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Sembawang Eats

Sembawang Eats

Featuring 3 Crab Delicacy (Tiong Bahru), McDonald's (Sun Plaza), KFC (Sun Plaza), Happy Hawkers (Sembawang), Saizeriya (Sembawang Shopping Centre), Ajisen Ramen (Sembawang Shopping Centre)
Lynn Lee
Lynn Lee

Chocolate Lava (SGD5.90)
Value for money. Very nice!! Generous warm molten choco. Better than most lava cakes out there which costs more expensive.

Oven-grilled escargots (SGD5.90)
Nacho Bacon Pizza (SGD7.90)
Mentaiko flavored shrimp and broccoli pasta (SGD7.90)
Squid Ink pasta (SGD5.90)

Great place for lunch. Budget friendly. Prices are in nett if I remember right (check). Even better cause you can top up a small price for free-flow drinks (coffee/tea/Milo/soft drinks). Normal water is free though. Their chilli flakes is spicy.

Pasta serving is so generous, value for money. Tastes not bad too for this price.
Escargot is great!!! Please try it. (I did not like escargots until I tried this).
Pizza is great too!

Matcha cone (SGD1.10)
Not sure if permanently in the menu. Tastes great! Matcha taste okok, not too strong, not bitter.

No complaints about the pancakes. Eggs ok. The sauce.. not too generous when compared to McDonald’s. The bacon is 2 thin (emphasise) stripes of hard/crispy... I don’t know, I don’t think I can call it meat. (Similar to the Taiwanese thin pork jerky texture.. thin and crispy but no real savoury satisfaction.)

Salted egg yolk crab.
Buttery creamy sauce. Crab is fresh and nice. However a little expensive.

Volcano Ramen (SGD16.90)
With a set you could get a drink + choice of 1 side dish.

Always loved the Volcano Ramen, tho the pile of chilli is visibly intimidating, it’s actually not too bad. Generous serving of ramen. Meat and veg not so much.

It’s nice. The rice is drenched with the sauce.
Tho it’s delicious, somehow can’t feel the satisfying fullness from it.

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