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All About Western

Featuring Happy Chef Western Food, Astons Specialities (Bugis+), Supreme Pork Chop Rice, Fish & Chicks (Cineleisure), Jollibee (Lucky Plaza Level 6), Boufe Boutique Cafe (Income At Raffles), Ma Maison Restaurant (Takashimaya), Roxy Square Food Court, Holy Grill (Old Airport Road Food Centre), Soul Cafe

Finally tried their burger 🍔 so long after moving from wisma atria to orchard central 😅 want to try their burger for a long time but i also get distracted by other food🤭

Classic Cheeseburger 🍔 ($14.90) was quite good and not that hard (not overcooked) and also got a lot of juicy float out of the burger.

But the french fries 🍟 ($2) was not mixed well with truffle powder. Some of the parts have a lot of powder sprinkled and look similar to mcds.

Chicken Poppers (a la carte - $7.90 for regular size) was crispy outer skin and crunchy texture for chicken and also a bit spicy aftertaste.

Simply Grilled Chicken ($7) I felt that it was bland taste for sauce, noticed that grilled chicken got a bit "char" and not that overcooked and average taste. They served a variety of side dishes such as coleslaw, baked beans, etc. You need to fill up the order form before paying for food. You need to stay the area near the stall as the buzzer cannot detect. 🥲

Went to Happy Chef Western Food and want to try their Chicken Kiev but went out of stock for their ingredients already. Decided to order Pork Schnitzel instead ($7) (w BBQ Sauce) was quite salty but their meat was quite chewy (not that hard) and crispy for outer skin. I like their mashed potato to be and coleslaw to be fresh.

Pork Chop ($8) was quite marinated well but their meat was quite chewy (not that hard) and also topped with the gravy well. I usually ordered mashed potato and coleslaw for side dish and got that a variety of side dish to choose from.

Lastly not list, ma maison signature ($29.80) was ultimate dish 😋 and having sirion steak (Medium Rare) and hamburger steak dipped with Cheese sauce (serving hot cheese sauce dipped on spot). So the waiting time for this dish was quite long tbh and omelette rice was quite average.

I never see curry udon with potato croquette ($19.80) before on the menu but I thought it was vegan dish lol but after serving, I saw a couple of chicken breast lol 😂. The Japanese curry was quite salty tbh but their curry usually not that spicy. I found their ingredients were quite salty especially deep fried beancurd and probably they soak inside the curry. The potato croquette was quite soft and absorbed well with curry.

I felt that Black Tap @ MBS was quite bad in lighting near kitchen area especially dine in at night time and good timing will be best to come during afternoon time having natural light to take photo. My sister's friend asked her where is milkshake and we didn't order milkshake (personally don't like milkshake tbh) as we are halfway full when heading to dinner.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Tender ($15) comes with different three sauces (House Buttermilk-dill, Korea BBQ, Lime Honey Mustard) I felt that fried chicken tender was quite crispy and salty aftertaste without dipping sauce but after dipping with three sauce got different taste. House Buttermilk-dill was quite creamy, milky and lighter taste for sauce to decrease salty for chicken tender. Korea BBQ was quite strong and quite spicy aftertaste to increase spiciness for chicken tender. Lime Honey Mustard was quite creamy, mixed sweet and sour taste and high recommendation for dipping sauce in chicken tender.

Teriyaki Broccoli ($13) was stir fried broccoli with ginger, garlic, sesame and scallion. It looked like chinese takeaway amercian style food. It was quite crunchy and quite salty aftertaste due to teriyaki sauce.

Carolina Burger ($26) consisted of prime (beef) burger (mild rare), american cheese, smoky pulled pork, buttermilk slaw and carolina bbq. I didn't expected to be beef with pork burger so I didn't know until the waitress ask us whether about how level to be doneness for beef :") to be honest, most of their burger were usually beef, also come with huge serving of fries and also salad. They didn't served with sauce for fries and need to ask for sauce. btw I felt that beef was not that hard and pulled pork was quite salty due to carolina bbq sauce.

Fish & Chips was got average serving, include fried fries, coleslaw and canned beans and tartar sauce was not that bad for dipping. The crispness for fish & chips was remain the same standard as the past and not that soggy type. I did knew the shop have changed owner until I checked online in the past.

Hokkaido Croquette Burger (ala crate - $2.65) drizzled with Teriyaki Sauce and topped with sliced cabbage. I always order it beside fish, chicken burger or seasonal burger. You also can order via Croquette Set Meal if you prefer without burger.


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