One of the first few açaí places I’ve tried! The quality here is consistent and good.

Love the almond / peanut butter and also how generous they are with the granola and nuts.

The açaí here is more on the sweet side though, so it’s a good dessert but might not be as healthy 😛 A good treat for yourself nonetheless.

Tiong Bahru Bakery is not exactly the most affordable place to grab desserts, but it’s one of the spots that consistently serves quality pastries.

The Kouign Amann is a must-have, in my opinion. It looks so simple but it’s so buttery and flakey. 🤩 And the caramelized exterior makes it so crispy. Yumz! It’s on the sweet side though so it might not be for everyone, but it’ll go well with a cup of tea / coffee :)

The croissants here are also delicious. Have tried a few different flavours (matcha, almond etc) and they’re all yummy. So far I haven’t had any misses here!


I’m not kidding when I say this cup of avocado juice was life-changing.

It’s so good so fresh so creamy so delicious that I took a sip of it and I literally gasped. And I never looked back again at the subpar avocado juices I drank in the past. So! Damn! Good!

Definitely get a cup of it if you’re around the area, you won’t regret it!! 🤩

Visited Black Tap for dinner while on a staycation at MBS. The portions here are humongous! 😱

Shared a burger with a friend and the portion was just nice. Am not a huge fan of burgers so I can’t comment much on it, but my friends commented that the burgers were pretty good. I can say for sure that the sweet potato fries that came with it were great 😝

Black Tap is pretty famous for their Crazy Shakes (probably because of how Instagrammable it is?). We ordered a Cookie Shake to share amongst the four of us and we could barely finish half of it 😂 It is truly sweetness overload so please get more people to share it if you wanna order!

Have been to Butterknife Folk at Funan twice! A really good experience both times because the service is always very welcoming and friendly. I usually need to try a few flavours before I decide (😅) and the staff is always very accommodating.

They have really unique flavours and the ice-cream is very dense and creamy! I’ve tried pistachio and another toffee flavour (I can’t recall the name 😭), and both were really good. The cones were crispy and fragrant too.

Costs around $5 a scoop, which is pretty standard for premium/boutique ice-creams. Will be back to try more flavours ☺️

Not the most flattering picture, but this is one of the better açaí bowls I’ve had! It’s not as sweet as the others, but you can request to have honey drizzled on top of it so no worries if you have a sweet tooth. 😋

The açaí has a creamy texture which I like, and the granola goes super well with it. ✨ I will be back!

This branch is at the basement of Raffles City (I think it used to be Jollibean there?), so it’s really convenient too.

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This is quickly becoming my fav place to chill because it’s so minimalistic, natural and peaceful. Almost didn’t want to write a review for it because I love how quiet it is!

The furniture and decor are absolutely lovely and they have these gorgeous windows that look out to a park. 😻

The prices are actually pretty steep though - a small cup of kombucha costs around $7? But such prices are probably normal for health food like these. It’s my first time trying kombucha too and I quite like it! ☺️

The menu at this branch isn’t the full menu, but it’s comprehensive enough for me. Have tried the buns from their sister bakery (Slow Bakes) and they’re good too. Also tried the pumpkin pancakes the other time and it was really dense and delicious - in a very natural way.

All in all, not the most affordable place but a gem nonetheless because of its great views and vibes ✨

Hawaiian Bowl ($11.90)

The açaí was more on the icy side, though I still prefer a creamier texture. It was not as sweet as the others that I’ve eaten before though, which is a plus for me! I like the natural sweetness of açaí. :) It also comes with chia seed pudding.

The portion is really quite big, was more than enough to share between 2 people :)
The toppings given (fruits, nuts and almond butter) were really generous 🤩

Dropped by while exploring the Joo Chiat area with my mum and got ourselves a lychee raspberry cone ($5.70)! A tad expensive but it was really refreshing and unique. The cone was really crispy too, which is always a plus. Got to try a little bit of the white chrysanthemum gelato and it was lovely as well, have never tried something like that before! Really special flavours here, would love to try the other flavours next time 🤓

Also a place with great service and lovely decor, love the botanical fusion vibe.

I've been to Antoinette twice, once to the Penhas Road outlet and once to the Mandarin Gallery outlet! Both outlets are extremely pretty and grand. It's really quiet and has good service too, so perfect for a luxurious afternoon tea 😛

I've never really tried their main dishes so can't comment on that, but their desserts are always A+ 😋 I've tried the Salted Egg Croissant, Mont Blanc, Kyoto (Green Tea), Chloe (Yuzu), Milk Chocolate Mousse, and Passionfruit Green Tea. Everything was delicious, but would really recommend the Milk Chocolate Mousse! Creamy, sweet and rich. I really liked Chloe as well, because I enjoy the refreshing taste of yuzu. My mum loved the croissant because she just loves croissant in general 😂

The tea that I originally wanted wasn't available that day, but passionfruit green tea was pretty good anyway because it balanced the sweetness of the cakes.

Prices are definitely high, but the desserts can be quite sinful anyway so you can share with your friends/family ☺️

One of the few lovely cafes that are near my place! Dropped by this place with my mum after hearing good reviews about the waffles and indeed, the waffles are good. Crispy and light, just the way I like it.

The lavender ice-cream was rich and delightful, and it matched well with the refreshing berries/orange/grapefruit (this set is called Sweet Summer).

My mum got the Kaya set and it was great as well! Kaya goes surprisingly well with waffles.

Portions were quite big so it's pretty value for money ☺️ Friendly service, super cute cat decor 😸 In general, a nice place to chill/for brunch!

I am a huge, huge fan of Mr Bean and I've tried so many of their items - classic soya milk, pancakes, 3-in-1 riceballs, eggwich, pearly taro soya milk, icy matcha azuki soya milk, soya icecream, soya matcha icecream, soya pudding... They had black soya bean milk/icecream as seasonal items a few months ago and I loved them as well 😻

My favourites are definitely the classic soya milk and the soya icecream! They're my go-to whenever I need a snack/pick-me-up. They're rather affordable too as compared to the other beverages/icecream options out there ☺️ I love that their items have a very rich and distinct soya taste/fragrance and it's not diluted at all. It really feels very natural and healthy 😼

Plus, the Mr Bean character is SO CUTE I just can't deal hahaha I always look forward to seeing Mr Bean in different costumes/outfits 😂 And the staff here is always very friendly!

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I love brunch, tea, desserts and drinks. Always looking for good vibes ✌🏻

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