Tea And Tea Related

Tea And Tea Related

Tea, afternoon tea, and tea-related foods
Eustacia Tan
Eustacia Tan

We came here for the afternoon tea and really enjoyed it! The food was all very good (especially the sesame puff and pistachio tart) and the amount was just right. We initially thought it wouldn’t be enough, but we were wrong.

Just one piece of advice: book the earliest slot you can get (3pm, ideally). Skai was pretty strict about everybody leaving at 5pm so if you come at 4ish you might end up having to rush.

This was pretty pricey (moreso than MBS or Fullerton’s afternoon tea) but the food is great and the views are amazing

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My first cheese tea! I liked that they used a lot of strawberries, yet the taste of the tea was still there. I’m not sure if the cheese was needed, but it wasn’t unpleasant. It’s expensive but I find myself wanting more.

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I’ve been wanting to try more bubble teas from here since I had their amazing bubble tea soft serve. So when I went past their Suntec store, I had to stop and get myself their tie guan yin tea latte. Even though the sugar level was at 50% (the lowest), the tea wasn’t overly sweet and the natural taste of tea was allowed the shine. The milk added a nice touch of creaminess. Loved it!

Came here for the afternoon tea! The scones weren’t that good, but the sweets and savouries more than made up for it. I liked that the savouries were part of a buffet, so after you finish what’s on the tiers, you can go and get more (I ate so much smoked salmon and the cheese+crackers). The sweets were really good too, and everything went well with the tea.

The tea is from TWG, so it’s pretty much what you expect. Quite a large selection and you get to change flavours every new pot.

My friends and I spent a leisurely two hours here, just eating and chatting.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a single-origin tea at cafe! The taste was very light and slightly sweet at first, but gradually grew more vegetal and umami as it cooled down. Pretty good and a nice change from the usual teas found in cafes!

I saw this the minute I entered T2 from the mrt and had to buy it. The ice-cream tastes like bubble tea, with a soft, creamy texture. The pearls are soft and chewy and go perfectly with the ice-cream.

This is definitely bubble milk tea in ice cream form! Would recommend to anyone who’s going to the airport.

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I thought the brown sugar was only going to be in the jelly but it turns out that they put it in the milk tea! If you like that kind of stuff, I think you’ll enjoy this, but I always feel that brown sugar in drinks gives it a bit of a burnt taste for some reason. The jelly, though, was really good and I enjoyed it. They didn’t ask me what sugar level I wanted so I’m not sure what this is but it wasn’t too sweet (thankfully).

First time trying aged Japanese Oolong! It’s an interesting experience because the first taste is less oolong and more nutty of the notes. It’s only as the tea cools down that the floral notes become stronger, making this a tea to be savoured slowly.

This is definitely one of the most unusual teas I’ve seen in Singapore and I definitely want to come back to try their other teas!


Finally got to try my matcha doughnut! It’s got a very rich matcha taste, and I can even taste a bit of the umami flavour from the tea! The doughnut itself is very fluffy and a little chewy and I really like this texture.

My only ‘complaint’ is that it’s a little on the small side, but that can be remedied by buying more (;


Went to Geometry after lunch today and saw that they had Genmaicha ($3.90)!!!! I tried it and it really tasted like the ice-cream version of the actual drink - smooth green tea with toasted rice. The texture was rich and smooth and I polished my cup off in no time.

A definite must-try for all tea lovers!


My colleague and I dropped by this bakery after work and decided to try the tea time set (available from 2:30 to 5:30). For $12.30 including taxes and GST, we got one cake, one bun, and two teas (you can get coffee too).

The cake was Rose Tea Cake, which was delicious! The cake was very moist, especially the bottom layer, and it reminded me of 1872 Clipper’s Garden tea.

The bun was the chocolate dirty bun, which was a mess to eat but good too! I really liked the chocolate filling, which was rich and not too sweet. The pastry was like a croissant and went well with all the chocolate.

The tea we had was old-school. No choice of blend but it tasted okay.

If you’re planning to visit with a friend, I’d recommend coming for tea! It’s really worth it!


Tea Chapter has a tea appreciation course which takes place over several days, but if you don’t have that much time (like me), they also have a tea appreciation workshop that takes place over several hours. There are two options and I went for the one that lets me sample six teas and cost $60+

The workshop consisted of:
- the history of tea: this was lecture style and focused on the history of tea in China
- hands-on section on how to drink and appreciate the different types of tea: the six types of tea we drank were white, yellow, oolong (made using a zisha pot, the tea was their imperial golden cassia), black (red guan yin), green (longjing), and dark (pu-er).
- free time for us to try brewing the tea. They gave us tea eggs and a variety of tea cookies to go with the tea. There didn’t seem to be a time limit so it was a good time to have a chat with a friend over tea.

The Shifu was very knowledgable and made the entire workshop interesting and fun. He speaks both English and Chinese so you can opt to have the workshop in either language.

I would recommend this to people looking for a fun way to get into tea appreciation.


Give me all the tea (and sweets and Japanese food)

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