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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Mongo savoury mung bean soup
Sarciadong fish in tomato egg gravy
Ube halaya purple yam jam/puree
Tocino Filipino sweet balcony cured meat
Embutido pate
Pata deep fried pork leg
Lechon kawali fried siobak
Menudo pork w liver stew
Pinakbet mixed veg in fish/shrimp sauce
Kare kare stew/curry with peanut sauce
Binagoongan shrimp paste stewed pork belly
Paksiw fish is poached in vinegar seasoned with fish sauce and finger chillies
Picadillo soupy version of sauteed ground beef
Bangus milkfish
Pinaputok fish forced stuffed with tomato, ginger, and onions until the cavity can handle
Dinakdakan pig head parts tossed in a tangy calamansi or vinegar dressing with minced ginger
Longanisa sweet pork sausage
Bicol Express pork cubes cooked in coconut milk and chili peppers
Pastel creamy ckn stew
Ginataang done with coconut milk(can be savoury or sweet)
Papaitan cow or goat innards soup
Igado simmered spiced pork liver
Tapa jerky
Lumpiang deep fried spring roll

It's mouth-puckeringy sour but equal parts addictive. No heat though. Served with blanched veggies

Pardon me for the ignorance but I tot there's some similarities to green curry haha. It's creamy and savoury and has a bit of heat too. Pork belly was v tender

Not quite sure about the price but very affordable nonetheless

It's funny how people who grew up eating beans as savoury dishes can't accept it as a dessert, and vice versa for us who more likely are familiar with red bean/green bean desserts.

Nonetheless, if you put your bias away, this is just a good bowl of savoury porridge. It's all veggies but there's a lot of umami and it's quite satisfying. Worth a try!

It's very piquant and the sourness is mouth-puckering. Nonetheless, addictive enough to keep you going back

Not sure if it's always the same, but this was pretty good. While light, you can clearly taste the beef and the sweetness of the corn. What a joy since it's free flow

This was very solid. Tender pork belly with some bite, but the stellar sweet marinade was what made the dish. It's not crispy but tender throughout, and served with rice normally. Big portion, but you probably wouldn't want to share it haha

I didn't want the drink and the rice.

The pork was stellar, juicy, fatty, and a super crunchy skin. Though I have to be honest, some of the skin which were thicker were abit hard(very normal though). Pickled apple was decent though the sweet oily gravy didn't leave an impression. Worth a trip!

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Coconut pudding. The taste is pretty decent, the flavour is that of creamy coconut, and the texture is a cross between Kueh and pudding. A bit scrub that the sprinkles on top stuck to the cap tho, I'm sure there's some easy resolution to it

Interesting dessert, always wanted to try it. The ube ice cream(mainly coconut milk taste) and the ube itself were delicious, the icy layer was lacklustre and the myriad of jelly at the bottom were fine. The best component is probably the flan which was slightly dense with a strong caramel taste. Overally satisfying dessert and good to try once

Comes w a rice

Super porky dish, surprisingly not the most oily amongst the dishes we ordered. Unanimous the favourite, it was very savoury and so sinful. Begging for rice, a must-try here

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Comes w 2 rice(rather generous portion)

Highly recommended, the soup has an amazing complexity from a very familiar ingredient but can't figure out what it is. Rlly umami tho q salty, and the beef was quite tender. Meant for 4-5 to share due to the generous amount of beef, but a smaller portion is available for 13 and I would recommend that instead

Would travel for food

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