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Featuring Saveur (Purvis Street), Astons Specialities (City Square Mall)
Eunice Hahappie
Eunice Hahappie

Chicken Confit for $12.90, where else can you find this dish for such a price?

And it tasted GOOD. Decently marinated in sage, thyme, 🌿 other herbs that steeped nicely through the succulent meat 😋

It was thoroughly enjoyable!!

With the buttery mushroom roux.


Surprise gem!

We added $4 to have this in our set meal instead and am moderately glad we did :)

It was still a rich decadent pot of pistachio pudding as remembered.

Although those 4 whole sugared pistachios on top were an unfamiliar sight. And most definitely LAU HONG (or softened/lost its crisp to the air as one would call it)


Saveur, are you doing okay? The food tells a lot. :( (#longtimefamilyhaunt)

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Yet as you can see, there is severe inconsistency:( with mine blackened)

The skin was neither crispy nor the meat nicely juicy.

I remember when Saveur first started, I was one of those who queued for a taste of this. It was delicately seasoned, cooked to a fork tender moist leg of duck Confit.

Sure, the sauce has since been refined to leaps and bounds comparably, but the star of this dish is really the duck. Why should we fall in love with a side of mushrooms instead?


Duck confit sets for $22 is amazing value for money.

The earthy goodness in those truffle butter mushroom chunks ERMYGOSH


There was a beautiful caramelisation achieved. The insides were melty, Rich, buttery fatty goodness.

Almost synonymous in the rich flavour and texture from soaking up the drippings, were the creamy lentils 😊

I couldn’t imagine a better way to be inducted into a French meal than this warm dish of Foie Gras (I have concluded I love and much prefer fatty Foie Gras warm)

Those pickled onions delicately placed on the sides were such a refined palate cleanser as compared to the rough cold apple slaw they made in the past.


The truffle scent pale in comparison with all the rich flavours but do mop up the plate with that crusty good ole toast

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(+$1) $22 for 3 courses

They didn’t use to have the pork mash atop the pasta when they first started. Thought the added creamy/chunky texture was a little out of place but I do still love the salty umami Sakura shrimps and the savoury aromatic chives

But I do wonder. Are the shrimps meant to be crispy? Or chewy?


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