European/Fusion Goodness

European/Fusion Goodness

Featuring Lola's Cafe (Simon Road), Fuel Plus+, Ministry of Ribs (Pandan Gardens), Baci Baci
surely foodness
surely foodness

The Iberico Ribs Platter includes 2 racks of spare ribs, Honey Rum Ribs 350g ($30.90) and Spicy Barbecue Mala Ribs 350g ($30.90), German Sausages Platter of 4 different flavours and 4 or 5 side dishes.
The ribs were well marinated and really tender. We love the shoestring fries too !
Good value at $100 for a family of 4.

Crispy light refreshing taste of BBQ pull pork arugula on a mixture of russet n sweet potato rosti, topped with sunny side up.

Tender slow cooked beef in rich beef flavoured tomato sauce and thick

Lunette ravioli with porcini filling done al dente in truffle cream, rocket salad and Parmesan cheese.

Risotto with gently firm sweet and succulent Hokkaido Scallops and juicy Cherry Tomatoes in Pink Sauce

Crispy thin crust pizza with tomato, mozzarella, cooked ham and fresh mushroom.

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A lovely combination of roasted bell pepper, melt-in-the-mouth truffle mashed potato & could’ve been softer braised pork, garnished with uncommon alfalfa sprouts.
For dinner only at $18


A not-too spicy pasta with generous portion of real crab meat and juicy prawns in a sauce that reminds me of chilli crab.
For dinner only at $18.


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