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Muriel AvdH
Muriel AvdH

Fresh egg salad in between unbelievably fluffy bread. It’s definitely one of the better ones around, but is such a splurge at $8.50.


I usually get either the Cheddar & Black Pepper or Olives & Sun-dried Tomatoes loaf, but decided to try something more neutral. You get a good assortment of seeds and nuts, but some might find the black sesame's flavour a little too overwhelming. Perhaps the Country White, 20% Light Spelt or Buckwheat might be a better option. Regardless, you still get the beautiful golden brown crust and slightly chewy goodness inside!


We love opening a bag of this loaf cos it smells as good as it tastes. I like the cheddar chunks studded all over the loaf, though the recent loaves seem to have grated cheese instead — no complaints as it still tastes fab especially with the sharp hits of pepper.


I may be a bit biased but I really liked this flavour-packed loaf as it is filled with some of my favourite ingredients. The darker rye base is the perfect canvas for the strong flavours. It's great toasted (then drizzled with EVOO), but just as good eaten straight from the bag.


If you're not too fond of hard crusts and dense sourdough, then Urban Loaf's style is for you. The crust and insides are soft with a nice bite, yet still crisp up well when toasted.

They are super generous with the fillings — we enjoyed this and the Apricot Fig Flaxseed. Next time, the Dark Chocolate Banana is on my list.

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Probably my favourite sourdough loaf (all things considered, esp when it comes to availability/ease of purchasing). Love the extra soft crumb, which is perfect if you’re not too fond of the super dense type of bread. It has a nice tang too!

Will try the semolina sourdough loaf next time.


The same moist, butter-kissed brioche base topped with custard and blueberry compote. I would personally prefer a bit of acidity from the compote to contrast the custard’s mild sweetness, but other than that, this was still a very satisfying treat.


Ah, the elusive Brera cruffin! The croissants and cruffins always get sold out fast (esp on weekends), so come early! I love the layers of texture in every bite of this delightful treat: the velvety curd (with just the right tartness), slightly yeasty and enriched-with-butter moist on the inside, and perfectly crisp and flakey on the outside.


I love tangy curds (think lemon, lime, passion fruit, etc), so the lemon meringue croissant was a must-try for me. I like the level of acidity and sweetness of the curd and the mochi croissant base is as good as ever — flakey on the outside and chewy on the inside. They have this flavour till the end of the month, so grab it while you can!

Also tried the Vietnamese Coffee cruffins that were fresh out of the oven. While the coffee flavour is there, I’m not the biggest fan as the the consistency of the custard was slightly grainy.


With excellent sourdough from Burnt Ends, it’s hard to go wrong with this simple toastie. The goat cheese’s pleasant funk was balanced by the slivers of zippy beetroot pickles and wholegrain mustard. Slap on some melty emmental for that toastie oozessential and this flavour combo was a winner for me! Wish there was more filling tho.


This item on Asanoya’s menu combines two of my favourite pastries with a brûléed finish! Beautifully laminated croissant with a brittle caramelised sugar crust piped with fresh whipped cream – meet cream puff and croissant’s love child.


Here’s one more place to get your kouign amann fix, you lucky westies! It’s close enough to TBB’s, though the plain croissant could be more buttery. Strangely enough, the pain au chocolat wasn’t as well-laminated as the rest, so I’d recommend you skip that for now (same goes for the coffee).


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