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Amelia Chan
Amelia Chan
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Angelina the chief kueh-maker here has a large following of loyal kueh connoisseurs - some of whom come to buy her kuehs in bulk. They use 3 different types of flours to make their kuehs here, which makes for all the difference in quality (the kuehs are really soft).

Kueh Koswee - strong Gula Melaka taste (and probably my favourite)

Ondeh Ondeh - generous portions of moist coconut filling (probably the most I’ve ever seen in an Ondeh Ondeh), but a pity that it doesn’t have the burst in Gula Melaka which I long for

Ubi Kayu Kukus - one of the better steamed tapioca kuehs I’ve had

Kueh Pandan - strong Pandan flavour and among the softer kuehs (and my sis’ favourite)

Getup Getuk - an interesting mix of sweet potato and tapioca, which is denser than the other kuehs

Just look how heavenly that kueh is... It’s moist, soft and coconut-y. It hit the perfect balance of sweetness and density - not cloyingly sweet or overly starchy. All the great traits of what makes a perfect kueh in my opinion ;)

It’s probably my favourite kueh here too!

#durianfever Got this from Durian Lingers after dinner yesterday for $10 and it was finger licking good!

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My colleague recommended this place and I am so glad that we came here! All the dim sum we ordered were delicious and I don’t think there were any that disappointed us. My favourites were:

- baked char siew sou: the crust for this was really good and went well with the char siew!
- Chee cheong fun with prawn: the prawn was succulent and the chee cheong fun wasn’t dry.
- xiao long bao: the skin was just right; not so thin that the bao breaks when you pick it up but not too thick. The soup and meat were delicious too.
- Liu sha bao: The filling here really flowed! It was what a liu sha bao should be.

Diggin’ the Signature Lunch Yuzu Shabu ($16) that is available every Wednesday and Friday, you have to take advantage of the affordable set! And with 4 options to choose from - Pork Collar Set, Chicken Thigh Set, Seabass Set and Mix Set; I would recommend the Mix Set to sample all the different proteins.

Citrusy and light, the highlight was certainly the signature yuzu soup base that differs from the unconventional shabu stock. Distinct in its sweetness and accompanied by a mild tanginess, the palatable soup had a very unique yet pleasant aftertaste. The savoury base was not at all thirst-inducing and as expected very appetizing too.

Served with tofu, sliced fish cake, enoki mushrooms, cabbage, and handmade shiitake mushroom paste (my favourite as it was both soft and flavourful); the set also comes with rice and a choice of hot or cold green tea. What a deal, right! Though the meats were not of prized cuts, they were of decent quality and went superbly well with their special sauce - made with yuzu, radish, and chili. Of course, for more premium cuts have a look at their dinner and ala carte menu.

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This is as original as it gets. Each piece of the chicken wing is well marinated and coated with tasty prawn paste. The staff here averaged 50/60 years old and is very experienced in traditional cooking. Yummy. Posted by Ah Leong San 2015 August 17.

$3.50 portion is super big! #burpple #6plus #food #foodporn #yum #instafood #TagsForLikes #yummy #amazing #instagood #photooftheday #sweet #dinner #lunch #breakfast #fresh #tasty #foodie #delish #delicious #eating #foodpic #foodpics #eat #hungry #foodgasm #hot #foods

This restaurant serves the typical korean fare like bibimbap, stews, as well as korean barbeque. The staff and servers were koreans as well. I have never had jjajangmyeon before as the thick dark sauce always intimidates me, but this place somehow seemed to be a good place to try it out. The black bean sauce was delicious and rich, with plenty of chunky vegetable and pork. I found it too salty and kind of cloying after half a bowl, so I ate half and swapped it with my bf's bibimbap. The noodles were great, chewy and QQ. I will definitely try this dish again at other korean restaurants.
P.S. The kimchi was so good that I bought a small tub home.

Hoodadak who specialises in Korean fusion adds a twist to their ramyeon dishes. We LOVE the noodles and the broth so much! 😍 Trust me, it tastes as good as it sounds. But there's one thing that I don't understand, why is the chicken nuggets being used here instead of popcorn chicken? 😂

This is my first time having Hokkien Mee without chili. Without chili and still can taste the authentic flavor, to me it means 5 Star.

I'm glad that I can get myself a plate of Fried Kway Teow before my next meetup @ fusionpolis. Just misses that big cockles many moon ago. Introducing this stall @ Dover Garden, run by a lovely couple. While the husband serve me and his wife cook, that's the best combination. Guess that's what makes this Char Kway teow tasty. "Full of LOVE"

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