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The Best Hawker Gems

The Best Hawker Gems

Featuring Gyu Nami, Sungei Road Laksa, Hougang 6 Miles Famous Muah Chee (Gourmet Paradise), Beach Road Prawn Mee Eating House, Nam Sing Hokkien Fried Mee (Old Airport Road Food Centre), Tangs Market, Sin Huat Eating House, Our Tampines Hub Hawker Centre, ENG'S Char Siew Wantan Mee (Tanjong Katong), The Marketplace @ 58
Daphne Wee
Daphne Wee

This famous peanut & black sesame muah chee always has a line cause the Uncle makes each portion on the spot.
No video photography was allowed tho. This was medium $3.50 and they weren’t very sweet. Some places are sweeter as they add more sugar. The secret to the greatness of muah chee lies in the yummy shallot oil they dipped it in. Have you tried this?

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Hidden gem! I didn’t know of this tasty & flavourful mee soto till my parents kept buying it home for me. It’s not too spicy so most of you will be able to eat it. Can’t stop drinking the soto soup!! I had to remind my mum to take a picture of the shop front just so that I can google the address for you guys! Hope you all enjoy this bowl of mee soto like we did! 🤗 .
📍 : Warong Solo. #02-123 Geylang Serai Market. (402001)
💵 : $3
👄 : Will I return? Yes. Been eating it often
🌟 : Tips - go early in the morning


Value for money lunch from a food centre serving Wagyu roast beef, Japanese short grain rice topped with an onsen egg. Can you believe this was only $10 & found in the CBD area? I didn’t like the yogurt sauce at all. (just me not liking yogurt in food or drinks!) Read a couple of reviews on @burpple of people complaining that the meat is too red/raw? err, were you guys expecting well done roast beef? That will definitely be too tough right? .
📍 : @gyunamisg 7 Maxwell Road #02-126
💵 : $10
👄 : Will I return? Maybe. Won’t queue for it
🌟 : Tips - only one item on their menu

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Weekend’s over & looking to eat clean? Probably the healthiest food at a food centre. Rice topped with a variety of fresh veggies & a bowl of aromatic soup made out of herbs & nuts. I chose brown rice & added meatballs & taukwa on top all the veggies. The thunder tea soup was very light & wasn’t that strong unlike other places. I’m a huge fan of TTR but this was my first time trying the one at Amoy Street food centre. I have tried better ones but this was just lighter in taste. Do you like lei Cha (pounded tea/grounded tea) rice?

📍: 7 Maxwell Rd #02-127 Amoy St food centre
💵 : $4 for white rice, $4.50 for brown rice
👄 : Will I return? If I’m craving for this at that area.
🌟 : Tips : - I still prefer to drink the soup on its own instead of drenching my whole bowl of rice with the green tea soup like some people do.

Found the best beef hor fun in Singapore by accident not knowing they were famous. Look at that generous amount of beef!! Beef were tender & sauce was yummy. It’s a plate that I wouldn’t wanna share with anyone cause I liked it so much. I know Geylang has a famous beef hor fun restaurant & this definitely wins it! Will you order beef hor fun or sliced fish hor fun from their menu?

📍: Amoy Street Food Centre #01-25
💵 : $4.50
👄 : Will I return? Yes! Was craving for it after I had it.
🌟 : Tips - Long Queue all the time but I felt it moved pretty fast. Might be sold out by 2pm


Chili pan mee 🌶🍜 #carbiedaphiesg #carbiedaphie

A popular spicy Chinese Malaysian noodle dish made with homemade Chinese's egg noodles & flavored with crispy & spicy roasted chili paste, savory meat, fried anchovies & poached egg. I asked for extra spicy & it was so delicious that I ate up the entire bowl of carbs. Picture to prove that it was so delicious, I left no residue! 😋

📍: Tangs foodhall, basement. @tangssg
💵 : $5
👄 : Will I return? Yes of course
🌟 : Tips - there’s a promo going on now that you can add a lime juice for $1 instead of $1.50

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Didn’t believe my dad when he said the best economic beehoon in Singapore sells out by 8.45am. Came down before that & their noodles were sold out so that’s all we could get. Aunty closed down the stall with lights off right before 9am. Best crispy fried beancurd skin I ever had in my life that I ate up every bit & could even drink up the Chili. Is this your kind of breakfast? .
📍 : Good Morning Fried Bee Hoon. Blk 58 New Upper Changi Road #01-158. (461058) Bedok
💵 : $2 per plate? Probably paid about $5 for everything. .
👄 : Will I return? yes! Might even head down tomorrow. .
🌟: tips - closed on weekends.


While waiting for my bowl of Sungei Rd laksa, I decided to get this popiah next to it. It was really disappointing cause the popiah skin was thick & tough. Texture wasn’t smooth so I ended up eating the fillings instead. Where do you go for good popiah? Let me know? .
📍: blk 27 Jln Berseh, 200027
💵 : $2.80 .
👄 : Will I return? nope

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The best Laksa in Singapore is still this famous one that is cooked over charcoal fire. Taste has been consistent with balanced blend of coconut, spices & chilli. Love that it’s not too milky. No prawns, just fishcakes, bean sprouts, cockles & laksa leaf. Extra cockles for me pls! Have you guys tried Sungei Road Laksa yet? Portions are small tho. .
📍 : Sungei Road
💵 : $3
👄 : Will I return? yes of course
🌟 : Tips - no chopsticks given. Closed on Wednesday.


Read that the owner had a heart Attack in 2015 and now at 51 years old, he wakes up at 3am daily just to prepare his ingredients since most people have porridge for breakfast. Everything handmade from scratch. I don’t think I tried his handmade meatball but I saw photos & videos of him making it online & they looked delicious! How often do you eat porridge or only when you are feeling unwell? .

📍 : Botak Delicacy: #01-65, Hawker Centre @ Our Tampines Hub, Singapore 529684
💵 : Fish Porridge ($3.80), Handmade Meatball Porridge ($2.80), and Seafood Porridge ($5).
👄 : Will I return? Only if I’m around that area.
#uncagestreetfood #tigerbeersg

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Peanut butter cubes were smooth, light and crispy. Wished there’s more peanut butter on it but can’t complain when it’s only $2.80 for this entire set!

I love to start my day with soft-boiled eggs with runny yolks & a dash of dark soya & white pepper. Corner shop in the middle next to the walking alley.


Most claimed this is the best in Singapore & closest to their grandma’s homemade Teochew kueh. Taro /yam lovers have to try their yam cake It was so tasty & savoury.


Eating my heart out around the world. Instagram : carbiedaphie & xdaphnewee

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