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Cafe Hopping

Cafe Hopping

Featuring Strangers' Reunion, Common Man Coffee Roasters, The Salted Plum, Wild Honey (Mandarin Gallery), PUNCH, Habitat Coffee, The Coffee Academics (Raffles City), Free The Robot Coffee, Malaysia Boleh! (Jurong Point), Avorush
Daphne Wee
Daphne Wee
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The real deal of mac & cheese with 3 different types of cheese in one dish. Mozzarella, black pepper cheddar & blue cheese with white truffle oil. Definitely for cheese lovers!
💵 : $10
🌟 : Wild porcini soup at the back


Salmon on seaweed tacos with avocado, tomato salsa, wasabi mayo & ikura. My second time visiting this beautiful cafe & this was my favourite dish here. Rest of the menu were disappointing tho. Do you agree? I know some do!

📍 : @jypsysg
💵 : $14 for 2 pieces

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Burger with avocado cream, aged cheddar cheese & juicy beef! Saw avocado on the menu & got excited!

📍 : @hansimglueck_singapore
💵 : $16

Comfort food for brunch! Grated parmesan, emmentaler & soft Brie. Served with bacon tomato soup for dipping. 🥓🍅How can something so simple be this satisfying? Cheese toast was soft & chewy & went along very well with a comforting bacon tomato soup. Will you pay for cheese toast like this at a cafe?
📍 : @punch.gram
💵 : $11
👄 : Will I return? Yes
🌟 : Tips : add an egg to complete this dish & take it to a higher level! Hehe

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Would love to start my mornings with their signature teas. They are very well known & well loved for their lychee teas that all my friends chose but I had their refreshing mint lemongrass. Lychee tea was more to the sweet side while mint lemongrass was abit sour as they squeezed a lime in that cup. I couldn’t decide between their ginger ginseng tea or ginger spiced tea & there’s a lot more range in their menu!
📍 : Plaza Singapura #03-70
💵 : I think it was around $8 in that large take away cup or $12 if you drink it there. Came with cookies as shown on my pictures.

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Pav Bhaji fondue 🍞🍅 #carbiedaphiesg #carbiedaphie

Decided to try something different instead of their cheese fondue or hot chocolate fondue in their menu & this was a nice change! This fondue was served with warm bread cubes with vegetarian curry that wasn’t spicy! Just like how we like our prata with curry but that’s such a filling option, this is the perfect appetiser or snack! It was light! Will you try this?

📍 : @teavillacafesingapore 97 East Coast Rd
💵 : $15
👄 : Will you return? yes! I wana try the two other fondue too!
🌟 : Tips - whole menu is vegetarian and you wouldn’t even realise it!

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Penang prawn mee 🦐🍜 #carbiedaphiesg #carbiedaphie

Do you know the difference between Penang prawn mee vs Singapore prawn mee? After searching for so many years, this is the second place that serve Penang prawn mee that I really love & will travel for. Aromatic flavourful soup with a hint of sweetness & a little spiciness! This bowl was just missing kang Kong veggies. More soup please!

📍 : @malaysiabolehsg. Jurong Point
💵 : $3.50 small
👄 : Will I return? YES!!
🌟 : Tips - this store was selling Asam laksa as well but I didn’t try it yet.


If you are gonna eat 1 dish here, make sure it’s this! This was my favorite out of their whole menu. I tried one mouth & could Guess it right that it was sriracha mayo! The Hawaiian classic Kalua pork reminded me of bbq spare ribs. Sweet & smoky flavors in one toast!

📍 : @eggsnthingssg
💵 : $13.53
👄 : Will I return? Yes, only for this.
🌟 : Tips - this is part of their first limited ed National Day menu.


can’t believe that this bowl was just drenched with oil?! I know the oil was from the sausage & I was trying to scoop it out to enjoy my dish but is this even edible?!

First time trying this traditional handmade pau made with an authentic recipe from JB, Malaysia.
It was filled with tasty lean meat & pau’s skin wasn’t dry either. Both my big pau & siew mai were towards the sweeter side.


Iconic Peranakan snack made into Pandan pancakes with stuffed bananas, shredded coconut & coconut-flavoured whipped cream for their National Day Limited menu. It was a little on the dry side but perhaps, I didn’t drench my pancakes with that luscious gula Melaka sauce. Should have done that! (I went to dip it instead of drenching it. I’m also not a coconut fan unless it’s a fresh coconut fruit drink. Not quite into coconut whipped cream too.

📍 : @eggsnthingssg, Plaza Singapura #03-79
💵 : $17.83 .
👄 : will I return? If I’m craving for pancakes. .
🌟 : Tips - this is their first limited edition menu for National Day

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Avocado on thin sourdough toast with various toppings. I tried 3 different types for lunch :
Avo toast with scrambled eggs, feta & rocket / with paprika shrimp & tomato / with ham & mozzarella.

Most of my friends commented “where’s the avo” when I posted this picture up on my ig story. Also, i shared this with a friend but as the avocado & sourdough were thinly sliced, we were still hungry & had to get another round of lunch immediately after. Ended up spending so much just for lunch in one day. .
📍 @avorush. #02-23, Asia Square Tower 2, Singapore 018961
💵 : swipe to see pricing in menu
👄 : Will I return? Nope
🌟 : Tips - there’s a breakfast set that is cheaper.

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Eating my heart out around the world. Instagram : carbiedaphie & xdaphnewee

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