Sunday brunch spot over fish & chips and clam spaghetti. The husband casted a questioning look when I decided on fish & chips but I guess all doubts were cast aside at the first sight and first bite. The portion was massive (true to pictures seen in reviews) and fish was f-r-e-s-h! I like how it’s so flaky and juicy, (and no the juiciness wasn’t from oil). In fact, my lips didnt feel oily! For those who prefer some tanginess, the dish was served with half a huge lime, just enough to drizzle over the entire portion of the fish. Otherwise, one could dip it into the tartar sauce. It was tangy, creamy, and paired better with the fish. Unlike the lime which seem to cut through the taste of the fish. Then again for a produce so fresh and of quality, savouring it without any condiment added would be best imo. Also served with curly fries along the side! That’s a bonus to the typical shoestring/ thick cut fries

A must-try for seafood and asian food lovers. This dish was not for me at all - largely due to the heavy laksa-ish/ lemongrass/coconut flavours in the mussels. I prefer my mussels to be served in white wine or creamy broth. My husband loved his dish very much tho! Dish is served alongside 2 lightly toasted sourdough, which were crisp on the side and soft within. Love the sourdough here!

Firefly squid, Uni, Jalapeño, Habanero
Decided to go for the squid ink rice because I’ve been craving squid ink for some time now. It’s very much similar to Spanish paella in terms of looks and yet at the same time, it does remind me of Italian risotto. Does it hold up to what I’d expect from Spain or Italy? It’s…. very close! This modern seafood bar impressed us with their fusion take on the paella/ risotto. The rice were well flavoured with squid ink and seafood broth! Each mouthful of rice was accompanied with seafood hints. Instead of the usual sliced squid rings, the Arroz Negro is peppered with little firefly squids - you can pop them into your mouth in a whole! They’re cooked to perfect tenderness, nothing like rubbery squids that you've struggle to chew or swallow. I love how it came with Habenero sauce - you can’t quite identify where the dollops of habanero are and hence, it’s a burst of fiery heat on your tongue if you accidentally spoon a mouthful down! The husband learnt the lesson the hard way. Be sure to mix it all up before digging in! It’s served along a side of cream - I’m not quite sure of the actual/exact name to it. The creaminess certainly added calories to the dish. Was it necessary? Well, it does smoothen the taste of the dish but I’m happy either way - with or without it.

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Avrupa Caviar and Sundream Tomato
We were told this is one of the signature dishes and we could easily understand why! Amberjack was fresh (nothing to shout about as this is a basic expectation!), and was sliced to perfect thickness to bring about the mouthful and creaminess with each bite. We particularly found the house-made marinade that seasoned the Amberjack and tomatoes extremely appetite-whetting. It was tangy, slightly citrusy and absolutely refreshing to the tastebuds. The sufficiently thiccc slices of Amberjack could hold up some portions of caviar, along with some of the garden-y leafs adorning the plate. The serving is a good size of 2-3 to share!

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Blue Manna crab | Umami Butter
10/10! Our first course and definitely a high benchmark set for the remaining dishes to come. At $15++/3pcs, this worked out to be $5++ each. It might sound like a self-justification but hey $5++ is reasonable for that generous lump of creamy seafood-y glory sitting on top of a beautiful toast. Each toast was crispy and spread with Umami butter that creates a burst of savoury, seafood-y flavour with each bite. We left the toast on the table for some photo moments and hey, to our surprise, the toast did not get soggy at all!

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Hotel food doesnt come cheap so we're thankful for our staycay dining credits! Otherwise, we probably wouldnt have splurged on this exorbitantly priced lobster nasi lemak at $38.00++. Then again, having tried this, the husband and I concluded that it's a dish we probably wouldnt mind paying for!

The lobster came with fried bits crumbly bits on the edges - a sign that it's been deep fried somehow with pretty good batter. The lobster meat retained its sweetness and was succulent as expected (for the price and the hotel's rep haha). Rumor has it that the Fullerton hotel executes their Asian food exceptionally well and I have to agree that the nasi lemak is nothing but ordinary. The rice was infused with strong lemak-ness, but without the oily or cloying feel. The husband polished off every bit without difficult (nor guilt). Despite not being a fan of rice or coconut rice for that matter, I reached out for a second mouthful because the nasi lemak rice + sambal chilli combi was simply too addictive. On the side, there was the appetite-whetting achar (tangy and crisp), as well as highly addictive fried peanut and ikan bilis. The sambal was sweet and spicy, and so so so good that we asked for not one but 2 more servings to have with the rice. The only 'meh' item was the egg which also expectedly paled in comparison to the taste of its counterparts on the plate. Considering 1 whole lobster dish is easily priced at $38-$45 ++ at mid tier food establishments, it's a pretty easy decision to part with $38.00++ for the lobster nasi lemak pictured here!

Octie tail tasted as good as it looks. Nothing close to rubbery (phew), served alongside some purée and almond flakes

It's a ..... puny roll stuffed with Lobster served alongside truffle fries. The broiche bun was on point, lobster flesh was succulent and sweet, well accompanied with a good portion of mayo. The truffle fries were executed well - each shoestring was crispy and yums. The only gripe was the small-ish portion of lobster roll. You do have to stuff yourself with the fries to fill yourself up!

Sweet, juicy, chunky marinated lobster meat in fluffy brioche. Served with really really crispy thin fries - so crispy that it remained ‘crunchy’ even after an hour into the meal. ‘Also comes w side salad, topped generously with parmesan shavings. Oh, and a Aladdin-lamp of buttery sauce!

Pretty teeny portion for a carnivore. The Chef made up for the slightly teeny portion with some really amazingly crispy thin fries! Comes with cheesy salad by the side, topped generously with parmesan shavings

A picture speaks a thousand words - need I say more?
Fresh, luxe ingredients encased in pillowy, buttery toasted brioche. Heavenly.

Note: The luxe version is unlike the original lobster roll that came with fries and salad by the side. This version comes with just the roll, w/o the sides!

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My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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