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Cafes And Bakeries

Cafes And Bakeries

Featuring Atlas Coffeehouse, The Bakery by Woodlands Sourdough, Rise & Grind Coffee Co. (Bukit Timah Plaza), Tiong Bahru Bakery (Tiong Bahru), Dong Po Colonial Cafe, Lady M (Orchard Central), Paris Baguette (Wisma Atria), Antoinette (Mandarin Gallery), CHICHA San Chen ([email protected]), Paris Baguette (Jem)
LoveFood_ LiveLife
LoveFood_ LiveLife

A lighter and refreshing option to your usual milk tea. Ordered it with 100% sugar and less ice because they told us that their drinks are not very sweet which was true! 100% sugar was the perfect level of sweetness. Added pearls to go with it because what’s bubble tea without pearls isn’t it?

✅ Mdm Mango Tart ($11.50++)
Light and refreshing dessert! I liked that the cream was not too sweet which balances out sweet mango cubes and mango jelly on the top. Yumm!
⁣⁣ ⁣⁣
✅ Miracle Chocolate ($8.40++)
Chocolate sponge cake with vanilla mousse and dark chocolate ganache. Liked that the chocolate is rich but not too sweet. Overall a good dessert but not outstanding.

Want a place to chill and relax? Café&Meal MUJI is a pretty good option! There is 50% OFF Desserts with any Drink purchase between 2pm to 5pm from Mondays to Fridays, excluding Public Holidays and valid for dine-in only.⁣⁣
Here we have:
✅ Caramel Pudding ($4.90)
I don’t usually order caramel desserts because they tend to be too sweet but this caramel pudding was surprisingly delicious. The pudding itself is not very sweet so together with the caramel, the sweetness of the whole dessert balances out very well. The texture of the pudding was soft, smooth and creamy. Overall, looks simple but tastes phenomenal. ⁣⁣
✅ Sweet Purple Potato and Chestnut Roll ($7.90)
Purple potato cream on a swiss roll filled with chestnut cream. This piece of cake was another surprising good one but it was on the sweeter side so I would recommend sharing this with a friend as it might get a bit jelak after a while. Flavour wise not bad!

✅ Iced Milk Tea ($5.90)
✅ Jasmine (Tea in Pot) ($4.90)

Do note that all prices stated are all original prices before discount.

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Whipped cream lying between vanilla and chocolate sponge cake squares, all covered in a dark chocolate ganache. A classic!

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Thick whipped cream center between two layers of almond flour cake topped with chestnut-infused cream, and garnished with roasted walnuts and snow sugar. Whipped cream is a bit too thick for my liking and the chestnut flavour is rather subtle. Not a bad cake but not my favourite.

This cake needs no introduction. A classic favourite. You can never come here without ordering this. Just perfect.

Cheesecake infused with yuzu peel and puree, with a vanilla sponge cake on the bottom. Okay but not outstanding

Rose flavoured pastry cream, garnished with sweet rose jelly and edible rose petals. Pretty subtle rose fragrance and a bit sweeter than the Signature Mille Crêpe but still really good.

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Green Tea Croissant ($5.20++)
The matcha flavour is not as strong as I expected. Only a slight hint of matcha but pastry was flaky and mildly sweet. Not bad as a whole.

Hazelnut choux ($10.50++)
Taste like Ferrero Rocher. Good to share because the flavour is quite rich. It tastes really good but $10.50 for one is quite steep.

Kouign Amann ($4.50++)
Sweet, flaky, buttery. What is there not to love? But I would prefer it to be heated up a bit more when served.

Brie and Roast Mushroom Croissant ($9.50++)
Definitely not my favourite. Was a bit excited and took a huge bite, only to be overwhelmed by a spicy pungent smell (like wasabi, hot mustard smell). Im not a fan of wasabi so this is just not my thing I guess.

There are some jams that were available to take so I just took one of each. Here we have strawberry, apricot, pandan kaya and hazelnut chocolate.

Lemon Tart ($7.50++)
Tangy, fragrant lemon curd on a buttery crumbly tart base. I really like this a lot. Not too sour or sweet. Just a perfect balance. Yumms

Croque Monsieur ($10.50 + $3 salad)
If you are unsure what to get, this is a very safe choice to consider. It’s good. But it is quite a big portion. Recommend sharing. It came with a salad on the side but after checking the receipt, we realised that they charged us another $3 for the salad. Maybe it just comes tgt as a set.

Avo-ka-dukkah: Perfectly poached eggs that simply burst open with the yolks drizzling down over the toast. Not really a fan of the haloumi cheese though but the rest were spot on!

Ocean’s Thirteen: Smoked salmon, poached eggs over toast. What is there left to say? But the eggs for this came slightly overcooked but still good regardless!


💕Eat. Cook. Bake. Repeat.

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