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Featuring Singapore, NJ Relish, Pince & Pints (Duxton), Tiong Bahru Bakery (Tiong Bahru), Sun with Moon, Standing Sushi Bar (Odeon Towers), Tamoya Udon (Liang Court), Omakase Burger (The Grandstand), Omakase Burger (Picnic Food Park), OmoteNashi Dining Gosso
Vanessa Chia
Vanessa Chia
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Which of @paradisedynastysg’s 8 signature xiao long baos is your favourite? 😌 Mine has to be the Crab Roe & Black Truffle! Everyone of them had a unique taste to it with the similar bursting of flavourful soup.

Got to experience authentic Kyushu cuisine at @sunwithmoonsg and I can’t believe I’ve never heard of Kyushu before despite it being Japan’s 3rd largest island!
A key highlight from the regional specials was the US Kurobuta Agodashi Negi Shabu ($17.80) which was slices of pork dipped in a flying fish soup stock. Add the given vegetables and tofu too! This light option was very wholesome.

Dead for the Baked Chilli Crab Puffs ($8.80/3pcs) at @jumboseafoodsg 🦀 The crust was so flaky and it was filled with their award-winning chilli crab omg this dim sum is definitely a great snack for tea or just whenever :’) #jumboseafood

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Probably tasted the best xiao long baos made on earth which is only exclusively made at @paradisegrpsg’s new outlet at Wisma Atria.
You can’t even purchase these Beauty Collagen Xiao Long Bao (5pcs) as it only comes with every purchase of the Specialty Dynasty Xiao Long Bao 🤤 It is a collab between Paradise Dynasty & Beauty in a Pot and omg these were just SO packed with flavours and the soup inside was so on point sigh my mouth is watering thinking about it. #paradisedynasty

Get a taste of Hong Kong at newly opened East Bistro @ Serangoon Gardens!
One of the must tries here include the Smoked Chicken in Ginger which was a kampung chicken cooked with a traditional HK recipe, making it so tender and juicy.
You may also indulge in their Crispy Rice with Sri Lankan Crab in a pork & chicken bone soup. The crab meat was soft and sweet, it was just a delight having this dish 🦀
The Iced Sweet and Sour Pork was really interesting as they served the pork on a plate of ice. Also instead of using tomato-based sauce, they used a signature orange sauce which was really sweet and a refreshing take on this familiar dish. #eastbistro #myvillage #serangoongardens

One of my favourite choices at Artea was their latte series and this You Lan Latte ($6.20) was so pleasant and light, with some creamy goodness from the top 🤤 Also if you’re wondering why the cup looks so elongated, the drink is actually normal sized but was put into this longer cup so that when you take selfies with this drink, your face will look slimmer 💁🏻‍♀️

My friend & I were just walking around Chinatown Point and we saw @tigersugarsg and we were shook like there wasn’t a long queue?!?! So we went to get the Brown Sugar Boba Milk ($5.30) without the cream mousse and it was actually pretty good. The drink was nice and the pearls were sweet & chewy but I just don’t think it’s worth $5.30 like honey I could have gotten 2 Liho Earl Grey Milk Tea ($2 + pearl $0.50 = $2.50 each) and get $0.30 change but I guess it’s a different experience 😌 #tigersugar #tigersugar老虎堂 #tigersugarsg

The Churro Cupcake (THB125/ S$5.30) at @dollychurro was made out of short crispy churros with cream cheese in the centre and a strawberry sauce drizzled on top.
Love the concept of this one as the churros are really fun size, making it easy to eat if you’re having it to go 🍓 Only thing I would change is more cinnamon sugar because I can’t get enough! #dollychurro #thecommons #thecommonsbkk

Look at those glorious pancakes 🤤 The soufflés at @arteasg are so so light and airy and fluffy, it was just a dream texture.
The Strawberry Soufflé ($9.50) & Mango Soufflé ($8.80) came with a small scoop of ice cream each but the strawberry one had fancy gold flakes for the looks while the mango one had extra slices of mango! #artea #arteasg


Tried the highly raved dessert at After You but was kinda disappointed by it.
The queue at all the outlets we went to was soooo long and it was quite pricey too. We chose the Thai Milk Tea flavour and the ice shavings itself were really sweet plus that condensed milk looking drip on top just made it sweeter and on the inside there was bread soaked in super sweet milk too it was just so jelak after awhile. I liked their toasts here more 😕 #afteryou #afteryoudessertcafe

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