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Featuring Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, Changi Village Hawker Centre, MTR 1924, Berseh Food Centre, Whampoa Makan Place (Block 90), Living Wholesome (Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre), Bendemeer Market & Food Centre, Kopi More (Golden Mile Food Centre), Uggli Muffins (Toa Payoh West Market & Food Centre), Ah Hor Teochew Kway Teow Mee
Susana Tan
Susana Tan

When we talk about Lei Cha Fan, the first thing that comes to your mind would probably be the green (tea) soup that is served with your rice. The soup from this stall is light, clean, and easy on the palate.

Most of the time, the bowl of Lei Cha Fan itself is slightly plain, but this stall’s Brown rice Lei Cha FAN (the rice, literally) blew me away. This is the best I have tried!!!

Being a Chinese vegetarian stall, the vegetables are usually fried without garlic and onion. One would expeft the flavours to be (slightly) bland.

Nope. It is one of the most wonderfully flavoured rice I have tried. They don’t use msg btw.

The brown rice has a wonderful aroma from the assortment of aromatic herbs/ spices like lemongrass, ginger etc it was cooked with. It goes very well with the array of vegetables! So, order the brown rice!

It you have friends who have tried but don’t like Lei Cha Fan, or brown rice, bring them here to try this. It will change their mind about thunder tea rice being bland and unexciting.

By the way I tried the Nonya rice dumpling opposite this stall. Soft, overcooked and a tad too wet/ mushy for my liking. Can’t remember the name of the stall, but it was disappointing.

Dessert Stall:
166 Jalan Besar #02-58, 208877 (Berseh Food Centre)

This stall serves wonderful desserts. The plethora of hot and cold desserts they offer is amazing.

The aroma of the coconut sugar emanating from their stove is amazing good! It is irresistible!

Hot desserts like red bean soup, tau suan etc only goes for $1.20! It is almost unbelievable.

I order two cold desserts due to the hot weather. Both the chendol and bur bur Cha Cha are yummy!! Their shaved ice are impossibly fine and soft... such that they liquified in your mouth!

My next one to try would be their coconut (brown sugar) ice kacang ($2).

My Friend recommended me this place.
Now it is one of my favourite mee!
Usually, there will be a queue. But the wait is usually short. Less than 15 min.
The mee pok is QQ and delicious.
The Ngoh Heong is savoury and the fish cake is simply chunky and yummy.
Usually, there is one fried wanton. But it is out of stock today. So they replaced with fishball instead.
Get the $3.50 大肥餐 will do. The mee for $4 大肥餐 is a bit too much... unless you are a big(ger than average) eater.

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This stall, Long Ji Wanton Noodles, used to be located at Kim San Leng Kopitiam just behind Tampines Round Market. They shifted to operate their stall in some industrial area and my hub and I miss their wanton mee since then.

Tried their wanton mee out (grudgingly) by chance one day when Tampines round market was closed for cleaning.
Boy I’m so glad I did! Amazing good!

Their thinner-than-usual al dente mee kia with their unique sauce is CONSISTENTLY GOOD. This is also what I love about this stall. The one who cooks the noodles is usually the Husband, but the Wife cooks just as well.

It is so good you can eat the noodles with JUST the sauce on its own. They have fried wantons for the fried food lovers, but their boiled wantons is what I love! There’s a subtle taste of aromatic “tee por“ (dried sole fish) that permeates their boiled wantons. Their char siew may not have charred bits but they are nice and not the paper-thin kind.

In my opinion, even the Xing Ji Noodles stall (with Super Long queues every weekend) that is located in the Tampines Round Market cannot match this! No horse run! Sadly, there are Long queues for Granny’s pancakes and the briyani stall but not for this good but relatively unknown small stall tucked in a corner.

One day, when we decided to visit Bedok North Street 3 Market for breakfast, I saw a banner advertising for Long Ji Wanton Noodles and decided to check it out. Bang! We found Long Ji again!!💖💖💖

Yes!! Long Ji has shifted out from dunno which ulu industrial area to Bedok North Street 3 Kopitiam!!!

I don’t know the name of the Kopitiam, but it (the Kopitiam) is at the corner of block 539, NEXT TO New Century Food House Kopitiam.

They used to work only the morning shift when they were in Tampines, but now, they are opened till 8pm.

If you were never a fan of wanton mee, you really ought to try this stall out. You will like wanton mee after this. If you like wanton mee, then you should also try this out because this is one up from your average wanton mee. This will set a new benchmark for your wanton mee. This is a mind-changing bowl of wanton mee! I am more of a hawker-centre person than a Kopitiam person but because of this stall, I am willing to head towards a Kopitiam for breakfast instead.

Like Ping Ji Bo Bia of Berseh Food Centre and Soon Wah Fishball Noodles of Newton Food Centre, Long Ji Wanton noodles is a gem 💎 that truly deserves more appreciation, attention and recognition.

By the way, next to the drinks stall in this Kopitiam, there’s a pancake stall that sells crispy pancakes. They spread a thin layer of savoury peanut paste on their thin, crispy pancakes. Makes a good snack! Yum!

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Made from rice flour and served with orange sugar, this fresh, buttery, fermented rice pancake with crispy edges and thick, spongy centre really wowed me.

This is such a treat!


One of my favourite sliced fish soups. Love the thick slices of fresh fish and the absolutely yummy soup!

Usually, the queue is long on weekdays. (They don’t operate on weekends). While the queue is long, the food is totally worth the wait. Anyway, because of the long queue, this stall doesn’t allow customers to takeaway. They used to allow people to choose ‘black’ (fried), ‘white’ or mixed, but now, it is only the mixed version.

They usually use ‘Batang’ fish (马鲛鱼/ Tengiri). But when supply is low/ prices are high, they will substitute with another type of fish... like the one In the photograph (aka Sheng Yu). But they will try to give you more slices if that’s the case as the price of Sheng Yu is half the price of Batang.

In the past, they would be sold out by 1 plus in the afternoon. Now, you probably still stand a chance at 2pm.

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I went on a weekday afternoon. This shop is tucked away in a quiet corner/ end of the food centre.

There was no queue, unlike the roving Pasar Malan oyster cake stall.

Also, here, the oil used is clean, unlike the other 2 oyster cake stalls; dark oil, sometimes the colour of Kopi O.

Very crispy on the outside, yet soft on the inside. There are prawns, oysters, minced meat/ pork, and plenty of coriander. Usually I don’t like coriander, but taste is still pretty agreeable (not so strong that it is overwhelming). Worth adding ingredients! This oyster cake is bursting with ‘Liao’ (aka ingredients).

A delightful treat!

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Date visited: 1/7/2018 (Sun, 7:30pm)

There are some parallel parking lots right outside the coffeeshop. But it is not easy to get an empty lot there. It is advisable to park nearby and walk over to the coffeeshop instead.

It doesn’t matter how long the queue. The Hokkien mee is fried in batches. If you happened to join the end of the queue just as the boss is almost done with the mee, congrats! The wait is short.

This must be the best Hokkien mee I have tasted thus far. I’m not sure if it is because of the charcoal used to fry the mee, but that ‘wok-hei!’


I was blown away at my first mouthful! 🤯

That wok hei! I am repeating myself... is really... mind blowing.

At $8, this is not expensive. I did not dig out all the prawns before I took the photograph. There were 4 big, meaty prawns. Not the most expensive top quality type but nevertheless, very good quality, fresh prawns. The squid slices are thick (not the paper thin type) and fresh as well. This is well worth $8.

$8 is just nice for my mom and me. We have very average appetites.

The Kwong Satay there is pretty nice as well. I like their satay/ gravy and ketupat (not the instant, boiled in plastic bags type). Skip the Orh Luak though. Anyway, I digress.

If you like Hainan Fried Hokkien Mee at Beach Rd Army Market; its wok hei and the richness of its mee, then you HAVE got to come here. You will be mind blown 🤯 by this.

I am so coming back again for this.


Date visited: 1/7/2018 (10:30am)

Finally! The stall was closed for the whole of Ramadan/ Hari Raya period.

There is usually a short queue on weekends, but it moves fast.

One reason I like this stall is because they make your order fresh. I really don’t like being served thosai that has been lying around for a while/ cold.

While this may not be like MTR type of (crispy) dosa, I still like this type of thosai with orange sugar- fresh, humble, cheap & nice!


Ordered my food at almost 5 in the evening.

The dishes were all piping hot, and they were all very delicious.

I had 2 meat and 2 vegetable dishes for $5. I ordered cabbage, curry chicken drumstick, stir fried sliced potatoes and fried chicken (pieces) coated with a very savoury sauce.

My favourite is the fried chicken with the savoury sauce. Amazing dish!

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There will be a queue from time to time. However, on a weekday evening, one can find table/ seat without too much difficulty, esp after they expanded by buying over the shop next door.

Parking is slightly inconvenient though.

Pricing is very reasonable.
My hub ordered cabbage, chicken chop, braised tau pok, and fish cake.
I had cabbage (asked for extra serving), chicken chop, and a fried egg.
Total cost:$8.90

The food was absolutely delicious! Love it when my plate of rice is saturated with gravy; both the braised sauce and the curry! This is the first curry rice I have tried many years back and until today, is still my favourite curry rice. How can a plate of something look this messy and yet taste so good?!

My only grouse is that the food on display are all not labelled. It can be a bit difficult to decipher what the fried items/ dishes are.


There wasn't really a crowd or queue when I went at 5 plus in the evening on a weekday. I reckoned the price of this dish should be about $5 or $6, but I'm not too sure because I'm not the one who placed the order.

This salted egg yolk fish skin dish from a humble zi char stall is way ahead of the majority of its competitors (definitely not one of the run-off-the-mill ones).

It doesn't lose out to the biggest names when it comes to salted egg yolk (fish skin)... You can really taste the well-balanced flavour of the salted egg yolk.

I find the majority of salted egg yolk (fish skin) too sweet, lacked enough salted egg yolk flavour, or/ and not crispy enough.

The fish skin was thin (enough), crispy, crunchy, but not hard. Not only can you taste the egg yolk, but also the fish skin as well.

Salted egg yolk (sauce) that is too sweet puts me off immediately.

This is one very good dish of the salted egg yolk with a good balance of flavours.

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