Khao Yai/Bangkok Trippin' 2018

Khao Yai/Bangkok Trippin' 2018

Compilation of food during my short 5-day trip to Khao Yai & Bangkok together with my BFF 🌻
Rowena Cheng
Rowena Cheng

Stopped by this farm/restaurant place which is very kid-friendly for some steak & fresh milk before leaving Khao Yai for Bangkok. Craving for tom yam so I had this & I was shocked by the amount of prawns in the entire plate of goodness. Usually in a restaurant you have to ration your prawns with the carbs (spaghetti here) but there were like 7-9 prawns and they were crunchy and fresh! The tom yam kick was there too, yums!

Popular among locals & tourists for its artistic construction, we met local students there taking their graduation photoshoot. Affogato was 👍🏽 - it's actually the espresso shot that makes everything. The thai iced milk tea was normal, and the carrot cake was nicer than many other places.

Do drop by for some artsy fartsy shots!

Nestled in Siam Paragon basement food street is a small corner store selling popular Japanese gyoza with a modern twist. We tried the mentaiko cheese gyoza - must eat when served immediately otherwise the cheese hardens up!Saltiness was just right too, just a tad too expensive for students' wallets.

Well-known for the zichar spread of Thai food, we partially satisfied our Thai food cravings here. The tomyam soup was yummy and tasted different from what I had; it was homely and sufficiently flavourful but lacked a kick of extra spice and sourness. The fried omelette is whatever you can think of when you see those videos of Thai streetside stalls deep frying the omelette in hot oil.

We wanted to order a basil chicken/pork but we ended up ordering a fried version instead - and it came surprisingly yummy - my friend loved it the most hahaha. They deep fried it with curry leaves for an enhanced flavour and was served with raw long beans and cabbage to neutralise the oiliness.

Popular for their themed rooms, they also offer homely fusion breakfast with a mix of Thai and American breakfast. Tasted really homely, and we felt at home in a foreign land. There was a spread and balance of carbs, protein and vegetables. Besides, we could also explore the entire area and be dressed in costumes for photo taking.

We were pleasantly greeted with a basket of freshly toasted bread and some salted butter to complement it. I'd recommend to consume it while it's fresh and warm cos it's da bombs.

They were overly generous with the butter in the toast. Salted butter. The honey was thick and flowy, not the usual cheaper versions of light-flowing honey. The entire dessert was toooooo sweet for our liking cos we had overly buttery toast which the honey saved a lil of its taste, and don't forget the vanilla ice cream - triple kill. The bananas came in to neutralise them a lil and added a lil Colour and kick to the entire dessert.

Our first stop after a 2-hour drive up from Don Mueang Airport where we collected our rented car. Restaurant-priced western food which is famous for its ambience and their smoked stuff - ham and pork ribs.

The pizza wasn't really pizza as we had expected, it was more of prosciutto, cheese and some fresh cuts in between crispy thin bread and was unexpectedly delicious.

The pork ribs however, wasn't tender enough and the sauce lacked a coffee flavour (since we ordered the coffee BBQ sauce one).

Other than eating, it's me being hungry.

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