try more stuff!! Mentaiko chirashi bowl has that nice charred taste & added another dimension to the typical chirashi don. It’s a pretty basic but good bowl, pretty value for money too considering it was lunch time & beyond could be used!!


ooooo i like how the rice came warm & it kinda warmed up the fish. comfy to the belly hehe. tuna was kindaaaaaa fishy (may be biased, not rlly a huge tuna fan) but try it w the kaisen don sauce for the extra flavour hehe

you get lots of refillable banchan for an order. portion is great, price is a on the higher side :’-) the dish is FREAKING cold which makes it very refreshing but it’s kinda toooooo coooold to finish the entire thing. ultimately, i’m a hot soup person :’-) overall i love the flavours a lot (ps i loveeeee kimchi) - sour & savoury - what more can i say!!

ordered champpong with the level 2 spice level. there was enough PUNCH in the flavours and the spice. There is this charred taste to it that adds more depth to the soup!!! Ro Ppong Roje is a tomato cream base ppong topped with mozzarella cheese. Tasted more like a pasta dish (the red and white sauce) more than a ppong, but flavours were on point!!


hardcore 🥑

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