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Couple Meals Below 20 Dollars 💵

Couple Meals Below 20 Dollars 💵

I am shortlisting value for money places to eat out with your partner where you get extreme value for all but 20 dollars 🤩
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T
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In a relatively less crowded part of Clementi away from the crazy crowd at clementi Central lies a family - owned tze char which does up an excellent egg gravy horfun .

The owners do not skimp on ingredients and the dish boasts a generous serving of vegetables and seafood / fish slices .

The skilful execution of the dish brings with it a good wok hei and a very silkily egg gravy sauce.

Outstanding .

A yummy goodness of fresh pineapples and well seasoned rice topped with lots of pork floss .

It was a worthwhile trip to the royal thai embassy food fair .

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Thai food fair at thai 👑 royal thai embassy .

Intrigued by a food fair type of set up at the thai embassy - my legs led me to a grand surprise .

Lots of thai food - some with established shops in singapore like folks collective and unyang kordai .

It was my first encounter with unyang kordai which has a shop at 57 south bridge road . The grilled chicken was well marinated with thai spices and was succulent .

10 dollars for half a chicken and 15 dollars for a full chicken .

I say go for the full portion 😊

Triple 1 Somerset
So good HK Cha Chan Teng

This was the star of the day - well cooked glutinous rice grains that are not too mushy and a nice ratio of green bean filling .
Filled with fatty pork and a whole salted egg -
This was so satisfying .

Ask for the accompanying sauce to be served on the side instead of having it drenched all over .

Good for sharing .

The newly revamped triple one Somerset retail mall houses quite a few new f and b concepts.

Imperial treasures Cha Chan Teng used to be one of my to go place for a quick no frills noodle/ porridge / luncheon meat and egg sandwich fare .

Now replaced with a new name called “ so good” - I am Glad to say prices are still the same and the quality of food about the same too .

The char siew noodles are 6 dollars nett and I would say pretty cheap for a quick meal in town .

The char siew however was a little overseasoned and boasted of a texture too soft ( likely due to the overuse of baking Soda). The noodles had a nice texture but was a little too salty from the overuse of oyster sauce .

There is an adjoining bakery selling one of my favourite best egg tarts - both the flakey crust and the shortcrust kind of egg tarts.

So Glad I don’t have to travel all the way to asia square to get them now .

Food is decent and prices are good .

A place to just order ( via a machine ), eat , clear your own trays and go .

These noodles are so good - you can eat it on its own.

I would say these hk noodles easily beat the quality and quantity of noodles served typically at Chinese chain of restaurants .

Springy and without the alkaline taste - these noodles were even better when paired with their home made chilli .


We were lucky on a Wednesday evening to have found seats at kok Sen .

No Long queues and no long waiting time for food.

It’s been 2 years since I have last visited kok Sen .
This used to be my default place for a comfort meal but no longer after they because so popular - all thanks to social media.

Prices are definitely steeper now but quality is assured . We were happy to get our steamed egg this time because they last time we came on a weekend - this was not available as the cooking time required is Long and the kitchen couldn’t cope .

It’s just steamed egg but somehow so tasty with just a bowl of steaming white rice .

So silky and smooth .

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I have been disappointed umpteen times by the porridge served by imperial xxxxxx ( for the Super high price and Low value ) and more so crystal xxx ( for the grainy porridge).

This bowl of porridge was so good - it could rival the famous sheng kee famous porridge in Hk - and I kid you not.

Extremely creamy , well seasoned with a rich broth without being too salty ( or feeling like it was laden with msg)- this porridge was soooo good and the portion was generous .

The consistency of the porridge was just nice - a little on the thicker side which I enjoy.

The fish slices were also thick and fresh .


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Sorry to say but I like these so much more than tim Ho Wan’s sugar crusted version .

These char siew Baked paos are incredibly and unimaginably soft - it’s like bitting into clouds when you bite into them.

Served warm - the part salty and part sweet caramelised char siew fillings and the glazed soft buns are a perfect match made in heaven .

This is my new favourite place for dim sum .

Forget the likes of swee choon - just dive straight here .

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Knickers + Bockers pizza

It is as good as it looks .....

Sitting on the 4th flour of Orchard Shaw is knicker s and Bockers . I have seen them a few times in Raffles Place but never had the time to stop and savour their pizzas and pastas.

I truly haven’t had such a good pizza in a Long time . Don’t get me wrong - I am not saying you can’t find a good pizza in singapore - but to find one that is so Fresh and has that “ homemade” element a truly not easy .

I loved loved loved loved this pizza . The staff was nice to accommodate my request to change my pizza base from New York style ( the slightly thicker and bready version) to the California style ( slightly thinner and elongated ).

I could have Wolfed down this whole pizza myself if not for my partner who also really really really enjoyed this pizza ( although he’s not a pizza / bread person ...)... you know how good this is ...

The ingredients atop the pizza were of high quality and I loved the slight tangy- ness of the tomato sauce .

The pizza was crusty ask the sides and the dough was well rested and well stretched .

Sometimes all you want is just a comforting pizza no frills pizza - yes - not made with stone oven and not made by some well esteemed Italian Chef but just made so well that you feel happiness and contentment in every bite.

I must say the restaurant was a little quiet for a Sunday evening - but I do hope they this local establishment get more publicity and support from fellow Singaporeans.

Very reasonably priced pizzas with such good quality ingredients .

Please support when you are are next in town ok ?

While most may cringe at the sight of chicken breast .... they are default choice parts of a chicken.

Well poached chicken through not as good As boon tong kee’s but good enough for a fuss free meal .

The rice is not greasy and portions are huge for 4 dollars .

The best about their chicken rice must be their extra spicy chilli and flavourful chilli . It’s the kind of heat that just gets elevated exponentially with every dip .

So lovers of spicy chilli - their housemade chilli is one fiery fiery treat 😊

My must order dish when I am at chin Chin ...

Their dishes tend to be a little greasy so it is best to ask for less oily and I must say that they really do pay attention to my requirements .

A flavourful vegetable dish with the umami from dried shrimps and dried cuttlefish -

I dream of food .

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