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Couple Meals Below 20 Dollars 💵

Couple Meals Below 20 Dollars 💵

I am shortlisting value for money places to eat out with your partner where you get extreme value for all but 20 dollars 🤩
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

At 9.90 plus plus with a homemade drink, this lunch set was at unbeatable value .

The red snapper was grilled to perfection , slightly crisp on the skin and moist and tender flesh .

The cous cous was cooked in light aromatics and accompanied with a side of tomato salsa and rocket salad .

Real food at a real deal .

Watch our for their rotating lunch sets .

For days when you want to just eat and never get full ... ...

Saizeriya is a no frills place to get a pipping hot and very affordable meal .

I actually do like this version of beef bolognese ( made the Japanese way ) surprisingly . .. a nice change from the Italian tomatoes purée type of sauce .
This is a lighter version but still very very tasty.

At a price of 3.90 nett , nothing much to complain really .

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Shy to say this but it’s my first time trying tissue prata .

I am always conscious about trying Indian food outSide because of the fear of cleanliness standards but I must say Zamas gave me some comfort with its brightly lit and clean store and better still , very accessible location just at the corner of River Valley .

Every race seems to have its own version of crepe - for the French , it’s the French crepe and for the Chinese , it’s the Chinese crepe ( think xiao gang Kuo Kui kind of flatbreads that are sprouting up all over ) and for the Indians - it’s this tissue prata that so crisp .

Lightly dusted with sugar and possibly margarine, this tissue prata was so light , crispy and fun to eat . It would have been nice if French Butter was use 🤣( but hey .. no complaints for its affordability )

This is my new favourite for a late night snack .

Pair it with their in-house Pandan tea or teh Tahrik .


I have been in search for the perfect sin chow bee hoon and it’s been an arduous journey - I thought I’d never find it .

My first mouthful of the sin chow bee hoon just brought a feeling of excitement to my taste senses and warmth to my belly.

The bee hoon had such a good wok hei and it was not greasy at all - how did the Chef even do that ?

Well balanced in flavour , moist and the use of fresh shrimps just made this fish even better .

Squeeze on some lime and you are ready to roll....

Definitely one of my favourite places for an affordable “ home cooked “ meal 😊.

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The kaya used to be more “ homemade “ , more eggy and rustic .

It seems more pastey now with an unatural green colour .

The bread tastes a little different too - pretty dry and perhaps not toasted on a grill anymore - am missing those grill marks .

Hope standards improve soon 😭

Having my favourite “ mocha” from papa rich .

Less pronounced coffee flavour this time as compared to the first few times.

But still a nice place to rest your legs and catch up with old times.

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The nonya chap chye here is one of the better ones I have eaten save for the rather stiff vermicelli used here ( they could use a better quality one ).

Other than that , this really tastes like something out from my mum’s kitchen. So soulful - so good .

Well stewed vegetables with generous black fungus and mushrooms in a soy bean sauce with a umami from the dried shrimps.

I like that dried bean puffs and Tau kee is used - which most places so readily omit for convenience sake.

Drench that addictive and savoury broth over rice for a simple hearty meal .

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In a relatively less crowded part of Clementi away from the crazy crowd at clementi Central lies a family - owned tze char which does up an excellent egg gravy horfun .

The owners do not skimp on ingredients and the dish boasts a generous serving of vegetables and seafood / fish slices .

The skilful execution of the dish brings with it a good wok hei and a very silkily egg gravy sauce.

Outstanding .

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A yummy goodness of fresh pineapples and well seasoned rice topped with lots of pork floss .

It was a worthwhile trip to the royal thai embassy food fair .

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Thai food fair at thai 👑 royal thai embassy .

Intrigued by a food fair type of set up at the thai embassy - my legs led me to a grand surprise .

Lots of thai food - some with established shops in singapore like folks collective and unyang kordai .

It was my first encounter with unyang kordai which has a shop at 57 south bridge road . The grilled chicken was well marinated with thai spices and was succulent .

10 dollars for half a chicken and 15 dollars for a full chicken .

I say go for the full portion 😊

Triple 1 Somerset
So good HK Cha Chan Teng

This was the star of the day - well cooked glutinous rice grains that are not too mushy and a nice ratio of green bean filling .
Filled with fatty pork and a whole salted egg -
This was so satisfying .

Ask for the accompanying sauce to be served on the side instead of having it drenched all over .

Good for sharing .

The newly revamped triple one Somerset retail mall houses quite a few new f and b concepts.

Imperial treasures Cha Chan Teng used to be one of my to go place for a quick no frills noodle/ porridge / luncheon meat and egg sandwich fare .

Now replaced with a new name called “ so good” - I am Glad to say prices are still the same and the quality of food about the same too .

The char siew noodles are 6 dollars nett and I would say pretty cheap for a quick meal in town .

The char siew however was a little overseasoned and boasted of a texture too soft ( likely due to the overuse of baking Soda). The noodles had a nice texture but was a little too salty from the overuse of oyster sauce .

There is an adjoining bakery selling one of my favourite best egg tarts - both the flakey crust and the shortcrust kind of egg tarts.

So Glad I don’t have to travel all the way to asia square to get them now .

Food is decent and prices are good .

A place to just order ( via a machine ), eat , clear your own trays and go .

I dream of food .

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