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JAE Pals
JAE Pals

The chicken leg was definitely the star of the show - loved how tender it was!! The broccoli and cauliflower was a little soggy, maybe because it was soaked in the sauce for too long! But the rye bread went well with the sauce so overall it was a nice meal :-)

Truly a hole in the wall place but the best kind - the staff working there were so friendly and the whole shop was cozy and inviting (despite it being very small!). Honestly not rlly the best at discerning if the coffee is good but it was unique and not too sweet so worth a trip down!!

Thankfully lives up to its name - a refreshing treat in the recent ~heatwave~ and was honestly bigger than expected so it was worth it (especially w burpple beyond!) The tartness of the smoothie was contrasted with the sweetness of the granola and fruits so it was gr8......BUT the consistency was a bit watery so it could’ve been a bit thicker!!

Feels like this is a hidden gem right at the heart of Orchard!!! For just $15/person, you get access to unlimited servings of breakfast goodies! Our favorites had to be the American breakfast, eggs in hell and the both types of salad!! And the setting of the cafe is a dream aHhhHhh

Beautifully plated, had very high hopes for the toast! While the avocado cubes were thick and fresh, the sourdough toast was a bit of a letdown because it was so tough (felt like it was a few days old?) Enjoyed the sweetness from the nuts that cut through the tartiness of the cheese.

The truffle fries were crisp and yummy, came with a truffle dip that was addictive!!! And the bowl is deceivingly small, it felt like a never ending mound, so worth I guess!

Do not underestimate how filling this dish is because they are so generous with their ingredients!! Heaped with juicy pulled pork atop a layer of avocado and crispy rye toast and 2 poached eggs, it is a feast and so delicious ahhhh. Their Honey Paprika Crispy Wings ($10) never goes wrong too!!!!! The glaze is SO good

The grilled cheese is pretty much a staple at this quaint little cafe and for good reason - made from 3 different kinds of cheese, it was so stretchy and so damn delicious. We had it with the Japanese thick toast which we enjoyed thoroughly. The smoked salmon came with the sourdough bread and I was worried that it would be tough, but no need to worry here :) the star was surprisingly the eggs that were buttery and so so silky. SO GOOD my only gripe is that it’s really far for me!!! But totally worth the trip down

O god, this was so good. The salmon was cooked to perfection, it was so soft and the honey soy sauce was yUMZ had mine with romaine lettuce as the base but you can opt for brown rice as well!! My family had the Jamaican grilled chicken bowl + the steak & egg bowl which were also met with rave reviews 🤙🏻🤙🏻

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The deconstructed sandwiches were divine, consisting of brioche bread that was crisp but not chewy, topped with humus of with various flavors that paired well with the ingredients (Parma ham, chicken breast, smoked salmon)

The seafood salad was a bit disappointing for its price - it consisted of crab salad, tuna, prawns and smoked salmon and was rather average.

Nonetheless, the dishes were very filling and hearty, and plus points for the beautiful ambience :)

Initially, I thought it was a little on the steep side, but the portion justified its price. It was huge, easily enough for my friend and I to share. We ordered the beef well done, and it was still tender. The accompanying sauce was a good mix of sweet and tangy, and went well with all the elements, including the prawn crackers! You can opt for truffle fries or tomato rice, and the tomato rice was fragrant and delicious. Overall, it was a rather pleasant experience, and they even gave us a complimentary ondeh ondeh cake to take away!

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, got 1-for-1 for this meal! The crispy fish fillet tacos were good, but if you’re not a fan of mayonnaise and pineapples, you may not enjoy it as much because the tacos were filled with it! There was an overwhelming amount of curly fries, reminiscent of the twister fries McDonalds sell during Chinese New Year. Maybe not worth $23 alone, but given the location and ambience, it made for a good lunch!


Taking advantage of eatigo, we got our pancakes at 50% off, making this dish ultra worth it. We chose the classic blueberry topping, though there are others such as chocolate chunks or banana walnuts. The pancakes were HUGE, rather sinful but so delicious. They were soft, fluffy and surprisingly, not too sweet. Maybe its because the maple butter was set aside, so we could control the sweetness. But I would say that these are the best pancakes I’ve had in a long while.

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