Huge grills, burgers, fries, well fast food too?
Eunice Hahappie
Eunice Hahappie

My favourite part of this ensemble? The garlic cream sauce that the waiter firmly posited is meant for the fries.

But it was smooth and thick, aromatic with all the garlic and thyme, i just couldn’t resist moppin it up with the fluffy bread too.

The lobster itself was thick and juicy. In that creamy aioli, it proved to be pretty jelak if not for the refreshing lemon wedge squeezed over the roll.

Overall a 7/10 though, for the portion size and price point of $68 for this after tax. It’s tasty yes but.. not all too filling and pretty pricey :/

Steak and Eggs are so classic a pairing of proteins. Don’t know bout you; fried sunny side ups are the tastiest and cheeriest simple comfort foods.
And steak done well is just such an explosion of meaty umami.

This one was cooked to medium rare. Would classify it more medium well. But for a lighter cut that still carries the barbecue char fragrances, it’s still considerably well executed!

That black pepper garlic sauce however is the star of the dish 💫 I can taste the bay leaf, the hits of pepper spice in a buttery envelope altogether.

9/10 for the sauce
8/10 over all :)


The coffee sauce is sooo delicious.
Lip smacking caramelisation not at all lacking from coffee aromatics.

The ribs being fried does tend to leave the edges drier and tougher a chew but it’s not completely dried out.

The even and thick coating of sauce is wonderful to pair.

I like the crispy thick cut salty Cajun fries and the refreshing creamy slaw for a rounded meal :)



It was crispy, pretty juicy, and sweetish SPICY.

The kind of spice that hits your chest and lingers around your upper torso area.

Good recommendation by the waiter! :)



I love love this fresh pasta coated in a sticky rich beef ragout of perfect proportions of melty beef meat and fats 😋👌🏻


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Did you know, raw kale has spicy almost curry scented notes?

This was really raw. Hahah. With some oddly sweeeet dressing.

Loved the dukkah that added a pleasant grain fragrance though.



It’s the first time I heard anyone order Rare.

But it seems Pelican has had a history of overcooking and it came out Medium Rare anyway.

Smearing anchovy butter made for a unique steak experience. There is such a distinct punch of pungent fishy smells that wafts in a bite.
Pretty acquired taste really. Not a fan.

That the frites were soggy = unmemorable.



snaaaaaap. This
was delish | .
Lacey puff pastry crisping and flaking. The more buttery the better tasting but I was glad this one wasn’t so or the béchamel would altogether make this too surfeiting. The chewy pull of dough on the bottom layers perfectly soak up the buttery chowder too 😋 |
And that FISH!! was this perfect balance between a smokey caramel finish from a perfect sear and fresh ocean brine. 😍🐟 Morels of mushroom bursting forth nutty umami were lip-smacking too

10/10 would come back
#uncoverthatfish #findJonah 😂😂 no it’s just a really good snapper filet firm to the bite. #chewonit


My first seeing these hot coffee lait drinks served in these tall glasses.

Wouldn’t recommend ordering it as an additional side.

The foam was distinctly large and porous, while the coffee wasn’t aromatic at all. Mainly a bitter hit.


The sourdough bread was a very light counterpart to the burger but overall felt it crumbles and breaks apart too simply. Not such a great choice to hold the burger together.

I love the layer of balsamic glaze however. It was rich, sweet, sour, sticky that I think was what held the entire burger together.

The lone layer of Parma ham sure helped add a foil of a different scent to the otherwise bland patty. While the Parmesan cheese nicely added a hit of savoury ☺️👍🏻


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Thick coating of sour cream that stood out heavily.

Glad for some help with balancing the palate from the veggies. But overall felt the flavours quite one-dimensional. Mainly tasting the sour cream.

Don’t think the patty stood out at all either.

Multigrain Bread however was pretty fragrant :)



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