Redhill Area

Redhill Area

Looking for a good place to eat near the office
Eustacia Tan
Eustacia Tan

I liked how the noodles were springy and the mushrooms extremely flavourful. The meat was okay but nothing to shout about. If they gave a bit more sauce, it would have been much tastier (to me).


This can’t really compare to their Power Chendol but I wanted something a bit fruity. The mango is ripe and very sweet (yay!) and the ice is drenched in evaporated milk. A very simple dessert, but nicely done.

To be honest, I had sticker shock when I saw the price - $8 for hawker food?? But I’ve been craving fish and chips so I took the plunge and paid up.
The fish is tender inside and crispy outside. The not really tartar sauce went well with the fish, though I wish that they put it to the side instead (kinda hard to spread evenly when it’s like that). The sides were pretty good. And the size of it (too much for me to finish) justified the cost.

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Someone recommended Quan Xiang Mushroom Mince Meat Noodle (stall 01-80) and since I like Mee Pok, I decided to give it a try.

The noodles are springy and there’s a lot more ingredients than I expected. Apart from the mushrooms and mince meat (the helping of mince meat was pretty generous too), there were slices of pork, liver (which was nice and tender), and something that tasted like pig skin. Okay, I’m now a bit doubtful if this is the normal mee pok I ordered but this is what I was given.


I really love this tart ($10.60 after GST)! The base is flaky, with a nice crunch and the almond filling is dense and moist without being too sweet. Pairs well with ice-cream (I got the recommended Earl Grey Tie Guan Yin) and makes for a lovely dessert. Plus it is so pretty - I really like the edible spun sugar topping, which tastes like cotton candy and adds a nice touch to the whole thing.

It seems like I’ll be eating my way through the flavours so here we are. Panna Cotta tasted like the real thing to me - rich, creamy, and dotted with some berry sauce. This is definitely an indulgent treat.

But to my colleague, it tasted like condensed milk, so your mileage may vary.

I found out about this place when one of my colleagues treated me to this! The ice resembles powdery soft snow and is a delight to eat, but what makes this stand out is the thick (almost as thick as honey) gula melaka sauce. I find the sauce addictive and that plus the ice makes this a dessert to be devoured.

Note: the stall officially opens at 12:30 but the queue tends to start earlier so you might want to go early (we arrived at about 12:20 and queued for about 10 minutes).

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Found this tucked away in the back of ABC and knew I had to try it. The image isn’t really accurate because this Burger also comes with tomato and lettuce but I asked them to take it away because me and raw vegetables aren’t friends.

Anyway, this burger was huge. Like half my face huge. That’s probably because of the patty, which was very thick, very juicy, and very flavourful. It was topped with wonderful gooey cheese and sandwiches between two very light buns. It also comes with fries, but I don’t have much to say about that. The burger is definitely the main star.

I loved this and will probably be back to try more!

I could have sworn I saw a lot of oil being used to make it but this carrot cake didn’t taste oily at all! It’s homemade and mine was freshly prepared (from the dicing via a grate onwards). The end result was a tasty, piping hot carrot cake.

Initially, I thought that I made a mistake ordering a medium instead of a small ($2.50) but this was so good I finished everything.


My colleague recommended this place and I am so glad that we came here! All the dim sum we ordered were delicious and I don’t think there were any that disappointed us. My favourites were:

- baked char siew sou: the crust for this was really good and went well with the char siew!
- Chee cheong fun with prawn: the prawn was succulent and the chee cheong fun wasn’t dry.
- xiao long bao: the skin was just right; not so thin that the bao breaks when you pick it up but not too thick. The soup and meat were delicious too.
- Liu sha bao: The filling here really flowed! It was what a liu sha bao should be.

I’m afraid I already forgot the name of this muffins but it’s pretty distinctive looking so you should have no problem finding it. The top is a cereal + chocolate combination that is crispy and goes very well with the dense, moist muffin below. The sweetness level was just right for me and at $1.80, something that I would happily buy again.


The cakes here came highly recommended and they did not disappoint! Not only was the top garnished with speculoos crumbs, the base was made of a thick speculoos biscuit base. The cheese was rich but not too rich (aka jelat rich), and paired perfectly with the base.

The cheesecake was $11.90 for 4 pieces, and we bought it intending to share among the 4 of us. But my friend summed up the situation aptly when she said “why are we sharing? I can see myself eating all four pieces”.

Shop location: B1-13
Anchorpoint shopping center

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Give me all the tea (and sweets and Japanese food)

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