Caffeine runs through my veins
Anna Chung
Anna Chung

I love going to coffee roasters - because you know that you’d definitely be able to pick your blends for your espresso-based coffees.

You get a choice between the single-origin blend (from Ethiopia) and a mixed-origin blend (from Ethiopia and Brazil). The allure of dark chocolate, hazelnut and berries was more compelling to me, so I went for the mixed origin. It’s a 70% Ethiopian blend, so the chocolatey and nutty flavours are stronger. We also tried the single-origin blend which has a taste of berries and floral notes. It was unlike the usual fruity brews, and the floral notes came out pretty strong. A pretty light and refreshing espresso-based one that is quite different from the other fruity brews I’ve tasted. Both are worth a try!

Besides serving great food and beer, B3 also does pretty decent coffees. Their coffees aren’t too strong, but are smooth and well-balanced :)

Maybe it’s the folks, or the coffee, or the concept... but there’s something about this place that feels like home.

It’s my third time here - watching them in the hustle and bustle of a small pop up, then the first day when they opened in this new space, and now seeing their business blossom. I’m still impressed by how they’ve not let the growth of their business crowd out their personal connection with people.

I love that I can talk to the owners about the coffee blends that they have, and that they’ll genuinely be patient enough to help me find one that I like. They rotate their beans fairly often, so coffee lovers will be in for a treat. I even to read about the estate where my beans were from - Acacia Hills in Tanzania.

What’s great is that you can get a good cup of espresso-based coffee for under $5. My double-shot white ($4 + $0.50 for an extra shot) was smooth with a syrupy butterscotch and smooth blood orange finish.

Their Avocado & Dukkah toast ($8) is one of the best avocado toasts I’ve tasted around. The creaminess of the avocados and intense tahini flavour of the hummus is paired well with the lightness from the olive oil, crumbs of feta cheese and pinches of homemade dukkah spices.

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One of my favourite places for a lazy Sunday afternoon hangout, because of their outdoor alfresco area :)

I usually go for their Cold Batch Brews but they ran out early that day. So we went with a Cappuccino ($5.50) and Flat White ($5.50). Their espressos are pretty well-balanced, with a flavour profile of stone fruits, almond & butter.


RONIN does pretty unique takes on mochas - they have their signature Wicked (Mint Mocha) and Generra (Orange Mocha). But sometimes you just want a comforting mocha. Their mocha is pretty smooth and not too thick, great for those days when you want your usual flat white but with a splash of chocolate comfort.


Chasing away the mid-week blues with Bundt. They have some of the best perk-me-ups nestled in this cosy little corner. Got a pretty perfect Iced American White ($4.50) and a pretty perfect walnut brownie ($4).

Their Iced American White currently ranks among the best iced coffees in town (easily a Top 3 on my list) - largely because of the espresso ice ball. The drink actually tastes better if you leave it out for a while, so that the intensity of the espresso blends into the drink. Drink it very slowly. We experimented with leaving a cup out for >30 mins before drinking and it had the best flavour.

Oh, and how could you not love their brownies? I’ve been dying to try them - and they are pretty sublime. Moist, soft & chocolately, without a cloyingly sweet aftertaste but a salty dark chocolate finish.

P.S. The staff here are really lovely and they also take advanced orders/reservations for their bakes on Instagram ;)


I love Mondays here because as a TCA coffee card holder, I get to enjoy 1 for 1 classic/signature coffees (which I can treat a friend with)! The coffee card works like a gift card - $55 for 12 cups of coffee.

My usual picks: Cappuccino when I want something strong and full, and Manuka Honey Signature when I want a sweeter treat :)

Their classic espresso blends here are rather full-bodied, and good for those who don’t like hints of acidity in their coffee.


This is a much quieter branch compared to the main CMCR branch at Martin Road, which make for better coffee dates :) There is even a ‘barista mugging’ room where they hold classes. Would love to check that out sometime!

Coffee wise, you get a wide variety of espressos and brews to select from. I went with the CMCR espresso blend - which has their signature rich & dark flavours (cherry, berries, and chocolates) fused with light citrus notes which give a slight acidic kick.

Plus, this is one of the few coffee joints where their service is worth commending. Hats off to the staff here who impressed me by how they went out of their way to take care of their guests.


For as long as I can remember, Strangers’ Reunion has one of the smoothest cappuccinos in town. Love that it doesn’t leave me with a bitter lingering taste, but still gives me that caffeine buzz :)

There’s plenty of competition nearby for good coffee - Sarnies, Free the Robot, Common Man Stan, etc - but this is a great spot if you’re looking for a quiet place to chill.

They use Common Man’s Lucky Basterd blend for their beans, which give the coffee a vibrant fruity taste. Lucky Basterd’s cup profile: blueberry, biscuit and vanilla, with a strong earthy aftertaste.

It’s 31 degrees outside, but it feels like 37 degrees - really, that’s what my weather app says.

In times like these, in cold brews I trust ;)

Forty hands uses Common Man’s 22 Martin blend - think dark chocolate, molasses and hazelnut with a heavy body and lingering finish.


My go-to drink here is the D’ White ($7.50) which has chocolately, nutty & fruity flavours :) One of the rare chocolately white brews around which satisfy my chocolate cravings while still giving me my caffeine kick.

The other cold brews they have here are: D’ Black, D’ Infusion, D’ Unknown.


Why yes, I would like to have my cake and eat it too ;)

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