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Brunchies πŸ’†πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ₯‚

Brunchies πŸ’†πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ₯‚

Featuring Wheeler's Yard, Carpenter and Cook, The Marmalade Pantry (ION Orchard), Rookery (Hong Leong Building), Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, Club Street Social, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Junction 8)
Eunice Foo
Eunice Foo

My favourite coffee bean branch! The space is really big with seats always available; even when full, the noise level never requires one to raise their voice to be heard :-) the staff here also commendably go beyond the call of duty to provide for their customers!

Recently, they’ve been having these breakfast promotions where two sets of a breakfast item and a latte go for $10 in total. Their coconut latte is THE BOMB - just the right amount of coffee for that much needed caffeine kick with a coconutty crunch every few sips. The croissant comes with egg, cheese and what tastes like hollandaise sauce. Definitely worth it for the price point!!


You can choose how you like your eggs(poached, scrambled or...I forgot the last option). The potato waffles were a little β€œmeh”, it’s basically a rosti packaged in a different name. It wasn’t as crisp as I’d like, but we did enjoy how it tasted. The eggs were perfectly done - a good mix of cooked and runny. I’d suggest eating this deconstructed as the flavors get all mixed up altogether and doesn’t really taste that special anymore.

Pretty pricey for the taste, maybe I’ll go for the fresh bakes instead next time!

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Classics with a small twist! As a croissant lover I just had to pick this. The eggs benny went really well together, much more than a normal muffin would. Generally, I feel muffins are quite dense tasteless in general so I really appreciated how they substituted it with a lighter, more flakey alternative that was filled with buttery goodness! They were pretty generous with the smoked salmon too.

Pretty pricey for the taste and the wait time was pretty long though.

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First time here and I am not disappointed! Walking in, it’s like I’ve been transported back to the bakeries in Sydney, where a smorgasbord of fresh bakes lining the counter immediately catches your eye. All the pastries looked sooo good especially the peach strudel!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this place sure knows how to make a mean grilled cheese sammich! Like a sloppy, obese long-term boyfriend, it just gets even meaner, bigger and badder with time(yeah, I actually compared pictures and it DID become more substantial?!), leaving you hopelessly addicted and always crawling back for more. One simply can’t forget the texture of that thick, creamy cheese that oozes out upon cutting through slices of toast that are heavily buttered and slathered in truffle bits😍
We also gave the avocado toast a try and were seriously impressed! The smashed avocado component comes as a humongous mass stacked atop a slice of sourdough, interspersed with quinoa, feta cheese and lightly spiced with a sauce that vaguely resembles kimchi. On top of that(literally and figuratively), TWO jiggly poached eggs are perched precariously, as if the slightest quiver of the plate can - and will - lead to their premature demise. When it’s Sunday brunch day and you’re seeking a hearty meal, Club Street Social is where you want to be!


Y’know how cafes usually serve β€œchili crab pasta” as just pasta whipped up with a bit of chili? Well, you won’t get any of that substandard stuff here; their al dente noodles are bathed in an abundance of chili crab sauce that is loaded with shredded eggs and comprise a perfect balance of sweet and savory - an orthodox flavor that guarantees this dish’s status as a crowd pleaser. Contrary to its appearance, the soft shell crab - though browned more than usual - was actually just lightly battered, allowing the crab to steal the spotlight!

The Beef Suki Rice Bowl was what you’d expect - nicely seared beef slices at medium doneness coupled with a jiggly sous vide egg. Though carrying the right amount of char in its flavour, the beef did feel a little tough on the outside - possibly due to a flat iron steak being used. Their signature homemade sauce was delish though, and added some oomph to the bed of rice!!πŸ˜‹

Can’t believe I’ve never set foot in this old skool kool cafe despite how my house is within walking distance?! And I have admittedly been missing out! Unlike other indie cafes that are usually found clustered in a cramped fashion, Wheeler’s Yard occupies an entire warehouse’s worth of space and is - simply put - unbelievably cavernous. Decked out in bicycles (yep, think whole bicycles hanging from walls, standing on tables) and biking related gear, the whole grungy aesthetic exudes chill vibes that one naturally settles into, creating the perfect spot for a laidback brunch.

We got ourselves the Pork Katsu Toast and a quintessential brunch item, Eggs Benedict!! As always, hallelujah to the existence of #burpplebeyond with which we got da 1-for-1!!!😚 The former is a unique take on traditional toast; more of an open sandwich, the fluffy white bread base surprisingly managed to hold its own beneath two cripsy patties of pork that were breaded with panko and drizzled generously with tonkatsu sauce...and then topped with a runny egg & bonito flakes. Each bite was so so umami!!!😍 and if it ain’t enough, you can mop up the extra tonkatsu sauce that the servers have kindly spread along the plate!!!
The eggs benny was nothing to shout about, but I did like how the hollandaise was unusually lemony and citrusy. But definitely, get the tonkatsu toast if you’re here!!


This whimsical dish is exactly what one would expect from the Marmalade Pantry - an open concept eatery rocking the whole afternoon tea aesthetic with their pastel tablemats and vintage floral coasters. Blanketed in a cloud-like mix of bubbly saffron foam and smooth parsnip purée, their Atlantic halibut with its gleaming white flesh gets most of its taste from both the smoky prosciutto and garlicky gremolata. The end product? A savoury yet light bite that leaves one dreamily wondering if this can be considered healthy...🀀 Pop the cherry tomato confit into your gob for an extra hit of freshness; like popping boba but UPSIZED, these jewels literally burst in your mouth to yield a liquid core that envelops your senses with its rich natural flavors!! .


It’s like a balancing act, with a crispy slice of bacon perched atop two jiggly eggs that threaten to roll off the roundish crab cakes anytime πŸ˜‚ Don’t be fooled by the size, these treasures come small but are chock full of moist and fresh crab meat! The lemony hollandaise adds dimension to the taste, and just one bite brought me back to Malibu, with endless days spent munching on entrΓ©es like this and soaking up sunshine by the sea. Serves as a nice prelude to their signature fried chicken! πŸ˜‹


Is it REALLY considered brunch without truffle anything?? πŸ˜‚ Ordered this expecting yet another overglorified β€œall day breakfast” item jumping on the truffle/cheesepull bandwagon, yet was pleasantly surprised by how it turned out. No doubt a simple execution - with just a lightly dressed salad accompanying two half-slices of grilled cheese toast, the sammich was allowed to speak for itself.
Though unassuming in appearance, it’s the unique selection of everyday ingredients which makes all the difference - with the fattier ham hock bits interspersed within the perceptibly more creamy-sweet taleggio, a richer and more punctuating overall flavor elevates it from ordinary to divine grilled cheese sandwich status. Safe to say, the meticulousness and thought put into this toast is something I’ll be back for!


These slices of toast can barely bear the weight of their toppings!! Avocado mash, a generous scoop of pulled pork marinated in smokey sweet BBQ sauce and finally, a jiggly poached egg doused in Hollandaise sauce...which oozed molten yolk all over me toasties. Accompanying salad was lightly tossed in lemon juice and honey. This is Saturday brunch done right!! πŸ˜‹


Part-time student, full-time glutton πŸ•πŸ–πŸœ @bigbadnoms on instagram!

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