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Featuring Glasshouse by DHM, Open Farm Community, Rich & Good Cake Shop, Butter Studio (Jalan Besar), LE Cafe Confectionary & Pastry (Mackenzie Road), Fluff Bakery, Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry, Kane Mochi (Bugis+), 665°F, StraitsKitchen
Amelia Chan
Amelia Chan
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This elderflower and lemongrass duo with whiffs of mint and lemon was refreshing and not cloying at all. A little overpriced to be honest, but you're also paying for the rooftop bar experience really. It's a great space to chill with friends – plus points for childhood games available for use for free and friendly service (although a biiiit slow).

Note: you need to climb five flights of stairs to get here.

One of the only restaurants in Orchard with a Halal-certified kitchen serving a buffet spread of our favourite local dishes, StraitsKitchen promises a unique gastronomic tour through Singapore’s distinct cuisine.

Menu highlights show off the best of Singapore’s four local races: Chinese, Indian, Malay and Peranakan. Stationed at live theatre kitchens, chefs will personally prepare freshly roasted items straight from the sizzling grill. Apart from the traditional meals, not to be missed at StraitsKitchen are the pastries and desserts, from Peranakan kuehs to homemade ice-creams.

Crispy Garlic Bread 😋
Tasting Hosted by @andazsingapore and @thegoodfolks
Location: Andaz Singapore @andazsingapore, 5 Fraser Street, Level 38, Singapore 189354
#andazsingapore #burpple #burpplesg

From Supreme Ramen Xiao Long Bao; a stall that is situated at Blk 46 Holland Drive that serves up Chinese Dumplings and La Mian. The Instagram profile claims that the stall is opened by a former chef of both Paradise and Crystal Jade.

Usually I am not really blown away by Chinese stalls like these in the heartlands but these XLBs are really legit — the skin withstands all the rough handling by the chopsticks without being for dense or thick; just the right proportion of skin for the size. It carries quite a fair bit of light and savoury soup inside; the dumplings eagerly burst of the soup with every bite, while the meat is pretty tender and soft to the bite. The XLBs come in a slightly larger size here than most places, and comes in sixes at $4.50 — very good value considering the quality you are getting here.

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I can't just eat good food and not share about it. Thanks to #BurppleBeyond, I get to enjoy this famous L'Entrecôte Steak & Fries ($34.90) at a #1for1 deal! 😗

Besides unlimited/refillable golden fries, the lean yet tender sirloin is exceedingly flavourful because of the legendary sauce. 😍 Rumour has it that the secret ingredient of this buttery and creamy sauce is chicken liver. Wow, I'm impressed. 😋

The strong laksa fragrance filled the air as we were stirring this laksa pappardelle. Yet, as we started eating it, the taste was light and not gelat. And what I liked about this, and as with all other pastas here, is that the texture of the pasta were soft and springy, as they were all made in house.
And the flavours here is representative of OFC's DNA - to present local flavours executed with a contemporary twist. And we see it in this dish as the Southern Malay Laksa is creatively reinterpreted in Crab & Prawn Laksa Pappardelle. A familiar flavour profile with the quintessential spices, dried shrimps, and coconut milk found in most Laksa dishes; the homemade pasta dish is pepped up with prawns, kaffir lime, and curry leaves from OFC’s garden and topped off with crispy soft-shell crab tempura.
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Date visited: 21/04/2018 (Sat, 1pm)

This shop specializes mainly in one traditional Chinese pastry- ang ku kueh.

Ang ku kueh is one of the most common and important steamed cakes in Chinese culture.

Actually, the shop offers a wide range of flavours - peanut, sweet bean, salted bean, corn, coconut, yam and durian (seasonal) fillings.

However, most flavours were sold out by the time I reached the shop.

Didn't have to think very hard as I only had 2 flavours to choose from - the peanut filling or/ and the sweet bean filling. I decided to go for the peanut filling.

One of the staff told me if I buy 5, she will pack them in a (styrofoam) box (instead of plastic bags) for me.

I ordered 5 and when I checked with her how long I could keep the kuehs before they turn bad, she assured me I would finish everything that very night. Lol.

The soft red skin that wraps the dessert is made mostly from sweet potato and glutinous rice flour. Freshly made, the skin reminds me of the skin of 汤圆 (tang yuan), a Chinese dessert - soft and chewy.

I love Ji Xiang handmade ang ku kueh because they generally have thinner/ softer skin compared to those made by machines.

The filling is equally good. The peanuts were ground to a good consistency (not too smooth). There was a slight crunch to the peanut filling when I bit down on it. Wonderful!

Ji Xiang ang ku kueh are good to keep for 3 days (refrigerated). If you buy them on a Monday, Wednesday should be the last day you consume them. Throw out on Thursday.

This piece of gorgeous is superb 👍🏼 Shredded white coconut laid on top of this super thin pandan skin and rolled it up. I like the taste of the coconut, fragance yet moist but is not those very wet-y kind 😂 No wonder this is one of their signature in store!

Always a delightful treat! And so, I have visited and purchased from all 3 outlets (Middle road, Veerasamy road, Cambridge road)! Do I get a mega fan reward? 🤭 Original tarts are selling at 8 for $10 #burpple #burpplesg #lecafe

Kaya & Durian Swiss Roll [$8/box].

Kaya is the most popular flavour. Durian is nice too but when you put in the fridge kinda smell, so it's better to finish up ASAP. 😂

Prices are NETT.


Have I ever mentioned Fluff Bakery is my favorite place for cupcakes? I don’t have the biggest love for cupcakes but I’ll always crave for this bakery’s cupcakes 🤤 The flavors sold changes every week so do check their instagram page for updates 🤗
Hey, I’m a sucker for brownie and the brownie at the top was moist and baked perfection. The chocolate cream on top and hidden inside the cupcake was rich and flavorful, and smooth at the same time. The cupcake needless to say was also perfect and was super moist and I love how the cupcake holds together because some cupcakes leaves alot of bits and pieces behind ;-; but Fluff Bakery’s one doesn’t keke
📍: Fluff Bakery
🕑: 12-7:30pm (Closed on Sun & Mon)

Not only are these babies cute, instagramable(the list goes on...), you'll be surprised when u unwillingly put them in your mouth (cuz they r too cute to eat!)
Firstly, the soft skin melts away in your mouth followed by the delicious ice cream that's hidden inside 😋 Definitely perfect for the hot Singapore afternoon!
Tip: Request for the mochi to be cut, so you'll feel there's more to go round 😂 (best consumed immediately if done so)
^Check out my IG: lil.sugarprincess for a more detailed taste report!

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