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Featuring Teppei Syokudo (ION Orchard), Unagiya Ichinoji (Robertson Quay), Man Man Japanese Unagi, Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant DUO Galleria
Nicole Tan
Nicole Tan

I was having a little bit of tamago cravings and decided to give their Umaki ($14.10) a try.

Umaki, for those that have not heard of it before aka me hahaha - is a rolled eel omelette. Which of course makes sense now because Man Man specialises in eel 🙎 I have no issues wit the eel portion of the omelette. But I did feel that the tamago lacked the usual sweetness that they usually possess.

The eels were thick and you can easily tell that the quality here is not compromised. I believe that once you make your order, the eels are grilled right then and there for you. The resulting outcome are eels that are crisp on the outer layer, and are topped off with Man Man's own signature sauce.

There are 3 ways to enjoy this meal:
(1) With the complimentary sauces at the side that will help to add more flavour to your dish
(2) With the soup
(3) On its own

Of all the 3 methods, my favourite way to have this dish would be with the sauces (they have (1) sweet, (2) spicy and (3) unagi). I'm not sure if there is a correct mixture of sauces to add as I was really just pouring everything into my bowl HAHA.

Wow I haven’t been on this app for a long long time... But anyway. Tried Teppei Syokudo a couple of days ago while I was at ION.

I custom made my own small bowl ($12.60) which has x2 servings of salmon sashimi + avocado.

The food was good in general. Both the seafood + avocado were very fresh.

However, I felt that the bowl was super small... I generally am a pretty small eater, but even for me I felt that I had to purposely slow down on my meal because it seemed like it was disappearing damn quickly?! If I ate at my regular speed, I think I would be done in 3 minutes.

Wow I sound like a monster pig.

Overall, would probably go back, but maybe not make my own custom bowl again. I’ll probably order one of their signature bowls. Maybe that would be cheaper 🤑

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Read about Unagiya Ichinoji on Burpple and decided to come down to pay this place a visit!

The restaurant seats around 30 people. We went on a Sunday at around 6pm and had to queue for about 10 minutes.

I got the hitsumabushi (in size s). Thankfully I didn’t get the size m even though it was recommended on the menu because I wouldn’t have been able to finish it. Size S was just nice for me. But then again, I’m not a really heavy eater so... 🤨

Price: 3/5 (Quite Expensive)
Hitsumabushi $19.80

Service: 5/5 (The waiters will always say ‘hai’ haha so super cute)

Food: 3/5 (The eel tasted good. But together with the rice, it wasn’t as nice as I was expected it to be. It was a little bland for my liking)

Overall: 3.67/5

Will I come back? For now, nope


Forcing myself to get out of my comfort zone by trying things that I would typically never try! #yay

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